Reviews for Earl of the North
norn328 chapter 20 . 10/10
UnfortunateReader chapter 50 . 10/4
Amazing, simply amazing.
I've read all three of your books, and this one deserves its first place. Give my respects to Solais as well, they deserve it.
Niknakkitkat chapter 50 . 9/21
this is really good and i loved reading it thanks~
bigtomato chapter 7 . 9/18
I think that's hilarious (and very Ron) that Ronald would still act as though the entire DA was there even when it was just him, Hermione, and Ginny. :D
Tilue Akane chapter 13 . 9/18
When Snape said "I AM a Dark wizard, Weasley!", after it you should have put him thinking, MERLIN this boy is impossible!
Tilue Akane chapter 11 . 9/18
Tilue Akane chapter 8 . 9/17
...I am BEYOND speechless of the wands!
Tilue Akane chapter 4 . 9/17
I highly doubt that he wouldn't be proud of you Neville!
uncg4ever chapter 50 . 9/14
I know it was older but I'm kinda let down. It was a good read at the middle but, idk everything is just a bit deadish at the end. Not rushed but sloppy. I'm gonna check out some of your other works. A few caught my interest. Cheers.
Dagger-Seishin chapter 50 . 9/11
Good story wouldn't mind an epilogue just do I know if they're happy lol.
storybook thumb chapter 35 . 9/10
Framing poor Harry would have liked to see granger off herself from guilt
NoSugarForValdez chapter 30 . 8/21
A new name for "Potter's Legion" could be something related to the Big Dipper, as the two stars opposite the "handle" point to the North Star, or Polaris. (I don't know the names of those 2 stars, but such a reference would probably be subtle and/or obscure enough that most people won't recognise it.) Alternatively, they could be called "The Morning Star" or something along those lines. Do wizards and muggles use the same names for constellations? If so, such references are more obvious than if not, so something supporting some magical creature (even one with Potter's initials as an identifier amongst members, like 'stop hateful prosecution of such-and-such-creatureunnamed b/c I have the imagination of a brick} might work, especially since Luna is part of the group. )
DaveC chapter 8 . 8/19
There's nothing wrong with this story your doing fine,
KeepCalmLoveSeverus chapter 2 . 8/17
I'm just a wee bit confused. Was Bella faking being absolutely barking or did something happen to make her sane again? (Also I would never expect her to have hugged Harry but I guess the promise that he's gonna save her ass would do it lmao.)

I did read Delenda Est, but all that I'm expecting out of this fic in relation to that one is a great plot that keeps me hooked for four days!
Eagle Hawke chapter 45 . 7/21
Dark idiot.
The perfect description for Moldyshorts.
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