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moonprincess97524 chapter 13 . 5/1/2014
This is a rather interesting story as it stands. I can understand your reason for discontinuing this story. I am eagerly awaiting the rewrite to this story.
herart chapter 13 . 3/25/2014
It was a nice reading, except for the last chapter 'tough, I would have preferred that ended in a kind of cut instead of in a kind of flow.

Anyway, great plot. Would have been great even if it was just between HHr and Luna or another girl, or just between two and the other pairings used the book between themselves.
HarlyQ chapter 13 . 4/1/2013
You can't force yourself to write when you aren't happy with the way things are going. Thanks for writing and sharing what you were able to.
HarlyQ chapter 5 . 4/1/2013
Don't ya just love it when the story takes over?

I've had a lot of fun reading and giggling through each chapter so far.
Penghost chapter 13 . 1/31/2013
I think you made a very good story so far!
To think out the rather complicated form this story would likely to get to is understandable. :-)
To think about a rater strong Harry and the prospect of the girls after him...

And the confrontation with Dumbles...
And the Git Ron...

A rather overwhelming task, i agree..

But still it would be THE STORY quite different to the many other tame ones.
Combined wit goblin help definitely very interesting indeed...

Maybe some time you get your scared muse to add some more chapters?

Thanks for your time
Ibskib chapter 13 . 12/9/2012
I can understand discontinuing this fic, the humorous premise of the first few chapters didn't really mesh that well with the whole Gringotts thing, and beyond.
Perhaps, showing Harry flirting and fooling a bit around with some muggle girls during the summer, while taking his studies more seriously, would fit better with the first three chapters.
Ibskib chapter 2 . 12/9/2012
a very amusing start, a shame it's been discontinued.
monbade chapter 12 . 11/4/2012
too bad you discontinued this story, i really liked it

Runecutter chapter 13 . 5/9/2012
why not? I mean explain it to McG? :D

After all ... reading about this stuff is part of what got him started on his summer training, which in the end allowed him to take an additional OWL test which should not have went too bad after the grading exam was rather easy for him... so McG should be glad that he had an ... incentive for learning and improving himself not start moaning about the topic of the work ;)

And of course... the more exotic and out-of-use the magic is, the more likely it is to be connected to "TPHKN" (whow, looks russian... the power he knows not... Maybe siberian ritual magics? :D :P) so self-studies of these fields should be ... encouraged not frowned upon :D

Well ... i can't say that i didn't see it comming (okay, i already knew because of your warnings what was to happen but even without the story spoke for itself) but it's still a pity that you didn't take it upon you to work out the wrinkles and pull the story train back on track, i think the point of the story where you broke away was exactly the best point to get back into the original premise as momentarily all the distracting story parts were done and finished while you had seeded an interesting new option for the Sex Magicks angle...

I'd call chicken, but i don't want it to become a nasty habit :D So maybe... "quail"?

At the very least you've planted some very interesting opportunities and ideas into my head, even if you'll never come around for the possible re-do it still was worth the try to play around with the motif! And i still think it should be an official challenge to inspire hordes of randy fanfic authors for some lemon :P
Runecutter chapter 12 . 5/9/2012
Interesting... just another Umbridge in a slightly more acceptable coat...

In Harry's place i would have started an experiment... Have everyone who already fought against DE or has lost next of kin to them stand up and look how few remain! I mean in the books this was after the summer where Amelia Bones was killed and many other families were attacked... there must have been a hell of an impact not only on the ministry-six!

But then the DSG already had its first session and they only needed a reason to start training in earnest... so here it is? (Poor Hermione still hasn't made up on her promise to practise :P)
Runecutter chapter 10 . 5/9/2012
Yeah, that feels better already... The new name is also a nice touch, even if Harry's names seem to be worse than Hermiones unwillingly funny ones (Spew and such ;)) what the heck is DSG meant to symbolize? Booooring! :D#

It's obvious that any return DA would want to have a play-by-play of the fight in the ministry, i'd guess the next sessions would sometime fall back to wanting to hear about the Dumbledore/Riddle duel in all its manificence! So that part went pretty well.

The Hermione discussion was simply 3 :)

Factual, to the point and yet soooo open for any and all readings... that's what i would have expected after the first two chapters. Well done!
Runecutter chapter 9 . 5/9/2012

You can clearly see that you've tried to get back on track to your hmmm "original story idea" here without hanging too much around the usual training, spending money and getting to know weird stuff plots, the catching up with the others stories and so on.

Sadly the discussion with Hermione feels inappropriately unmoved, neutral and ... bland. I'm sorry but having 6 very "normal" chapters in between the themed beginning of the story and this continuation of the motive seems to have broken your will to really go along with all the problems and implications... why for example did you not go with your own motif of "Harry was quite comfortable talking with girls/women now" and have him more openly flirty without directly talking to Hermione or about the book...

Yes, the "joke" that it all was a misunderstanding is a bit on the funny side, but it has been a hell of a build-up, there have been no mentions of this for far too long and thus it's not really good as a follow-up to a long forgotten minor subject of the story... you might as well have Ginny slobbering over the new neighbour of her brothers with that hot body and cool name "Blake Grim" she has seen often in the Alley ;)
Runecutter chapter 6 . 5/8/2012
First the spelling errors... it's Privet Drive, Grimmauld Place, National Health (or NHS?) card and biceps (it's not a plural of two bicep, but a singular muscle having "two heads" which in medical latin/greek would spell biceps)

Then i love your ideas... Blake Grim and Nigel Grim are inspired cover names! (And even after the fact i'll say for the record, that I'd call a flat owned by Sirius the "Somber spot" like in a serious place! not too directly coined to the name but still said with a wink)

It's cute to have Dobby ehhh "desert" into Harry's service. It's sad that the headmaster abusing a house elfs trust is all too imaginable :(

You've found a nice direction in which this story is going... rid of the Darned Crux, rid of the Dursleys and his Order Torturers... and still some training to do on that book/spells :D
Runecutter chapter 5 . 5/8/2012
A tad too much like standard "Harry gets help" stories, compared with the other ones, but then the problems he has to overcome (exile at Privet Drive, too much meddling in his affairs, no money, no choices, no self-assuredness - leading to no good social/lady skills and so on and so forth...) are also always the same so i guess it's the easiest way to get rid of the negative stuff is to write a shortish "get rid of it" scene and then continue with the unique ideas and dealings...
Runecutter chapter 4 . 5/8/2012
well that wasn#t so hard, was it (to write more than an average post card text per chapter i mean :D)

Interesting idea to place a wizarding shop in Harry's neighbourhood, but then he can't always abuse Mrs Figgs trust, can he? But then better to have a man in the know find his galleons than to make them meltable and sellable for their gold content (i can't see the goblins making such an obvious fault when they have a monopoly on wizarding money, if they're the only ones that can make galleons they will also be the only ones able to melt them and sell the gold they're made of ;) Sounds logical, doesn't it?)

And it's so cute that Harry is panicking over the implications of the book, but does never look back to the letter where things like "practicing the spells" are mentioned in a - IMO - very suggestive and unmistakable way ;)

poor git. His whole wiring is twisted through this damned muggles abuse!
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