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Doubled-Helix chapter 13 . 1/30
*cries joyful tears* I love happy endings. I've been following this story since 2013, and I'm so glad to be able to see it come to such a beautiful conclusion. THANK YOU AUTHOR'S TWIN SISTER.

I'm glad everyone is feeling loved now, especially Kyo. Hatori's memory power coming into play was a really interesting twist! Good riddance, Akito.

This was a wonderful story, and I adored every chapter.
Pirate Doll 17 chapter 13 . 1/30
Fabulous! Standing ovation for you! Ioved that it was shigure who saved the day! And what a great idea by hatori! Excellent fanfiction!
Guest chapter 13 . 1/30
I loved this story so much! Thank you for writing it!
LishaChan chapter 13 . 1/30
Oh my gosh I totally called it! Shigure is super awesome- words cannot describe. I just knew he would hear something because you mentioned his great hearing regularly. So glad that Momiji made it out okay and with some sweet fluff with him and Hatori

An excellent ending to an excellent story. Kudos to your sister for getting you to finish it! Keep writing!
FantomoDrako chapter 12 . 1/21
Evil, evil cliffhanger! But of course, all good things come to an end... I knew something bad had to happen soon although I wasn't expecting poor Momiji to get so caught up in things. D:

I hope this counts towards your 13 reviews as I'd like to read what happens next ASAP!

This is a very emotional story and I feel your writing has done such a feat justice. I see a lot of people force things and push emotions until everything seems overdramatised, leaving the result barely believable. I am more glad than I can express with mere typed words that this is not one of those stories and you're not one of those writers.

Keep up the great work!

CrimsonEyedKitsune chapter 12 . 1/18
Evil way too end the chapter lol! Love the story and can't wait for the next chapter!
RainyDayz chapter 12 . 1/18
Omg! Akito is crazy! I loved that first part with him. God,, he is becoming insane! Is he actually going to kill Momiji? Maybe he just stabbed him in the shoulder or in the ground to scare him?
For the cute part, I loved Kyou and Shigure's conversation. So sweet!
Hope you can update next week~
Guest chapter 12 . 1/16
The light, the light!
I will admit to being one of those lurkers, but I will pop up if it means I get to find out what happens quicker! I'm freaking out a bit here wondering what you just did (you can't really have killed Momiji, could you?) and hoping that something else happened instead. Maybe Kyo somehow did get there in time?
Hope you can update next week as I am about to die with anticipation!
Bella13blue chapter 12 . 1/16
Not Momiji! Please tell me Kyo's just having a nightmare! Not poor sweet Momiji!
Man, I knew the happy beginning of the chapter was too good to be true.
Anyway, you did an awesome job with this chapter as well! Seeing Kyo happy was so wonderful.
Good luck with the last chapter. I look forward to reading it!
pinksugarrush chapter 12 . 1/16
Ah! Lovely update!

I just love how you mention that Kyo was really comfortable with Shigure and Shigure was pretty much the only person he didn't flinch around. So cute! And the dialogue where Kyo tries to apologize to Momiji and Haru - so cute! Shows how much Kyo has changed. It's just so nice.

Oh, when Shigure told Momiji and Kyo to go out to set the picinic, I felt the dread set in. I mean, Kyo can't fight and neither can Momiji. I was like, "Oh, it's coming! Monster Akito! Don't go!"

Then there was that two cent about how the picnic was far enough that you could barely see the house from it. I was thinking that they're totally screwed now. But, this amuses me. Why? Because I'm sadistic like that. Haha. Love Kyo being whumped.

But it's good that it was Momiji that he went with since he's the fastest, but maybe his speed is not needed since somebody screamed (Momiji or Kyo?). And if he screamed, maybe somebody from the house heard, and if they didn't well good thing there's Momiji's speed. Haha.

Okay, so since this story is about Kyo, my virtual money is on the idea that it was Kyo who got stabbed! Or somebody else being stabbed, because for some reason I really don't think Momiji got stabbed. Maybe Shigure heard (he got some super hearing) and got stabbed instead? Or Maybe Hatori saw them and got stabbed instead? Hmmmm, I'm really wondering now.

It was so sweet how Momiji tried to protect Kyo. I just love how you show how selfless Kyo is in here by having him agree to be taken away by Akito to save Momiji. Sigh, the feels. I'm kind of wondering if Akito will be able to take Kyo away before the people in the house realize it.

Can't wait to see everybody's reaction when they see what Akito has done once again. Livid Haru, protective Shigure, and demonic aura Yuki? Hmmm. I'm so excited!

Please update soon! I can't wait to read what happens next!
Doubled-Helix chapter 12 . 1/16
NOOO. Momiji, you stupid, brave bunny!

Maybe Kyou did get there in time and body slammed Akito and Akito accidentally stabbed himself instead? *wishful thinking*

I should have expected that last part, what with this chapter beginning with Akito's crazy thought process, but then you delved into the fluffy picnic preparations, so I was entirely unprepared for the bunny slaughtering. *sobs* I hope you're happy with yourself.

I love this story. It does wonders for my heart. Can't wait for more! :D
LishaChan chapter 12 . 1/16
Holy fudge! My bunny! Oh my gosh, Momiji! I am crossing fingers that you get enough reviews for an update next week!
Bella13blue chapter 11 . 1/10
Hi there.
Thank you so much for writing this story and doing such a wonderful job.
I've cried and laughed while reading this and that doesn't happen very often.
I love how you've written the characters and how their interactions are so cute and sweet.
My heart reaches out for our darling Kyou.
Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to reading more of your stories.
LishaChan chapter 11 . 1/8
Oh! My heart broke all over again for Kyou! Game day was the best- Settlers of Catan is a fun game :) And Haru with the pastries :)
CrimsonEyedKitsune chapter 11 . 1/2
This is so good! I LOVE IT!
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