Reviews for My Immortal
Wishmaster 17 chapter 1 . 8/4/2012
I like the story but is it a cross over for inuyahsa and yu yu hakasho? Jw considering it has the name Naraku in it and Sangos little brother Kohakus name
Katzztar chapter 1 . 1/9/2005
Only itty bitty thing that annoys me IF Kohaku is Kuwabara's spouse then shewould be calling him Kazuma. Kuwabara is the family name not his given name. Just as Urameshi is Yusuke's family name.

Often people get confused for two reasons

1- In Japan the clan/family name is first, not last, with given /personal name following.

In English / In Japanese

Yusuke Uramshi / Urameshi Yusuke

Kazuma Kuwabara / Kuwabara Kazuma

Shizuru Kuwabara / Kuwabara Shizuru

Keiko Yukimura/ Yukimura Keiko

2- often they have the habit of addressing people by the family names, from the teachers to casual contacts on the streets.

It seems that they don't call one another by the given names until persion is given by the said person. In the begining, during Yuskue's odreal as a ghost, Kuwabara called Keiko as Yukimura-san. Only later, by the time the boys first meet Genkai, does Kuwabara call her Keiko. But she still calls him Kuwabara

... but so does Okubo, Sawamura & Kirishima. -_-

no wonder many people think that Kuwabara is his personal name instead of his family name.

It always makes me wonder WHY his three closest friends sall him by his family name...

Although in the recent YYH DVD it shows Shizuru going off on Kazuma (again) thats nothing new, but she says he's the Kuwabara heir... I wonder if that's why he has every one call him by his family name instead of Kazuma.

Could it be that Kuwabara isn't just a name but a title?Showing that he's the heir to the family? For some reason, I don't think my answer will be found in the show...-_-