Reviews for For the Love of the Lord of the White Tree
Faragand chapter 42 . 7/28
I cried wile reading this chapter. I can't believe how empty my heart felt.
Ammodytus chapter 42 . 7/13
Thank you for this story. It brought me to tears many times, including at the very ending (how could it not?).

I wish I had more words to say, but, as it happened when I first read LOTR, it takes me a while to process all that I have gone through while reading it. Rest assured that I will hold it dear in my heart (and hopefully be able to come back to it) in years to come.
Ammodytus chapter 41 . 7/13
Goddamn you had to go and scare us like that? At least I had the tissues ready (and Aragorn had Legolas' shoulder). Feels.
Ammodytus chapter 40 . 7/13
Ammodytus chapter 36 . 7/13
Damn you, Legolas. Don't do this to me. ;_;
Ammodytus chapter 35 . 7/13
Aragorn, my poor bb. ;_;
Ammodytus chapter 34 . 7/13
No, I do not accept this. :/
Ammodytus chapter 32 . 7/13
What did they do to Legolas, though?
Ammodytus chapter 31 . 7/13
Ai, Valar, stop torturing meeeeee.
Ammodytus chapter 28 . 7/13
Noooooo. All my fucking feels.
Ammodytus chapter 27 . 7/13
Holy fucking shit, he remembered Aragorn.

I can't stop reading this fic.
Ammodytus chapter 24 . 7/13
"What needs to be done and said, should be, in any situation."

That was profound.
Ammodytus chapter 16 . 7/13
OMG Strider os back! \o/

A nice journey on his own should be good for his mind.
Someonecallhere chapter 43 . 6/11
Thank you so much for this wonderful story. It was beautifully done. I love how you styled this story after Tolkien's voice. I was unable to finish it in one sitting and it was a long day until I could come home and finish it.
There aren't many Middle Earth fanfics that I actually enjoy, most are unable to reach Tolkien's storytelling, but this was enjoyable and well-crafted. I loved your dialogue and descriptions and hope you've continued writing (I am also very glad I found it after completion. While it would've been fun to wait for updates, I probably would've torn my hair out waiting.).
Thank you!
Mia chapter 3 . 5/30
Yeah, meat and and animal cruelty are very disgusting. I bet tolkien elves didn't eat them. They were so evolved. Dairy and the rest makes me puke as well
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