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Evergladelord chapter 7 . 8/3/2004
AWESOME!Awesome,awesome,awesome story!

Evergladelord: For once, I actually agree with him.
Phyllis Nodrey chapter 4 . 7/20/2004
Your writing is wonderful and I love how you make your characters and your characters' thoughts seem so alive. I've been reading this fic and "Scars on the Heart". Dilandau has always been one of my fav. characters, mostly because I was both fascinated by him and pitied him a great deal. I simply cannot tell you how much I enjoy your fics! Keep writing!
sadistic lunatic chapter 7 . 4/15/2004
make a sequel! i know it is a bit late but please! van/celena rules!/_!;;
Dilandra chapter 7 . 7/11/2003
This is adorable and perfect, just like all of your writing that I've had the pleasure of reading! You're a brave Dilandau fan, you are, writing him like this, and giving Celena the starring role. I haven't been able to conquer that hill just yet...but I'll work on it. _~

You're an inspiration, Sarah! Well done!
Jordan J. Smith chapter 7 . 4/4/2002
I am SUCH an Esca addict! (just thought I'd give fair warning.) I love the Idea of Celena and Van, I am a strong beliver that Van was too good for Hitomi (how could she leave him if they were soulmates!).

Anyway, the scene in Celena's mind was very well written, considereing the fact that her mind was, in a sens, shattered by the experience of being turned into dilandau, who ws also very cracked (not that I don't love him to little chibby- Dilly pieces _).

This is a very nice continuation, but, being the addict I am, would like to see his letters back to her. However, when the writer feels a piece is done, that's generally the best place to stop.

I read "love with it's back tuned", and must admit, much as I love your writing, that it definately could've had a better ending.

Anywho, Well done!

JJ Smith
Tayles chapter 7 . 10/4/2001
This was fantastic! Really truly excellent. Brilliant idea and writing. And I liked the rational way of dealing with the Van/Hitomi situation. Bless Gaddes - he's so adorable wwhen he's being coy. I loved every minute of this fic (except where my teacher came in during chapter two and told me to actually do some work) and I hope you'll write many more like this. Thanks for writing this - Tayles.x
Kallianah chapter 7 . 7/21/2001
Hmm. . .its wonderfully written, but I feel like Celena and Van didn't have quite that same shy, wonderful, romancey, true love that makes your heart flutter as he and Hitomi did toward the end of the series (Hitomi may be able to live without him, but I don't think she wants to. He's a sweet, handsome young guy whose positively worshipping the ground she walks on, *mutters something along the lines of 'I wouldn't leave him.'*) I agree that they'd make an awesome pair, but I don't think of Celena as being that frail sort of person if she has Dilandau's memories. I like the Scars On The Heart Serena MUCH better, this seems to be what she would really be like if she hadn't been so totally out of it when she changed from Dilandu to Celena (hate that spelling of the name, though, that seems to be something to do with it too; Celena/Serena are two different people, but I would definitely pick Serena as my fav). I can understand Van being attracted to her, she's defineitely one of the more beautiful girls in the series, and rather more attractive than Hitomi, of course (she's a Schezar, as most put it). In the series I find MUCH more potential for Dilandau/Hitomi coupling. Though Dilandau hates Hitomi, I think she feels a certain pity for the poor guy (I think we all do), even BEFORE she finds out who he really is. I mean, look at him, he's obviously been through MASSIVE mental trauma, (you just do not, and I mean DO NOT, put a scar on someone's face who is that vain, even if he has destroyed your country, that has been proven to be VERY VERY dangerous *scribbles note to self down 'don't mess with vain badguys unless you're sure you can get rid of them'*), and Van ruthlessly SLAUGHTERED all the Dragonslayers (I think Hitomi was quite mad at him for that, too, they were only young boys trying to defend the one person who they've grown up loving, despite thier fear of him, which I think was a very chivalrous thing to do, especially one who had abused them and their trust constantly.) and when I say SLAUGHTERED I mean it, they hardly had any time to react. (wasn't it Chesta who went down first? That was such a brave thing to do. . . my sweet li'l mushroom head *teardrop* So young! So innocent! So cute!) Love can be a powerful drive, but so can anger, and many people have fallen in love out of anger at others. RELATING SOMETHING: Humor me, please, but Necron (FFIX) wasn't TOTALLY wrong with his theory 'Life fears death, but lives only to die. It starts with anxiety. Anxiety becomes fear, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. . . hate leads to death.' I'm not saying that I don't agree, I really do (except that the world should be annihilated of course, I don't wanna die!). But that sometime along that path love can bloom. (look at the countless examples. Escaflowne: Van and Hitomi, they despised each other from the start, she thought he was uncaring and arrogent (spl?) he thought she was some ditzy tag-along annoyance, but they ended up together anyways. And Sailor Moon: Serena and Darien *blinks, is this following a pattern to you? It seems the hero and the heroine are veiwed by the other the same as in most other anime (the ones I've seen, at least.) Ne'er mind the examples, that's just too spooky to think about right now. . .) LESSON: Never hate a member of the opposite sex 'cause you'll most likely end up marryin' them.

URGH, WOAH! This has got to be the longest reviw in history. I ramble. . . don't I. . . What was the original topic? I forgot. . .
z chapter 7 . 5/27/2001
oooohhhh, VanCelena! I like better than GadethCelena. (gadeth is older than Allen!)
Firia chapter 7 . 5/14/2001
I really enjoyed reading this story. Your portrayal of the characters was well done, and I'm a big fan of the Van x Serena/Dilandau pairing besides. _
erintheartchick chapter 1 . 5/4/2001
Cute little story! I have to say I like your characterization of Serena from "Scars" better than this Celena, and goshdarnit, reading you other stories made me love Serena/Gaddess as a couple! But this was really nice, especially the "mind-meld" scene with all the mirrors and different Celenas. Creepy. But really cool!
C. Selene Belle chapter 7 . 4/13/2001
NO! Not Van and (gulp) Celena! It's just - wrong! But the story is wonderfully written! I do not lie. I have long since admired your work and out of sheer morbid curiousity, decided to read this story you've written. I read Scars and loved it - but the end seemed a little, well, rushed. Either way, you have a beautiful writing style and I was actually hoping you could give me some tips. I personally am lacking constructive criticism. I would appreciate any ideas you have to give me. Thank you!
Beidy chapter 7 . 3/15/2001
Awww...that was a really sweet ending. It's nice that this story didn't turn into gooey, maple syrupy sap, and it's nice how their relationship changes like that. I like it!
Shiroi Ryuu chapter 1 . 3/15/2001
cool! i like the way van talks to celena- how cruel! but i like it! )
GoldenEagle chapter 7 . 3/10/2001
This is really great! All your stories are. I liked the relationship development in here. It really seemed like the relationship a pair of teens would have. It was great.
chibichesta chapter 7 . 3/9/2001
!WOW! Thats just all I can say !WOW! I have always loved your stories and I consider "Scars on the Heart" as the only true sequel I've ever seen, although I REALLY like this side line too. Please continue to right the best darn fanfiction out there, and I can't WAIT for the sequel to "Scars". Keep up the super good work *.*
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