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Reject From The Back Of The Bus chapter 19 . 8/23/2005

This is

I can't believe you haven't updated yet. This is an awesome story, totally attention-grabbing.

This is one of the best fanfics I have ever read. It's like I'm reading a book, the actions and fighting and such are so realistic.

momo chapter 19 . 8/17/2005
i want to read more. now. so update soon. and...i really really really REALLY like this story! the wording is great. and you have such good spelling! please update soon! i'll give you a cookie. hm? how bout' that huh? a cookie? i give you a 9 out of 10. make it a little more funny or try to. i like funny stories. UPDATE SOON!
Sanjuno Shori Niko chapter 19 . 8/14/2005
heehee! neat, Sasuke with glasses! *loves* more please? - mew!
Ellyrianna chapter 19 . 8/12/2005
When I read fanfictions, a lot of times I skip to the parts that interest me, missing whole chapters at a time. However, I just couldn't bring myself to do that with "Ripple Effect" - I love it so much, and I read every single chapter completely, from the first word to the last. This is excellent writing and a great story. Please continue writing this; it has to be one of my favorites that I've ever read, in any fandom, on this site. I also hardly ever submit reviews - a story has to be very, very good for me to feel like writing one. I hope you don't abandon this.
sylver rain chapter 19 . 8/7/2005
Before I launch into the review itself, there are just a few things I need to clear up. Ok, there are more than a few things. Patience is greatly needed. My apologies.

In chapter 11, where Naruto finds out how Sasuke got the Mangekyou Sharingan, is Naruto happy or sad? I mean, I thought he could be happy that Sasuke ‘lied’ to himself by deceiving the sharingan into thinking that Naruto couldn’t have made it out alive from the soundnins, so he could get the mangekyou without killing his best friend. And then I thought about how Naruto could have been sad because he felt that Sasuke only made friends with him so that he can kill Naruto and get the mangekyou. I read on:

[Naruto stared wide-eyed at the bathroom door as things sunk in.

A minute later he shoved away from the table, and went to the kitchen to wash the blood off his hand. He ran the water much longer than necessary—the wound in his shoulder had already healed by the time he shut it off.

Sasuke stayed in the bathroom until Sakura and Lee returned.]

And I couldn’t quite tell if Naruto was sad or happy so I came to ask you. _


And chapter 14, I didn’t really get the bit about Sasuke not recognizing a spot and the snake knowing something Sasuke hadn’t told him. I read over and over and I still didn’t get it. What the hell was the snake going on about? It’s probably just me lacking the skills to decipher something or maybe me missing out or forgetting some bit of information, but I need clarification or else this fic will be haunting me for a long time. *sigh*


In chapter 16, what exactly was it that Naruto told Sasuke and Hinata and then Sasuke informed Sakura about? I have a vague idea, but am really not too sure.


And chapter 18,

[Sasuke took a step back, fists still clenched, shaking slightly. "Everything, it's either meaningless or a disappointment to you! If-what was the point!" he demanded, staring at him. "Everything that-what the hell was the point? I would have killed h-and I left them with those bastards to be-"]

What did Sasuke mean? What was the point of what? He could have killed who? And he left who with who to be what? Yes yes, I know I’m slow, dumb, whatever… T_T


M.. am I the only reader giving you this much problems? Yes I think I am. So sorry.


["I wasn't paying attention!" Naruto replied. "It was a street, pretty far from the gate. The one with the buildings." He glanced over at Sasuke. "You know what I mean, right?"

"The one with the windows in the buildings," Sasuke said dryly.]

Omg, that cracked me up SO much. I was laughing for a good five minutes and even thinking about it now makes me laugh.


[Naruto didn't seem to notice the people staring at them, Sasuke had some kind of genetic cool gene-which Sakura really wanted-that let him stroll down the sidewalk as if it was perfectly normal to be sopping wet in early November…]

Yes, the genetic cool gene. I really want it too.


Meh… There were a LOT more favs but I really can’t be bothered going back over the chapters and finding all of them. And even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to fit them all into this already-long review and taking up all that space on your reviews page.

the review itself

Where do I begin? I loved this fic so much, and my review may end up all over the place cuz I’m just too overwhelmed to categorize my thoughts. But I’ll try.

The usual English stuff: grammar, punctuation, spelling, paragraphing, etc. are great and I have nothing bad to say about them. Mistakes are down to a minimum – so miniscule that if I can’t remember any, which I can’t, they have GOT to be insignificant. For all you know, you may not have had any mistakes at all.

On the account of vocab, I’d suggest you never change your style. You’re certainly not lacking in it, and you’re also not one of those types that have pretty words in every paragraph, and so that makes the fic easier for the eyes and brain. Readers can read at ease and don’t have to worry about not understanding words, and so we can concentrate more on the fic plot.

Ah, plot. The plot may be another one of those “Sasuke returns. What happens?” plots as you had mentioned at the very beginning. But hey, no one’s complaining. And no one’s getting sick of them either. As long as it wasn’t one of those “Naruto and Sasuke are married! Naruto is pregnant! What will Sasuke do? Yaoi, M-preg, etc etc..” Thank God.

Which leads me on to storyline. After reading each chapter, I kept thinking, “Just where the hell is this author pulling all these ideas out from?” And in a good way too. I am markedly impressed by your ability to think up events and how they happen, and you put them all together to nicely that they flow in close to perfectly. Current events, flashbacks, everything. You made it all work out smoothly. The storyline you’ve got is definitely interesting and entertaining – proven by me locking myself up in my room for two days to read ALL of it with NO interruptions. You’ve got it all – excitement, angst, romance, adventure, comedy, everything in one pack and no one can ever say this fic was boring. It’s invigorating how I had to “read beneath the beneath” to find out why a character does something, or why a char did this instead of that which may seem more practical, cuz it always turns out that the chars have a reason for doing whatever they did.

Now on to characterization. You portrayed the chars very well, in such a way where it’s believable – like that IS how team 7 would turn out in the anime itself. Naruto is still his lovable goofy yet understanding self, Sasuke his awesomely cool (and hot. I have to add in, HOT) yet cold and detached self, and this is one of the few fics that actually made me LIKE Sakura. I like her a LOT now. And one thing about this fic I absolutely ADORE was the way you got team 7 back together, hanging out, sharing secrets, closer than old times. I’m a very Sasuke/Naruto friendship lover, but you got me mad about team 7 interaction. It gave the fic meaning, made it feel even more worthwhile reading it all, made me feel all warm and fuzzy every time they share a joke…

Which brings me on to the next thing. Dialogue. I LOVED the dialogue. I can hear the chars when they’re cool and calm, apprehensive, nervous, tired, happy, or joking. You got the dialogue coming across very nicely, and I absolutely adored the funny bits. I can just SO imagine the chars saying whatever you made them say and how they said it, just cuz you made it fit them perfectly.

I guess the only hitch I came across was understanding what was going on. Like in the aforementioned bits at the very top of this review, I got very lost sometimes and had no idea what a char was saying. But that doesn’t happen too frequently. All that may even come down to me being an idiot. *shrugs*

So there. This is the longest review I have EVER written. None of my others ever made it to a third of this length.

*shoves fic into fav stories*
AtheLICE chapter 1 . 8/5/2005
I'm sorry that I've haven't review any of your chapters yet (even though I've been following this story religiously for months). I have to say that it's one of the most indepth and insightful long fic's I've read in the Naruto fandom. I can't even began to list what I love about this series, there's just way too much. You make Naruto even more enjoyable! Thank you.
EfrainMan chapter 19 . 8/2/2005
That was interesting, doing a non-attacking Mangekyou. It was so funny in the end, she was all excited about the toothpaste _ Great update, can't wait for more.
spikemyangel chapter 19 . 7/31/2005
I can not express how much I love this fic! it's so angsty & tragic! Things are so messed up. Naruto’s not completely human anymore – omg – genius. Very evil, but genius nonetheless. All the secrets they’re keeping & suspicions, and evil things on the way. I love it all! I really thought things were going to be ok after the elaborate plot to fix Naruto, I love everything going on with him the best. I love everyone, Sasuke’s mangekyou troubles, I love how you write everyone, all the character interactions are brilliant! I'm still crossing my fingers for a happy ending.
Josh chapter 19 . 7/31/2005
Another excellent chap. The pacing seems to be rushed a little bit but I'll get over it as long as you keep the story going along.
hardcandyvegetto chapter 19 . 7/31/2005
Hm... of course it was a good read as always, but this chapter doesn't have the same sense of pacing as the others. Dialouge seems to overshadow narrative at times, making it seem a bit rushed to me.

As for technical issues, you have a spelling error in there that broke my suspension of disbelief pretty badly. Although, I didn't get the same sense of falling into the chapter as I got with the others for the previous reasons.

Still one of my favorite stories, but be wary of your pacing. I usually reread several chapters back when I write a new one and when I proofread. It takes time, but you get back into your pace for the new one. That's how I read this story too. I got back a chapter or two and read that including the newest edition. That's how I noticed. Great job though. I look forward to more.
ShaJen chapter 19 . 7/30/2005
Sha here! Question! Why is this chapter called Itachi if Itachi himself was nowhere in the chapter? And what exactly were Sakura and Sasuke talking about when they were in the shrine basement? That confused me a little. I like how you had Sasuke figure out that Naruto and Kakashi had snuck in and found the cure. It was funny!


Destiny1029 chapter 19 . 7/30/2005
*giggles* I liked this chapter alot _ keep it up!
Patty chapter 19 . 7/30/2005
Incredible. The complexity and thoughtful details in every chapter just blow my mind. Just incredible.
Kaoru Wolf chapter 19 . 7/30/2005
*holds back squeal of delight* I was waiting with bated breath for the next chapter. You easily tie with Saro for first place out of my very favorite Naruto authors.

And I've never really liked Sakura and Lee being paired together, but you pull it off really well. In fact, it's probably the only time I've ever started reading any such fiction and didn't run screaming from the room.

But its very nicely done. You've got great characterization, especially for Kakashi and Sasuke who tend to be the hardest to get in character. This chapter was full of those little introspective, personal moments that make every fangirl sigh happily. And since writing those kind of scenes can be like pulling teeth, I'm quite impressed. Nothing felt rushed or bare, and everything flowed nicely.

It's hard to name a single favorite scene, but the mangekyou scene really appealed to me. Perfect technique.
WolfPilot06 chapter 19 . 7/29/2005
It's really hard for me to gather enough coherency to tell you just what it is I love about this fic.

Firstly, the characterizations, as always.

Secondly, the interactions. Oh, the interactions. Sakura - she's matured so much, and everything else is just so realistic and matter-of-fact. Sometimes, it's a little confusing to follow their lines of thoughts, but in this chapter - so many things got explained. It made *sense*.

Thirdly, the pain. Oh, the pain. I don't know, but somehow you manage to convey each characters' discomfort and hidden anguishes so very well.

So very, very, very good. I anxiously await your next chapter, as it promises to be just as good - if not better - than every previous one.

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