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SashaPayne56 chapter 18 . 7/26/2014
I have never cried harder at this end than at my grandpa's funeral. This was a beautifully crafted fanfic and im so happy i got to read this.(:
SilentGreenThief chapter 1 . 2/11/2014
SilentGreenThief chapter 18 . 2/11/2014
I'm crying. I'm actually fucking crying over a fanfiction, and a bloody deathshipping one no less!

I'm a freaking tendershipper for goodness sakes and you have me crying over Mariku and Ryou godsdamnit all. I used to be a thiefshipper way back when, but I got converted and now I can't see fanart or read fanfiction about thiefshipping or deathshipping because I want the pairings to be around the other way. Normally. But you had me sighing and fangirling and crying over this.

Fuck it all.

You write far too well, alright? I've never seen anyone who can get all four of them spot on but you can. Bakura was perfect, Marik was perfect, Malik was perfect, Ryou was perfect. Their characters were absolutely outstanding, even if I did want to cry over the relationships between the yami's and hikari's.

I swear, the rest of the time I'd have run for the hills but I'm crying over fucking deathshipping. I haven't cried over fanfiction in at least a year. And it's deathshipping. Bloody hell. I apologize for the swearing but I can't believe that I'm balling my eyes out over deathshipping! And a fanfiction that had song lyrics in it! I usually hate so many things that you did but your godsdamned writing has done things to me and now I'm freaking crying

It's going to be really weird having this in my favourites but there's no way in hell I can not favourite this. I'm probably going to end up favouriting you as well, after reading every piece of fanfiction of yours. Hopefully you have a lot, because it's really wonderful to find someone who can not only write well but get these four so perfectly in character.

Where are the freaking tissues
Silver-Haired-Thief chapter 18 . 12/4/2012
Loved it! :)
VioletFlame400 chapter 3 . 7/10/2012
I absolutely adore this fanfiction 3 seriously. I roleplay as a Ryou on facebook who is engaged to a Mariku, and this fanfic has really inspired me. It makes deathshipping practically canon! not to mention that I love pocahontas too, and the song at the end... you made me cry! it was so beautiful!
PiWrite chapter 18 . 4/6/2012

PiWrite chapter 16 . 4/6/2012
... too lazy to log in xD

winnie chapter 18 . 4/5/2012
grrrr! not the foretold chapter!...buutt...there is a sequel! *squeals* So much! not that dirty kind!well yeah but i mean the heart! i hope that bakura gets nicer...on to read the next! amazing btw!
Gaston chapter 18 . 2/5/2012
Yes I'm reviewing 7 years after the last update hehe.

I decided to reread it, and... I guess I just forgot how beautiful this fic is.

I read the last chapter while listening to If I Never Knew You (good Pocahontas reference btw!) and um... I guess it was the worst decision ever.







(breathes in) So yeah. Whilst reading the whole fic, I have experienced chest pains and tears... IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO WRITE SOMETHING SO MAGNIFICENT.

GOOD JOB ON YOUR TALENT (continues to sob)

Also, according to the last chapter of part 2, you said that it's not the end?

blackywinks66 chapter 18 . 1/9/2012
why did you have to end like this?why(cry)you've split them appart,and after i've start to like this-the ending sucks-!
xXAnachronIsmEpsIceXx chapter 18 . 10/18/2011
Ugh, I feel like such a baby. I knew this was coming though as soon as I saw that it was following the Battle City plot. It still hit me pretty hard. Like a few have said before, the 'One last dance' line REALLY got to me. ;A; I still really like this fic though. 333
Neko Kirikiri chapter 18 . 10/2/2011
Wowww... I love your fic... (Yes, I know that it's a little older, and maybe you don't think anymore on fanfics...) Never Knew is one of my most favorite stories, I made this account for can review fics, but I use to read fics from years ago, so I read a lot of yuugiou fiction, and because of it I appreciate your fic, and the fact that you respected the anime storyline.

I think that soon I'll start the second part of this fic (it's the better thing about search for the older fics, that you can select only complete fics).
Rika Scarlet chapter 9 . 9/23/2011
3 this is one of the few MarikuxRyou storys I like- no- LOVE D!

explicit lemon copy please? 3
Catt002 chapter 18 . 9/7/2011
I dont even know how many times I've read this fanfic, but I'm STILL bawling like a baby. TT

"one last dance" always gets me first on this chapter... oh god I can't stop crying right now! my friends and family think I'm a loonie!

this whole story is just... perfect. it is my favorite story, AND fanfic out there. and even if my heart breaks every time, I'll always come back to read it again. /3
SeasaltSunset chapter 18 . 7/4/2011
I read this story almost 3 years ago, and I still find myself unable to ever forget how beautifully written and moving it was. The way you portrayed Yami Marik, Yami Bakura, and Ryou were spot on perfect, you really kept to character and very much kept my interest from beginning to end. I can easily admit I have read and re-read this fanfiction many, many, many times to the point of if any of my friends ask me what my favourite Yugioh fanfiction was I would immediately mention this one and then go into specific detail of why. While sitting here writing this I am very likely to re-read this fanficton again for the simple fact, I loved it 3 years ago, and I still love it now.
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