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ArmyWife22079 chapter 18 . 3/20
I have to say I remember this story from waaaay back when I joined FFNet- in o4, when I was only 14...and now I made it weird by making us sound old...back when there was no alert so I had no idea when this was updated lmao! Glad to see it still going and that it was not abandoned.

I have to ask will there be a good guys win (not necessarily happy since you did say it gets dark and there is character death along with development)?

I love how you’re adding in chapter black to all this- i wonder if Kagome And Souta are Sensui’s kids and mamma H left his ass cause he’s fucking psycho.
AstroLibra chapter 18 . 3/12
Wondered upon this story by chance, and I am thoroughly impressed! The different plot lines for every character, they are all done so well! I love that I can see it heading towards a Yus/Kag pairing. Sango and Hiei is also another pairing that I find to be nice; although Sango/Jin would have been super sweet. Miroku and Botan is a pairing that I haven’t thought much about, but since reading your story, it has definitely put my mind into a different perspective. Overall, I’m looking forward to the next chapter!
Guest chapter 18 . 2/5
hope you update soon...
grimmich chapter 11 . 1/12
Ugh i hate keikos inability to keep her nose out of shit she has no buisness putting it in, youd think shed have learned by now that she only puts herself and others in danger because they have to stop what they are doing to protect her seeing as she cant fight and has 0 spiritual awareness making her blind and helpless. And one thing that really irritated me in the show is when shizuru aided and or encouraged it. Shizuru going by herself would another thing though seeing as she can hold her ground alright AND she can see/sense the threats...
YFate chapter 18 . 11/21/2018
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I think I just found one helluva reason to be thankful. n_n

I can't believe I just stumbled on your chapter. And sorry am I to not have read it before. But holy smack, I am so excited. It's perfect, as par your usual, and completely inspirational. I love how you have all the characters interacting, it's very much IN character and very gritty and real. Even Hiei being a jerk after a rather delightful sizzle-like-bacon hot moment between him and Sango. (I'm still fanning myself.)

I hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving, m'dear, and I eagerly await more, whenever you are able. Much love, Fate
foxgloves chapter 18 . 9/2/2018
oh so glad to see an update! thank you. I really liked this chapter. Aside from the actual mission and the stress that brings, the relationships are really starting to heat up and things are getting really tense. I agree with how you described Kagome’s feelings about Inuyasha. it can be a little manipulative sometimes I find. yes he does care about her and will protect her but he can say some shitty sthings sometimes too which I find unfair. I was thinking for a moment Sango and Hiei might kiss, but unsurprisingly he got himself out of a vulnerable position in true Hiei style. please keep up the good work I am really looking forward to more!
YFate chapter 17 . 7/6/2018
What can I say, but "Yaaaaaayyyyyyy! An update!"

It's like Christmas in July, and the marvels keep on coming. Oh, my Lady Peach, this is so absolutely AWESOME. I love, love, love the interaction between Sango and Hiei, and then Yusuke and Inuyasha and how Kagome told them off. HA! Go Girl!

And sheesh, Inuyasha, really? You bona fide necrophiliac (sp?), have little room to talk. Glare. And seriously? I wanted to belt him one myself for how he took one kiss and put it THERE. I like how Yusuke snapped back, but Kagome was priceless. I agree with Genkai. She certainly told both of them!

And Hiei. Oh, Hiei. You always have to make certain you are just on the cusp of realizing something, and then push it back down. So scared of being hurt. Gah! I love him and hate him for it. But, as always, m'dear, you have nailed his complicated character right on the head.

I really like how you have them truly beginning to respect and appreciate each other's strengths, and realize their weaknesses. They each bring something to the table that helps the other. Almost yin and yang, but more like they are two puzzle pieces that fit really well together. I'm meandering. But I think while Sango's altruistic and Hiei is selfish, there is a middle road between the two. Sango can be TOO self-sacrificing and Hiei TOO selfishly separated. Balancing the extreme tendencies between each other would strike a very satisfying balance. They're better together. )

Two special notes. One, I loved how you depicted Hiei as a good listener, and how even Sango needs that. Poignant, very poignant. And my heart swelled when Hiei turned himself into a portable heater. Oh, that is just too precious. All the while he excuses it as a practical necessity.

Yeah, of course it is. And Denial ain't just a river.

foxgloves chapter 17 . 7/6/2018
so glad that you updated again! thank you! I was really eager to see what would happen next with Inuyasha after the last chapter. It might be expanded on more next time we check in with them, but that was not a nice thing for Inuyasha to say to her. I'm glad though the maturity she is showing by not getting drawn into the conflict with them and still trying to stay focused on her family. But I do hope she really gives it to them some more. I honestly felt hurt for her. Looking forward to more of Hiei and Sango's relationship progressing now that they seem to have gotten over some of their petty squabbling and have reached a better understanding of each other. I hope you updated again soon!
Frondu chapter 17 . 7/6/2018
ANOTHER UPDATE YESSSS! Keep em coming! Fabulous writing as always 3
YFate chapter 16 . 7/4/2018

That's all I can thing to say right now. "!"

First off, let me say, I've been rather remiss in not reviewing earlier. I actually just posted a chapter to Shards and was going to read Absolution for some inspiration before going off to type some more, and what do I find but you have a whole other chapter posted.

And Holy Tacos! WHAT a chapter!

I've been on the edge of my seat, fireworks going off in the background, and fireworks going off in my head. First, what hit Jin and Kurama? And how sly was that move on Kenshiki's part - fabulous, that.

But then. TOGURO?! Seriously did NOT see that coming, not in a million years. But how utterly freakingly brilliant! And I have to add, Kuwabara was completely on point, even thrashing in the water. I could feel his struggles.

But OMG - TOGURO! And what happened to the others? Gah! Cliffies!

So what next, but Inuyasha at the IHOP. I laughed so hard over that. I especially enjoyed the little dabbles of how Genkai is helping him while you still perfectly maintain his character IN character. Ungratefully grateful growler that he is. And to leave it THERE - when he just sniffed out Yusuke's scent all over Kagome. Oh, the utter horribleness of cliffies!

But...oh, but! Hiei and Sango, sitting in the dark. And the complete way I sat spellbound as they sat spellbound. By each other. And intense red eyes in the dark, and her breath catching. I think I read that part like three times before going on, and had to light me a cigarette.

You are too damn cruel, Lady Peach. To leave it there. To leave ME there. Sigh. They will always be my OTP.

But I can actually say that I DID see fireworks on the Fourth of July. And it was all thanks to you, and your incredible damn fine way of writing.

Piko pup chapter 16 . 6/24/2018
Another awesome chapter! I love this story and your writing. I will wait impatiently for another update! :) I still can't believe you're back, it's honestly Christmas in freakin June. Keep it up ;_;
foxgloves chapter 16 . 6/24/2018
I was squealing like a little girl when Yusuke and Kagome finally kissed... despite the circumstances. I hope that they find Mrs. H and Souta and they aren't dead...right now I'm not hopeful. I was hoping the scene would get continued a little bit but the way you did it with Inuyasha suspecting what happened had me going ohhhh shittttt. Loved Toguro's appearance in this chapter too! Ugh this story is just so good, I'm really disappointed that not a lot of people reviewed your last chapter... I hope that they catch wind soon and you get the feedback this story deserves. And I hope you update again soon Guyute-sama! Thank you for the writing!
Mrow chapter 15 . 6/22/2018
Holy crap whaaaaaaaat first of all did you just come back? Holy crap yesssssssss! I just started reading my old stuff and reading old favorites and holy crap I could cry. Love your story and have since foreverrrr. Welcome back and looking forward to your updates forreal! AHHH YAY
Guest chapter 15 . 6/18/2018
Had to check twice to make sure I wasn't imagining things when I saw this story was updated! Heart literally stopped. Thank you so much for coming back to this story. Can't wait for the next update!
foxgloves chapter 15 . 6/17/2018
I think I just had a heart attack or like an out of body experience... I haven't read the chapter yet and reading your note I want to start again as I haven't for many years... but I can't believe you updated. I reviewed this story I think 4ish years ago or so and figured it might not be updated again, but oh my god my eyes are not deceiving me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I cannot wait to get back into this! I hope you know how happy I am to see that this has the possibility of being finished. You're truly a talented writer.
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