Reviews for The Ransom of The Ring
Kondoru chapter 1 . 11/30/2009
An interesting POV, Like you I dont see the snowmen as Esquimaux, possibly some other culture, such as Dorset Island (who did wear bearskins, though they had no boats, using blown up sealskins instead)

Have you been to Skara Brae? I have never been that far north, this summer I went to North Rona and saw the underground houses there. (much more recent, used in medieval times, but similar conditions call for similar houses, N Rona is tree free and very windy...Remember that mythical elives lived in mounds, didnt they?)

An interesting book i read recently is kirsten Seavers Frozen Echo a reappraisal of the Vikings in Greenland...but she doesnt note that the boat the viking greenlanders made was not a knorr, but a Saami boat.
Redone chapter 1 . 10/9/2005
I lost this story for a long while and only now happened to find it again. The premise is so interesting, I really hope you'll continue this! (And more of your Northern Dunedain stories, please!)