Reviews for Christmas at Hogwarts
The Riddle Heir chapter 2 . 7/26/2009
don't worry love i'm on the same boat as you babe :) i think the majority on the fanfiction nation are night owls. i love the DxRxH fluff it's cute :)
Squibakou chapter 2 . 8/12/2008
same on the sleeping thing, go night owls! Vair fluffeh and cute, me likey.
Frizz the Eccentric chapter 2 . 11/27/2006
I don't understand morning people. Yet again, your fluff has made me smile.
eric benn chapter 2 . 4/9/2006
HOT! haha. love the little three-way u had going. u should do more! ;D. later!
maru-chan chapter 2 . 8/20/2005
dazzit? sheesh! well it was nice. reely very good story. so cute!
StarAWings chapter 2 . 7/12/2005
i don't get out of my bed till 4 in the afternoon on christmas day! my brothers can whine all they want but i won't come out! they want me to let them sleep in on my birthday then let then wait for the're presents anyway this is cute! i like it
Chainlinks chapter 2 . 5/2/2005
Fun read, naturally, but I have to admit, the ending, with Draco getting a Weasley sweater made me grin more than anything I've read all day.
nandi john chapter 2 . 5/1/2005
i totally feel your pain about waking up early, my bastard sister gets up at seven a.m. every saturday and bothers everyone
Nuwanda chapter 2 . 1/19/2005
GAH! You have no idea how happy you've made me. I was all sending the link for the first chappie of this fic to all my friends like "amazing,you must read!" and then I was rereading it myself for about the fifth time when suddenly I noticed something which I had failed to notice before. The fact that this fic has TWO CHAPTER! WHO!

Needless to say, I had a slight spazz (was on the phone with a friend and out of nowhere screamed "HOLY BLEEDING ELF-DOG SQUIRRELGRASS!" And don't even ask me where that phrase came from because I honestly have not a clue; I've never heard it/said it before in my life.

This was too cute for words. Love fluffy Draco loving the sweater from Ron's mum, especially because he always mocks their sweaters in the books. I always believed that he was secretly jealous that no one made HIM a cute sweater.

Also love sleepy Draco, and how Harry is just like O_O "Draco is SEXY" hehehe. Wonderful. Also as usual love the Dean/Seamus shenanigans, the vampire joke and Dean mumbling about tea. All of it is sweet, adorable, hilarious, wonderful. Love it to excessive degrees.
Nuwanda chapter 1 . 1/19/2005
GAH! I am so completely and ridiculously obsessed with your fabulous threesomeness ficlets! Nice job. Now all I'm going to think about whenever I read something is "why isn't Ron part of this relationship?" Or you could stick Harry or Draco's name in there, too. I'm now completely obsessed with this ridiculous trio and it's all your fault. Hehe, I'm just kidding. I'm obsessed in a good way, or so I do believe. And this is amazing, so amazing that it's going on my favorites list and I'm now going to tell you all my favorite parts.

1. Harry calling Draco "Drake"...cute.

2. “I don’t like you being a prefect. I don’t get to watch you undress any more.”

“You could if you weren’t asleep.”

“But I am.” so adorable. I love Seamus muchly, and picturing really sleepy Seamus saying that is just too kawaii for words.

3. Before falling asleep himself, he heard Harry, Ron, and Draco come in, whispering and tiptoeing and being generally noisy.

That is just amazing description on your part. Love that sentance. Love it so much I wanna take it to out, buy it dinner and lots of expensive jewelry, marry it at city hall, then take it home and shag it rotten. And that's probably a bit more than you cared to know.

4. Ron and Draco were somewhat distracted flirting with each other.

Hahahahaha...another great sentance.

5. “Santa won’t come until you’re asleep.”

“Yeah, well I won’t sleep until I’ve come,” Draco replied.

*shakes head* There are just no words, lol.

6. “Feeling left out, Potter?” Draco asked. As Harry leaned across him for his wand, he grabbed the front of Harry’s pyjamas, pulling him down for a long kiss.

Eventually Ron decided that they had forgotten about the charm, so he performed it himself.

Love both of those sentances, couldn't choose between them.

And now that I've practically quoted your entire fic back to you, I'll be leaving. But yeah, amazering. Completely amazering.
mizzyfreak7 chapter 2 . 1/18/2005
wtf? this is a beautiful piece of fluff. i was, however, confused with the ships. i got seamus/dean, but was harry/draco and ron/draco, or a harry/draco/ron threesome, or what? arrgghh... oh well. i suppose fluff isn't always supposed to make sense. yay!

Tara-Jamima chapter 2 . 1/13/2005
When did Draco become a G boy?
RHFCFSAF chapter 2 . 1/9/2005
aw this so swet i love this fict i always read R/D fit this the firs time i read a R/D/H fict and...i like it
shamanda chapter 2 . 1/9/2005
I liked this one; it was cute too!

more like this!
SoRadYo chapter 2 . 1/8/2005
damn, that's the end. i was going to ask what fluff is. grr.. nevermind then
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