Reviews for Twin Flames
lamyka chapter 12 . 10/27/2005
very interesting take on the whole situation. i wonder if you'll continue this or not though.

here's hoping you do :-)

socialcontrol chapter 12 . 10/2/2005
this...was the first ever riddick fic i ever read. gosh it seems like ages ago. but this story got me hooked and inspired. please please please for the love of sweet lord, please continue this story. you are one of the best writers ive a long time. this is up like a wall of fame because its one of the best you could read on this site. your talented.
Ed's Tomato chapter 12 . 9/8/2005
I love you. I need more. MORE. GIVE ME MORE. please? and thank you...
Viomaat chapter 12 . 9/6/2005
Oddly sweet, given the content. A good telling of what might have saved poor Jack from becoming so embittered; so out of control.

The story really has its pop in the Jack/Riddick conversations. Some of the other characters weigh it down a little for me.

I like it a great deal. Though it seems in a way more melancholy than some of the more brutish stories I have read. Maybe just because this Jack seems like she's going to rise to her destiny . . .
jackfan chapter 12 . 9/6/2005
please please please update!this is such a GREAT GREAT story..dont let it die!please please please!i HAVE to know what happens next i m begging you please update soon!lots of riddick love!
loves-winged-dark-angel chapter 11 . 8/25/2005
Sweet, heop you update soon, I love this story
loves-winged-dark-angel chapter 12 . 8/20/2005
loves-winged-dark-angel chapter 5 . 8/20/2005
tasha chapter 12 . 8/14/2005
oh! more please! i love this story!
Fumblepaws chapter 12 . 8/10/2005
zowie...I guess by your note you get alot of people bugging you to update.

I jut read your story for the first time...(I'm at work, what else am I going to do but read Riddick fanfic? hehe) I really liked it. I look forward to what happens next. -winks- Also what riddick does in the spare room... and jack getting all growed up.

Anyhoo I really like your portrail of Riddick. He's human but still tough. And still with the raging... it's really good.

Anyhoo back to this silly working.

have a good one and I looks forward to checking out your other stories and what you decide to do with this story!

Thanks again

Athla chapter 12 . 8/6/2005
cool, though I didn't like alex much.
Vague Lenore chapter 12 . 8/4/2005
I like this chap just like the rest of the story, but it's *completely* stupid threatening to remove a story people obviously enjoy. It's even more ludicrous since it's obvious you enjoy writing it. Remove it and it just won't be read. Boo hoo.
Mesopotamia chapter 12 . 7/26/2005
This is an amazing story. You're writing style is superb and the characters are realistic and I love how you portrayed Jack and Riddick! Can't wait for an update!
Kay chapter 12 . 7/12/2005
MORE! I started to read this and then the next chapter wouldn't load and almost died. I came back and now I reach here and you leave me hanging! It's great, please update soon!
nj chapter 12 . 7/7/2005
I've been reading a lot of fan fic in the last weeks and for the first time I read one that develope the relationship between Riddick and Jack (with thirtten years old) It's really interesting to see how you are presenting this. It's new to me, so please don't leave waiting too much time. You'll see there's not too many writters who have 191 reviews, so that has to men something
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