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Guest chapter 11 . 5/24/2015
Great start!
Long Live BRUCAS chapter 11 . 11/2/2011
Hope you decide to continue at some point. Would love to know what Logan is going to do now. He lost Max,gave up EO and is tiring to drive Bling away.

Bling is such a good friend to Logan. He was so worried about not being able to pay Bling but he didn't really care. he knew Logan and wants to help out in what ever way he can. And if that means he doesn't get paid for help in therapy for a but then it OK. Logan would still take care of him somehow.

Her eyes flickered back along the elegant fabrics he wore, the rich weave of the light wool gabardine trousers...the crisp white cotton of his shirt...she found herself aching to touch them, to touch him...oh, and to touch his cheek, to trace the now smooth skin...

Ahh what a way to end. The last couple of chapters were sad. I know its not meant to be sad. But it gave me tears to know Max and Logan wont see each again. They didn't even get to say goodbye. But That was the reason Logan did what he did. Because if they saw each others she wouldn't leave.

Poor Logan he's doing so much for the company and everybody else. He wants to protect his friends so bad. But who will protect him when he needs it.
Brina2468 chapter 1 . 6/22/2009
Great Story!

Please keep going!
mszdatu chapter 11 . 6/20/2009
omg! great story! i hope you get to finish it! its revving up and i can't wait for the climax. logan is a coward, but at least he's a smart one. poor max! i wonder if this'll follow canon and that she'll get captured at manticore anyway.
Brian2008 chapter 11 . 6/16/2009
A very interesting chapter! I went back and read the first chapter and it reminded me that the story starts off with Logan somewhat ambivalent about his feelings for Max because of the photos from Lydecker. It makes me wonder if his plan to make Max leave is only about protecting her. I look forward to reading what happens next.
Mari83 chapter 11 . 6/15/2009
This is a fascinating character study of Max at her most civilian and Logan at his most functional/efficient powerful. (And the fact that he has this ability / part of his character should have made him more in control while dealing with Lydecker in Pollo Loco) The contrast and tension of this constellation alone is enough to make it stuck in my head.

One of the best things of this story is how it negates Max being the cool, efficient super soldier / mindless killer of whom Lydecker warned Logan in ‘Pollo Loco’. Just the opposite, she seem very much the ordinary, vulnerable human, just trying to live her life away from Manticore and military principles and that makes Zack’s and Logan’s plans even harsher in contrast.

Despite all my empty shake-Logan threats I’m fascinated by this different kind of action Logan. It is nice if Logan gets some action scenes too (because he sure still can and is far from helpless) but this is much better because it focuses on what the characters are able to do, what power they have on an emotional level. (Maybe bit like preferring something with a gripping plot and real characters over action movies just exploring technical possibilities)

And Logan… I’ve always had the idea of him as someone very intense, aware of what’s going on and able to act upon it if necessary … and this seems that potential at full force.

"He knew he was taking the coward’s route; he also knew that this was likely to be the most effective way of severing ties with Max, given Zack’s help in the plan"

About Logan’s part I like the most how he’s shifting just so slightly between cool, determined action and moments of reflection – just right to get across this harder, more determined, coldly planning Logan (simply in the way he answers Zack’s call) , able and willing to act behind Max’s back while still keeping him Logan, never seeming as cold and heartless as his actions. Him listening to the elevator is the perfect example, all the efficient planning to be away when she comes and then unable to really be distanced enough and not to imagine what is happening in the Penthouse

And the same for keeping a copy of EO. Admittedly I’ve always been hard to convince that Logan would just leave behind Eyes Only because it seemed a big part of his identity (unless offered a real new his hesitation about giving up his old life (despite - or just because of - all the determination to do so) works well at least for me.

"He glanced away from the window briefly to look around the still mostly empty condo he’d taken not long after he bought the penthouse, first as a financial hedge, the combination of realty investment and the rents it brought making a good return, "

This is a cool idea, both the investment and as a safehouse and will be part of my mental fic-canon:-) Maybe it’s just my lazy imagination, but I never liked the idea that Logan would have lost _all_ of his money and investments with Cale Industries. He might have taken it for granted but, especially with such a dangerous job, I like the idea that he did talk with his bank people once in a while.

"At least one of the perqs of working back at CI was the ready access to the best technology currently available on the market"

There’s almost a bit of pure geekiness in his thoughts about CI’s computers. His expertise and interest in Cale Industry’s products make his return more believable.

"He felt along the underside of his chair seat to its right side seam, finding one of the small gaps he’d pulled open and re-secured with velco, early on –

Cool detail (Reminds me of the tracking device in Designate this"

"Max rode the elevator up to the penthouse, not sure what she could say to Logan in the state he’d been in lately, but needing to know what he’d say to her leaving

– she knew Logan, she knew she did, and what she’d seen and heard from him lately wasn’t him...

no matter how stubbornly she tried to believe this had nothing to do with her. There has to be something..."

The empty apartment maybe is an even better peak for the counter-dynamic of their actions than a M/L face-to-face- showdown: Max in her touchingly unknowing state expecting to find him at home for a discussion, still thinking things can be fixed with talking, thinking that her leaving and his behavior are unconnected while in reality everything is already decided, what she finds different than she expected and much worse than imagined.

I think the saddest thing is that this comes when she finally allowed herself to belief, to trust her emotions and impression of Logan more than what he gave her recently, is strong enough to keep her hopes up during her discoveries… And then blow after blow finding the new security system, the skylight, still refusing to believe it and looking for something to prove her wrong. I figure with Logan’s knowledge of her (and knowing by now how much he means for Max) it is yet another display of this cool thoroughness, cutting off all ties, not so much keeping her out of the apartment as giving an unmistakable message.

"Clearly no one was here, and the place had been empty for a while"

This too is very effective for getting the message across to her, erasing all signs of their life together and so many of the things that made him Logan.

"Unable to deny the obvious much longer, Max pulled out the drawer where Logan had kept the few printed items they dared to keep around connected with Manticore, found it, too, empty, with the exception of one large manilla envelope, addressed and stamped for post office delivery – stamped, for the slow, undependable mail! – addressed to her, care of Jam Pony..."

Final, harsh, cut... (And who will bring (or would have brought) it to the Post office, Bling? Or just put there with the calculation that Max will find? Probably the latter with Max’s thoughts that the post can’t be trusted with confidential documents but still… wondering what Bling would do if she pressed him for information)

"she wouldn’t be deluded into thinking that Lydecker was actually one of the good guys – she knew better than that. What she did know, however, was that Zack was her CO again and had her interests at heart, had the good of the unit always foremost in his mind.

A whole year! her broken heart tried to remind her..."

Another favorite part, that she isn’t making any final judgments yet (knowing that this isn’t normal Logan) just acting and moving on for the moment. It shows how much the year with Logan has changed her and it is what I like so much about your Max, the depths of her character instead of falling into teenage extremes.

At least, with being part of the plan, maybe Zack will be too smart for told-you-sos?

And for complete over-involvement in your stories, wondering if this will be harder to make up, in the context of their whole situations and relationship, than the break of trust in Minimum Contacts.

Bouncing for more whenever, even though this is enough to keep my head occupied for a good while.
smilingcatt chapter 10 . 6/15/2009
How could Logan design such a cruel plan! Anyway, the story is great and you are a superb describer of human feelings! Thank you!
jfg207 chapter 11 . 6/15/2009
That is a heart stomping chapter! My heart plummeted to the floor at the causal disappearance of the things Max knew of the old Logan. It was heart breaking!

What happens to Max when she finds out that I was all a facade?

Did she continue doing the so called 'mission'?
LEE chapter 11 . 6/15/2009
Thank you, thank you, thank you! 2 chapters in a row - heartbrekaing of course, but well worth the wait. You have certainly put M/L back on the front page.
latenightrain chapter 11 . 6/15/2009
Ouch! Harsh! Painful! My last review did say that Max couldn't possibly leave without confronting Logan, yet you have denied us this...Very powerful. Max gets all the answer she needs from the state of the penthouse and the computers - what is not there, rather than what she thought would be there. Nothing else could have said it plainer to her. I can picture Logan sitting in the new apartment with the earpiece, listening. Perfect. Perfect, but painful :)
nattylovesu chapter 11 . 6/14/2009

I am happy /sad o see this development

always happy for updates

sad because Logan found the most effective EO way to lock Max out and i felt her pain

Only more regular updated can cure this funk..:)


Thanks and stay strong in the stryggle!
Alan Grey chapter 11 . 6/14/2009
Good story, well thought out. I always thought that the hoverdrone was never fully exploited in the series.

FYI the software is more important in my opinion than the hardware itself. Manticore and the NSA would want photo recognision software to plug into their camera network. The software for the drone could easily be modified for an autoturret connected to a camera and computer system. or an enire batch of turrets and cameras.

If you've ever played Deus Ex then that's the principle.

The stealth drone should have had adaptive camoflauge that rendered it invisiable to both the naked eye and thermal regulation to render it immune to thermal sensors (i.e Infa red)

I will be happy when I know Max and Logan are back together safe and sound. Only then I will be able to really savour the intricacies of your story.

Please update more regulary as it is easier then to follow the story.

Yes we ML fans are still here and reading!

Just really nervous for some reason about Max leaving Logan. This chapter has me screaming NO NO NO and what an idiot at the charcters actions. Talk about emotional investment.

Keep it up.
Marcus Sylenus chapter 11 . 6/14/2009
Harsh. Heart breaking. Just what you've promised! it's painful to see each small detail logan has planned to make Max leave. It bears all the marks of an Eyes Only op, down to the last detail. I shudder to think what Max'll do when (if) she finds out...

Also very eager to know what's Zack's plan to leave the country and go 'somewhere safe' What has he done?

As always, amazing work!

Please update soon.
latenightrain chapter 10 . 6/11/2009
The reference to Casablanca is so perfect! Thanks for this update. Max can't possibly leave without some sort of confrontation with Logan. Poor Bling. I love the fact that your writing is constantly surprising, and yet always feels right when I read it.
latenightrain chapter 9 . 6/11/2009
I just re-read the whole story. Wow! I'd forgotten how incredible this is. Takes off after the hoverdrone incident and follows such a believable path. This storyline is bigger and more powerful than any other fic I can think of. I especially love this scene with Zack.

But every other time he’d tried to get Max away and to safety, she fought it, all because of the man seated across the table from him now – the man begging him to get it right this time and get Max away from Seattle. For that, he needed Cale’s help – he was the only one who might convince Max that he wasn’t worth the sacrifice...

When Logan talks about pushing Max away by pretending to be with Daphne, it might have seemed so cliche (they even used it in S2), but you paint it so well with Logan and Zack's dialogue that it's all rawness. It catches in the throat. I'm in awe.

with such rawness with the seamless use of Logan and Zack's thoughts and dialogue that it just comes across as
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