Reviews for Ripple Effect
Itallia chapter 1 . 3/1/2007
I like the way you portray Sasuke here, and I like the idea of Naruto being affected by prolonged exposure to Kyuubi's chakra. You did a good job with putting the both of them in character and at the same time getting more in depth with them.
MeEksiNs chapter 1 . 2/27/2007
I dont remember if I've reviewed yr fic before specifically this one but I do remember that your fic is one of the most MUST reads. You are an excellent fic writer. Love your work.

Thank you for a good.. no GREAT read.

Hope you will still continue on writing more.


Sincerely, the Meek of Sins
Barranca chapter 22 . 2/26/2007
Bleh, I wish they would take out Akatsuki. With Naruto being such a big threat, it would work as well to protect Konoha.

A well written story, although a little morbid :)
amazingsensation chapter 1 . 2/21/2007
I cant explain in words how this story is just mind blowingly amazing. *is mind blowingly a word? if not, well, you're so good I made it up for you _*

will review other chapters when give enough time.

until then, here's two words: fucking brilliant.

Dread Pirate Rinja chapter 22 . 2/20/2007
Wow. Just... wow. I've spent a great deal of my free time the last three days reading this story, and I don't even know where to begin complimenting you on such a fine job. This has to be the best Kyuubi-corrupting-Naruto stories I have ever read, and easily one of the best Naruto fanfictions that I have stumbled across. (I'm extremely glad that I caught this after its completion, too! Haha.) I can't believe this doesn't have more reviews than it does; perhaps that has something to do with the fact that more than half of the fandom doesn't seem to appreciate intelligently-written work. ;)

Seriously, though. I don't know where to begin on raving about the story. Your characterization of the entire Naruto cast was brilliant, especially when it came down to the dynamics of the relationships between each of the characters. You did a marvelous job of filling in gaps between the spots that your story diverges from the main series. I also adored how well you managed to write in half a dozen different political realms that would realistically have existed in this situation. I can't find any other word to describe such an effort other than brilliant. All the logistics of how the characters thought and reacted to the situations they were put through were amazingly well-written. While I kind of wish the ending had a teensy bit more closure, I can imagine - realistically - that the five missingnin would forever be on the run, and there really isn't much closure on this kind of a situation.

I would say a whole lot more, but my mind's still stuck in the "holy shit this was an awesome story!" mode of satisfaction, and I think I'd either be just mindlessly gushing or repeating myself if I said anything more. I will say thank you so very much for sharing this story with us, and that I really appreciate the effort it had to have taken to write this story. Fantastic work. :D
Ferret Kunoichi chapter 22 . 2/11/2007
Im glad that you finally put up this epilogue. The last chapter didnt feel like an ending.
shadows chapter 22 . 2/3/2007
Hmm, apparently I already reviewed this last September, but I recently followed a stray link to this story and sat down to read it all over again. Since time has passed, I figure that warrants a second review.

This time around, I think what stayed with me more than anything was the pain. It's such a non-idealized account, such a tragic course of events, that the main characters are ultimately forced to leave the place in which they grew up and had so many memories, that Tsunade was going to "put down" Naruto, that Sakura had her teammates back but at the same time didn't really have them back at all, that Sasuke did come back to Konoha but wasn't ever really happy... Everything that happened, and the tone conveyed through the writing, just emphasized the underlying pain of the situation in the characters and, by extension, in the reader.

I'm still blown away, mostly because all of the other stories I read are such wishful thinking-even if they aren't "warm and fuzzy," they still depict events that we all really wanted to see, characters we wanted to see together, back home, and happy. This is so different; it's almost uncomfortable in how idealized it isn't. I am thoroughly impressed with this story, but at the same time I'm utterly relieved that this isn't canon, because ow. It breaks my heart... even the second time around.
infractus monumentum chapter 22 . 2/2/2007
Oh my god. I do believe that's all I can say, really. For the past three days I have read this start to finish, and I don't believe I have seen it's equal anywhere. Your talents are extraordinary. Congratulations.
Flymos Rakharma chapter 1 . 1/24/2007
Read this story awhile ago, it's one of the best I've seen and, I know it's not much but I just thought it couldn't hurt to tell you how GOOD Ripple Effect is.
lirpa-chan chapter 22 . 1/23/2007
I don't even know where to begin to describe how amazing this story was.

It took me about three days and very little sleep to read it all (I just couldn't put it down) and it is without a doubt the greatest Naruto fanfiction I have ever read. It is also a great peice of writing in general that many aspiring writers can't grasp. You 'showed' more than 'told' and that's something not easily achieved.

Everyone was just so perfectly and uniquely in-character. I don't even know where to begin... I liked how you portrayed Hinata as being soft-spoken more than a stuttering, shy girl. It gave her a depth that you don't often see. I LOVED your original characters- *those* are what original characters should be! Effective, placed quietly in the background, and yet well-rounded. Seeing how Anko was characterized here was awesome. I'm not too familiar with her in fanfiction, but her relationship with Sasuke just fit so perfectly, like that's what could actually happen in cannon.

As for the actual main characters: You nailed them perfectly. I absolutely fell in love with Sasuke and Sakura's relationship. It was so refreshing to see such a level of depth in their relationship without romance clouding it over (which is coming from a (most of the time) SasuSaku fan, haha). Same goes with Sakura and Naruto's relationship in this fic. I specifically remember when Sasuke used the Mangekyo on Sakura and afterwards Sakura telling Naruto that his opinion meant more to her than Sasuke's, which Sasuke also agreed to. It just... Oh I don't know how to describe how awesome you portrayed the trio's relationship with one another. It transcended love and companionship. It was so wonderful.

I think my favorite scenes were when Sasuke and Kakashi interacted with one another though. Especially the beginning chapters. Their relationship also spoke more than words and I just loved, loved, loved it. I was sad to see him chase after them at the end, but I understood it too. I like to think Kakashi wanted to see how they were doing more than actually fullfil his duties- especially Sasuke. That's why I loved it when the two of them were in the illusion, talking. The confrontation was expected on both of their parts. The very ending was so fitting too.

What else, what else? There's so much I'd like to comment on... The humor in here (as sparse as it was) was quite humorous. I especially liked when Sasuke and Sakura were walking down the street and he, in laymas terms, basically told Sakura he needed to get laid :-p. I also loved when he and Naruto were arguing whether claws or wings were cooler. Oh, and when Naruto and Sakura seemingly innocently hit and kicked him in their sleep during their mission to capture the sound kids.

I loved being able to see a plausible life in Sound for Sasuke. It was very interesting and something I haven't seen before; Sasuke being a teacher in Oto that is. The developement from that throughout the fic I think is why it was so believable and splendid when he was talking with the girl in the hotel. I loved how Kakashi heard the whole exchange too.

I also loved how Tayuya was called a "craddle robber" :-p. *Very* interesting implication.

Naruto's characterization was just amazing. I loved his heartwrenching moments with Sakura, espcially after she told the boys her tutorledge in torture. Everything was just so *believable*.

I will definitely have to read this over again to pick up on things I may not have the first time (it's definitely one of those fics where you'll find something new with every read). I don't know how else to express my awed state.

Wonderful, spectacular, and just... wow.

I hope to see more Naruto fics from you. The fandom needs stories of this magnitude.

Eraya :)
Gohanzgirl chapter 22 . 1/19/2007
Amazing, It took me two day's to read it. It made me cry... twice. Left mixed feelings but overall good ones. This is definitely one of the best, if not the best Naruto fic I've ever read. Truly wonderful writing and a beautiful twisting plot. I've loved every second reading this. You did an awesome job, and I thank you for the truly wonderful, sad, and excited feeling's it generated while reading it. Again great work!
Jefepato chapter 22 . 1/9/2007
The only real complaint I have is that seeing the title of the last chapter was something of a spoiler.
Roses All Over chapter 12 . 1/6/2007
Yay, 400th review. Awesome story keep up the great work!

Nekkyo-chan chapter 22 . 12/26/2006
Wow. Just wow. This is so damn good. It's funny and sad and...just wow. I thought I was going to cry starting from half way through Ripple 20 to the end. So, wow.
Natalie chapter 22 . 12/19/2006

Hot damn.

This was the best fucking story I've ever read ('scuz the expletive, i normally don't curse, but I justcan't find another adjective that has the same "oomph"). I could probably write 10 pages single spaced enumerating all the things that were just "wow"! Gosh. Where to start? The characterization of all the characters was just...spectacular. I *really* liked it. I mean, honestly, its the best I've seen-and not just of Naruto fanfiction. I don't know how to describe it, but you really captured the *way* things fit together in the Naruto universe. I think you really got down the dynamics of the interpersonal relationships and managed to show how each character had his/her own problems and way of thinking. What was really well done was how each character seemed to realize and accept that they couldn't change the other's mind-Sasuke would never believe he had done anything wrong by going to Orochimaru, and would never look at Konoha as a home; Naruto would never be able to totally come to grips with this, while Sakura and Kakashi could. And Sasuke's and Sakura's loyally to Naruto made it inevitable that they would go as far as becoming missing-nin to save his life-a fitting end that Naruto should be the central piece. The third- and second-to-last line really highlighted this: "Even if the actions were mended, the intentions lingered. Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto seemed to have learned that from him, at least, though he still wished they hadn't applied it the way they had."

The Soundnin kids were also a great touch-they really helped embellish Sasuke's character and added a new dimension. I loved that conversation between the kids and Sasuke at night in the tent (and with Kakashi listening in!)-so real. And the way Sasuke flinched when the snake asked if he should kill Ichiro; and his use of Orochimaru's voice (and everyone's reaction, kicking him "innocuously" in their sleep-that was funny). I also loved the dynamic between Tayuya and Sasuke (woah...unconventional "couple", huh?)-he's too "sentimental" and she's a "girl". *THAT* added flavor to Sasuke's stay at Orochimaru, and actually, seemed totally plausible. It was a little scary actually how *right* everything seemed. I mean, did you manage to get the manuscript from Kishimoto or something, but I think that if whatever ends up happening in the anime doesn't follow your plotline I won't know what to do, because i just can't imagine it turning out another way. I mean, the pairings in the last chapter weren't offensive to me at all. Honestly. I would never put Hinata and Sasuke together just like that (the first time I saw a SasuHina banner I sort of...blinked) but it didn't bother me because the circumstances made it plausible. Hinata is a content character, who in your story willingly gave up her life in the clan to help Naruto and then bore Sasuke a heir, all so selflessly. The fact that Sasuke and her were addressing each other formally indicates their deep respect for each other (as well as the true nature of their relationship), as did Sasuke's blush when he told Kakashi who named their child. The arrangement just seemed typical. And Rock Lee and Sakura actually fit-not that I'm a big fan either, but it seemed strongly appropriate that after Sakura matured and grew out of her childish love for Sasuke that she would turn to him-a mark of her growing up, so to speak. Since I'm just throwing random comments at you (making up for all the chapters I didn't comment on, heh) I guess I'll admit that I also fell head-over-heels in love with Kyomamushi (geez, what is *wrong* with me?)-the snakes so beat the frogs and dogs, haha.

The side conversations between a couple of the characters was really eye-opening and added so much dimension to the story. Like Naruto's fretful despair as he told Sakura that Sasuke almost committed suicide after Orochimaru told him he couldn't kill Itachi by himself. Sakura's resigned acceptance that life wouldn't be worth living for Sasuke if he couldn't kill Itachi reflected her increased maturity but also highlighted Naruto's pain and inability to totally understand/accept Sasuke's position. That's just one example, of course. But it really revealed the dynamic of the group. Throughout your story I felt like I was examining a prism of which you inspected every facet. Your writing style only augmented this subtle introspection into this world of characters, as you never really said things straight out, but hinted at (actually I'm going to have to reread this to catch all of them since I didn't quite get the hang of it at first *scratches head sheepishly*) whether your hints were only noticeable by a keen eye or like a punch in the face. In this sense, your sparse writing really made your deep insight have a sharp and incisive revelatory impact. I think the portrayal of Kakashi's thoughts was particularly benefited by this (honestly, I think out of all the Kakashi's I've read in fanfiction, yours is by far the most believable and tangible-not to mention complex).

I guess all this can be summed up as this: show, don't tell. Throughout your story, you really let action be the main source of dialogue with the reader; and whatever dialogue there was, it was admittedly abrupt, but potent. Truly every word mattered. And I loved that. It's perhaps why I will be able to enjoy this story better the second time round I read this, because instead of slowly losing my initial ardor, I know I'll notice even more things I failed to glean the first time through. All in all, the plot was astounding, and your writing really squeezed every last drop of meaning from every plotline so that each episode was not just a way from point "A" to point "B". I commend you for both your imagination and talent.

Oh, and if you ever decide to write a sequel... *grins* Well, just keep writing, anyhow. I'm keeping track of you ;) .
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