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misawesome246 chapter 120 . 3/21
while i support your decision im still sad about it but if you do change you mind you should make one about conner and kat but not as long as this one took me months to read this story was awesome :) :) :) (my frinend was disappointed it took till the last chapter to get tommy and kim together but i liked it :p) loved this story
SapphiRubyCrys chapter 1 . 3/7
Best beginning ever!
The Richmaster chapter 120 . 2/24
This was a solid way of ending the story; it's been a fairly long read but I've truly enjoyed the ups, downs, interesting backstories and explanation and general chaos that has been prevalent through the entire thing.
not everything has been tied up but the major storylines were settled well and seem hopeful for the future.

On this chapter:
- the Q& session with the original 6 was done well and gave some believable answers
- Tommy telling Hunter not to give up has the potential for so much chaos down the line
- and the ending was sweet in terms of showing Tommy being hopeful but not delusional

a few final thoughts on the whole story:
- the anecdotes were all brilliant, funny and fit well with the characters involved
- the cameos were all great
- I think that some of the non-rangers might have been my favourite characters; such as Andrew, Spencer, Elsa and especially Mercer
- Hayley is above all of them and possibly deserves to be worshiped

thoughts on what might happen later:
- The Rangers will all go back to their current residences but make sure to stay in touch with the other teams more
- Tommy and Kim will go on their dates and grow closer, with Hayley helping out
- Hunter will become a regular customer at the Rock Porium (possibly making friends with Nick as he comes back into town)
- Cam might end up on a date with Sabrina
- Conner and Kat might stay in contact and possibly try dating down the line if they're both free
- SPD will have a lot of interesting stories about how they were formed and the chaos in the labs

- Some day there will be an invasion of Clown monsters and the world will watch in awe as the original Yellow Ranger solos them all and becomes known as the best ranger ever.

Thanks for sharing the story with us; I've had one hell of a week reading through it.
The Richmaster chapter 119 . 2/24
I loved the Ninja/Mystic Force meet-up, the chaos was just amazing to read and the fake monster stuff is obviously going to end hilariously
The Richmaster chapter 118 . 2/24
Madison and Tori seems like they could conect well in terms of personality, colour and element and Ihope that this isn't the end of the clown escapade, I'm enjoying this part
The Richmaster chapter 117 . 2/24
that was an interesting way of having them interact with an old villain, I'd kind of like to see more like this.
And the ultimate evil that is clowns returns... I wonder if the mime girl is in on this?
The Richmaster chapter 116 . 2/24
I enjoyed the thunder brothers and I like how personable Xander is
The Richmaster chapter 115 . 2/24
That long talk between Alyssa and Hayley was really good at ut does make a lot of sense in the way it was portrayed them acting.

I liked Hunter's interaction with Vida and Chip, it fit them all perfectly. and if they Madison and Xander are here, then there might also be a reunion with Nick too
The Richmaster chapter 114 . 2/24
It's pity that you vetoed Rita showing up; I kind of wanted to see your take on her becoming the Mystic Mother
The Richmaster chapter 113 . 2/24
This was one of my new top ten chapters for this story; the new introductions were briliant and I liked some of the interesting connections you worked into the narrative.

The ninja Storm group is one of my favourite teams so I'm glad you did a good job with that and Anton's 'gift' to them was fitting; I actually have a story idea that uses that plot point as a start.

that was a pretty good entrance on the Ranger's part and showed the usefulness of having ninjas around to help too.

As for the author note at the end, it makes sense not to include RPM since that is set in an alternate Earth and Jungle Fury was always a little disconnected from the franchise at large
The Richmaster chapter 112 . 2/24
that was a great talk between Kim and Kat and Trini has amazing social-fu powers as always
The Richmaster chapter 111 . 2/24
THat was a brilliant meet-up and I like Tommy' teacher sense
The Richmaster chapter 110 . 2/24
I definitely enjoy this Hayley; her explanation of herself and how Power Rangers tend to be born to it was really well written
The Richmaster chapter 109 . 2/24
I enjoyed the sensible reaction to Trent and Alyssa and the talk between Anton and Jen was amazing i
The Richmaster chapter 108 . 2/24
Absolutely amazing chapter here, I think that my two favourite characters here were Hartford and Mercer for how different their reactions were.
Tommy was pretty good too
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