Reviews for Of Love and Bunnies
r0mantic at heart chapter 119 . 3/24
So I was just planning on rereading some of my favorite parts of this story and I end up reading 10 chapters in a row because it was just so damn funny and hilarious. I really really urge you guys to pick this up again because it's too good to just let it die.
CorynNighthawk3078 chapter 119 . 3/22
I love reading this story. Whenever I need a good laugh, this is the story I go to.

I'm just wondering. Are you going to ever update this story?

I *really* want to know what's going to happen next. Please?


ForeverWildfire2.0 chapter 50 . 3/16
I'm only up to chapter 50 and I've cracked up laughing so hard. I wonder what the Ferris wheel scene would look like to bystanders who were listening to them yelling back and forth...
darknessfalls1231 chapter 65 . 3/10
I love the game Kim and Tommy play, I would have thought Tommy would have planned better. Also, why are most of they guys such cowards? Its silly and really tilts the game against Tommy. Oh well. He needs to recruit the dino rangers to his cause, especially Kira. Then the game is won. Good show, good chapter. Praise all around.
darknessfalls1231 chapter 64 . 3/10
I love how Tommy is opening up to Trent and engaging in hijinks with him, while allowing Trent to be with his Kira. Its great, and the parallels keep coming. Great chapter, can't wait to see the reaction.
darknessfalls1231 chapter 63 . 3/10
I really like Tommy angry, but I don't like him so hypocritical. He did way worse when he was a teenager, and all this petty antics should be excused because the teens saved the earth. Tommy needs to get laid or take a chill pill.
darknessfalls1231 chapter 62 . 3/10
Alright, so Kim and Kira venting on each other are good. I like it. So far things are going slower than I'd anticipated and I'm unsure if their powers will come into play at all. I'm hoping they well, and I'm hoping we'll get more insight into Tommy's four people.
darknessfalls1231 chapter 61 . 3/10
Eh this was really filler, I didn't like it but guess it had to happen. There are so many plot arcs and different ideas spinning around sometimes you just have to tie up loose ends.
darknessfalls1231 chapter 60 . 3/10
Okay, so the point about Angel Grove might be right. Great job with the explanation about Kim's hate for the game Tommy is playing with her. I hope she gets over it with this fight with Kira. Good job.
darknessfalls1231 chapter 59 . 3/10
This is great. Amazing, I didn't think Kim would figure it out. I'm surprised she isn't liking it. Trent and Tommy interplay was amazing, even though it was so short. Excellent job all around.
darknessfalls1231 chapter 58 . 3/10
I really didn't like this chapter. Trini is a party pooper. And Tommy is going back to a stick in the mud.
darknessfalls1231 chapter 57 . 3/10
I don't really like the crazy girls, I think they're up to no good. I like the rationalization Kim is going through for her feelings for Tommy. Its very well written.
darknessfalls1231 chapter 56 . 3/7
I like the depiction of Tommy and Kim just being together for once, great job on it. They interact so naturally. And I don't really like the Hayley side arc but it was done masterfully, good job on closing it.
darknessfalls1231 chapter 55 . 3/7
I could have done without D.O.R.K.S its really silly and unneccessaary. Oh well, the rest was awesome. CLOWN DOWN! CLOWN DOWN! I love clown fights. You did a great job of orchestrating Tommy's revenge and illustrating his proactive nature. Great job overall, and I'm glad Tommy paid back Kira and Trent, the two non-annoying rangers.
darknessfalls1231 chapter 54 . 3/7
This chapter was evil. Truely Evil Tommy. Evil Tommy and Evil Trent. I love this fic! Great job on the contest between Kim and Tommy, I really like the dual approach with Jason and Trini being together but seperate. It fits their personalities so well. Great job! Encore!
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