Reviews for Together In A Black Room
Redaed chapter 21 . 1/20/2008
I love the Snape-angst! Crazy awesome, seriously. And hey, Sirius isn't too bad either. Please don't just stop updating here, I'd like to see how it ends up, at least.
Amarinta chapter 21 . 3/6/2007
i've been read it all and it's wonderful!
Lne chapter 21 . 5/24/2005
I know I haven't reviewed for a while (but I've never stopped reading this story!). I've been very busy and to be honest, I really thought that this story had lost it's way. I had the feeling that you weren't going anywhere with this story anymore... (please don't hit me!) But I have to admit that I liked the last few chapters! Sirius and Severus know now that they have something in common and they're actually starting to care for each other! I would like to see them becoming good friends. You've captured my interest in this story again!
EsScaper chapter 21 . 5/23/2005
I have to tell you that I have been very worried about the effect of my review on your last chapter. I really do like your story, and didn't want you to feel otherwise. This chapter was better than the last one. I just thought the "laundry list" of injuries was a bit dry. I like the fact that Poppy is questioning herself about pulling them was a very nice touch.

Iisjah chapter 20 . 5/23/2005
Why so short XD I liked it - as other chapters. Write soon!
EsScaper chapter 20 . 5/19/2005
So Short! ..Argh! I love your work, but you really need to lengthen the chapters.

The whole premis of your story is just excellent and the ideas for your characters are great. When you take the time to write it, your descriptions of the characters' emotions are truly moving. It is true sign of good writing. It's just that there is so much more going on "behind the scenes", if you will, than going on in what you actually "show us" in your writing.

For example, spend less time listing poor Severus's many injuries, and expand on Poppy's shock and horror that one of her past students could show up in a state so close to death. You hinted about his self-inflicted injuries and his being raped for several years. Dumbledore didn't react at all. Even if you wanted him NOT to react openly, having him think something to himself in someway would have made it much better. He HAD to have felt SOMETHING. You keep leading up to such strong emotions and don't take advantage of it.

I really hope you don't think of this in a negative way...please. You can REALLY write. Not everyone can. I just get so excited when I see that your story has updated, because I know the potential that your storyline and your writing ability has. I just am trying to inspire you to reach the height that your talent can bring you.

Esc...who will, yet again, be very excited the next time I see your story updated.

PS: Who the heck was that guy who gave you that very strange review? I didn't realize that Harry Potter fanfiction was the place to preach the ways of Muhammad. It would have really freaked me out to get that in my inbox as a review...give me the "willies".
SilentWater13 chapter 19 . 5/19/2005
holy shit

this is really good

i love the way you foreshadow and then bring it all together with as much description you can put in to a few words as possible

keep up the good work
citruspeach chapter 19 . 5/15/2005
! I complement you if you can read that. Oh my god, poor Snape! The "My gift to you, Albus" thing is really creepy. Great chapter! It's all so sad, though... poor Snape.

You're welcome! And you're right, it is really early. I remember pitching a fit when I was about six and first getting a dislike of meat, and we were making turkey for Thanksgiving, the stupid holliday that it is. It's pretty funny, now that I think back on it.


Mother: Sweety, it's cooking. And most people here think it smells delicous!


Mother: Okay! Okay! We won't have it again! *smiles deviously*

I was such a brat when I was little... but, luckilly, my mom had been wanting to have the family stop having turkey for forever, so it went a lot better than it would have in most families!

I thought you would have. PETA is a really big group, though I think some of the leaders are slightly crazy... and I don't really have a problem with other people eating meat, either, as long as it's free ranch or something. I mean, I have this one friend who has to eat meat because her immune system is really crappy and she needs all the protein she can get.

And yeah, I hate the fact that the meat industry is so huge! I mean, they're cutting down the rainforests so that people can GET FAT!

Oh, I love those bacon strips! We get them at my house sometimes, and they're delicous!

Well, I know that at least one person got food poisoning at my school from a tuna fish sandwich... but I don't think anyone else has ever gotten seriously sick. Some people almost have, though. It's so disgusting!

The fact that most schools have PE all the time makes me feel better... I hate that class. Oh, your schools were probably like the one I went to for gradeschool! I spent half of fifth grade building a house made out of strawbales. That's a pretty good picture of the school, although our teacher that year was a little touched in the head... (literally. When the war in Iraq broke out, he packed up without telling anyone, and flew off to Jerusulem to protest peacefully with only his violin.)

And yeah, they're arn't any exams in gym. Which is good, because I'd fail them!

RENT is REALLY GOOD! Although it's not all sad, or all happy. It's kind of like, "I have AIDS. I'm going to die. This sucks. I LOVE YOU!" The first disc is a lot happier than the second, and the second only gets sad around song 10. (I'll Cover You Reprise)

I'll email it to you tomorrow! It's 11:03 right now, I have school tomorrow so I'm going to bed right after I finish this review.

*accepts trophy* Yay, I feel so special! This is the first time I've ever gotten a metaphorical trophy! *beams*

Ooh! I have a question - I probably won't go through with it, but if I ever get the time/inspiration, can I write about the missing chunks of time in your story? Like, the confrontations between Sirius and the maruders, and the healing-y process happening between Sirius and Snape! That'd be fun.


It was so amazing. Times Square was so beautiful - it was just like the movies! And there were Broadway posters EVERYWHERE! And I got to see paintings by Goya, El Greko, and Velasquez! It was amazing. I NEED to go back to the Metropolition Museum of Art and look around forever.

Update soon and I'll give you the fake Mark Jacobs bag I bought off a street vendor for 14.80!
crescomellonnin chapter 19 . 5/14/2005
OMG poor Snape, how did anyone find out that he was the spy, was that what happened. Please explain
EsScaper chapter 19 . 5/13/2005
Now that was MUCH better! You slowly brought us readers in and gave us enough details to emotionally attach us to what was going on...very nice! Then you teased us with the ending withholding the details about Snape, nice cliffie. Of course I always want more...yes I'm a fanfiction hog!

...Just one question. When did this occur? I'm a bit confused. Was this in the future after Severus and Sirius's reunion at Hogwarts? I assume so, since Harry has already defeated Voldemort. I know that you've done big jumps in time in this story before, so I think you did it again. I'm just over tired and my brains just not working as it should.

Loved this chapter...

Grimaland What is Grimaland chapter 1 . 5/12/2005
Some sayings of Ayatollah Khomeini

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Rights of the Child (contd)

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citruspeach chapter 18 . 5/11/2005
What do you meant this is crappy? It's not crappy! Nothing you write is crappy! *Showers you with adoration*

Thank you so much for posting! You so rock.

Hmm, maybe you're right. But still, the fact is I made the choice to be vegetarian all on my lonesome. True, my parents supported me all the way with it, and I initally stopped eating meat because I got sick of it... (oh, the silly things you do when you're seven!) but the fact is, eating meat is disgusting. Have you ever heard of PETA? I don't know if they have it in Ireland. They're this slightly radical animal rights group, and they made this one video that shows the horrors of the meat industry. I watched in in tech class with a couple of my friends, and one of them literally started crying, that's how disturbing it was. I don't see how people can continue to eat meat when they know where it comes from! (I am such a crazy vegetarian! Hehehe, this is fun. I haven't been able to do my vegetarian rant without being yelled at to shut up in forever!)

Again, you're probably right about the fake meat thing. But honestly, it's just as good. There are these Morningstar brand fake chicken nuggets, and they taste simply devine! Ha, I hate it when people change their opinions about food once they learn what's in it. I at least can admit that meat tastes good, although I don't eat it and think the mental connotaions are disgusting.

EWW, SCHOOL MEAT IS DISGUSTING. I was looking at statistics about it, and it turns out it's grade D meat, which is worse than they serve prisoners! School meat is usually a slightly gray slab of "turky" covered in disgusting smelling gravy, or else a misshapen hamburger that looks like it's growing mold. Even if I did eat meat, I would never eat that stuff! Be glad you don't have to experiance it.

You're so lucky you arn't in school! It sucks like woah. You DIDN'T have to pass gym? I mean, it doesn't count on our GPA for us, but if you fail it, you can't graduate. And we have to take it all the way through school! It's disgusting. I'm never going to be a sports person, why bother making me play football? DURR. And yes, it's the same thing as PE.

RENT is only the BEST MUSICAL OF ALL TIME! *dies* It's my favorite musical, ever. It came out in 1996, and debuted a few days after the creator died of heart problems, which is very sad. The play in itself is sad, considering it's about AIDS, but it's still amazing. And if you listen only to the first disc, it's not that depressing. Do you have an email adress? I could send you my favorite song from it, because it's AMAZING. La Vie Boheme (that's my favorite song, by the way) is just the greatest thing ever. I write the lyrics to it all over my desks at school.

Woah, your weather sounds like my usual weather! We've had days where it will be 70 degrees, and then go down to 30 degrees, and noone even notices anymore. It's pathetic. Our city is even known for its bad weather! That, and cameras. We're on of the most un-hip (did I just say "un-hip"? Ew...) urban-ish cities ever. But who am I kidding, I love the place still!

Update soon and I'll give you all the candy I just bought for my school trip to New York City! That's right! I'm going to NYC! *does a dance* I'm so excited about this! So, if I don't review your story this weekend, it's not because I don't love you, it's because I'm in NEW YORK CITY! Oh, I want to live there so much! Well, I'll have to be content with my three day Spanish trip for now...

Wow, that review was really long!
EsScaper chapter 18 . 5/11/2005
Very sweet, but I really needed more. You should try to add more detail and descriptions of their emotions to give it a bit more depth. Not that I know anything, mind you, but it just seemed like it was a bit "shallow". I was hoping for more emotions to really pull the reader into the story. You had the possibility for huge drama but just didn't take it.

EsScaper chapter 17 . 5/11/2005
...oh a suicidal Sirius!

I assume that our new hero, Severus, will come to the rescue! They really just need to open up and talk to each other. I hope this will do it. If they'd just talk honestly, they'd realize how much they have in common. They only need to share their pain, and it would help the both of them heal.

Still love this, even though the angst has died down a bit. Time to give them a rest. I understand. Some nice flashbacks would really make their upcoming confrontation very dramatic and emotional...only a suggestion mind you.

Look forward to your next update!

SilentWater13 chapter 18 . 5/11/2005
please please make a sequel
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