Reviews for Unfinished Business
Caramicah chapter 1 . 7/4
It's nearly four o'clock in the morning, and I have finally finished this fic. I got to say, this was one of the best SS/HG fics I've read, as most of the ones I've come across just make me cringe. So much fluff I love it
Ginger.kingston chapter 13 . 6/27
awww i love this so much this ending killed me :)
Bonnie Gaynor chapter 13 . 6/24
This story is one of the best I've read in a very long time! So sad but still so very beautiful at the same time. I think I cried right at the beginning and through almost the whole of the last chapter. Your plot and style are simply brilliant and captivating!
Has this little treasure ever be translated into German? If not, would you be interested? I'm a professional translator in training (2/3 done already) and I'd enjoy it immensely :)
Best regards
blushings chapter 13 . 6/9
I love this fic! It's such a unique premise, and very well-executed. Not to mention how terribly romantic the ending is :') Thank you for sharing this with us!
riskeybusiness chapter 13 . 6/1
That was absolutely beautiful. A really amazing and unique storyline and so well written. You really had my in tears that last chapter. Thanks so much for sharing this!
Guest chapter 13 . 4/23
That was incredible!
Saissa chapter 13 . 4/23
I knew he would come back as a ghost - this had to end in a happily ever after fic - there simply could not be any other possible ending. Hermione herself took a while to show up as a ghost too!

Great story - most intriguing and unusual story line I have ever read for an HP Fic! Thanks.
whatifitwasdifferent chapter 13 . 4/23
At the first of the chapter, I wanted to scream at you, but the ending was awesome once they finally got together.
LissaDream chapter 1 . 4/21
Really quite splendid. One of the most unique plots I have ever come across. I loved it!
johnapple chapter 2 . 4/20
I hate f-king Snape: a deatheater, a killer, a selfish hateful spiteful man who was willing to let Voldemort kill a family-IE The Longbottoms; until he discovered that Lilly would get killed. He didn't give a sh-t about the baby. Such a lovely man (character) that you feel you need to apologize for his action and make him more human. How sick is a man to pine away his life for another mans' made a deal to spare Lilly with no concern for the baby or how she would feel losing her husband and baby son.
Guest chapter 13 . 3/29
Fabulous story, beautifully written!
Ellania chapter 13 . 3/14
that was a very fun read with a satisfying end, great point to leave things at. I enjoyed Hermionie learning how to be a ghost and how to survive without her normal friends and everything, also the golden cauldron meteor was a really cool potion making technique and the way you described the liquod brewing was gorgeous. Anyway, lovely story, thanks for sharing I will remember this one for its differences~~ *goes to seek more stories about ghosts*
Lilly Rae chapter 13 . 3/3
This was such a moving, surprising story. I am stunned and I loved it genuinely. will definitely recommend to my friends 3
Deep in the Night chapter 3 . 2/19
Oh Hermione...
Piglet chapter 13 . 2/16
Omg! This was awesome!
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