Reviews for A Time of Mourning
ApprenticeMagic chapter 4 . 3/28/2014
You said that her shield arm had grown cold, but the shield arm was the one broken. She used her sword arm to stab the Witch-King.
Aurora Marija chapter 5 . 1/6/2013
Wow. Best LOTR story I've ever seen on here. This was so perfect.
The ending was so abrupt though, I wasn't totally sure at first that the story was complete.
eva chapter 5 . 5/3/2008
This story is sad sometimes but truly sweet. How I love to see Eowyn's return and their wedding! Are there going to be more chapters? I do hope so!
animepotter chapter 5 . 1/3/2008
Why aren't you updating girl? this is one of the best Faramir/Eowyn stories ive read, in a long time! this aint fair!
Elizabethiscool chapter 5 . 6/29/2007
this is extraordinarily well-written! I cannot wait for the next update!
Violin Ghost chapter 5 . 6/16/2007
A lovely, well-written, enjoyable story that captured my interest and held it. Congratulations on finishing it! :)

I'm definitely looking forward to more of your LotR stories.

Violin Ghost
Sarahbarr17 chapter 5 . 6/13/2007
Good to see this chapter posted at last! And a happy ending...

Will there be any more?

Very well written!

Sarah x
JoJo4 chapter 5 . 6/11/2007
Sorry folks! I updated this by accident while trying to update another story. :(
Meraculas chapter 1 . 5/15/2005
I can't wait to read the story further. It is really good.
akanekai chapter 5 . 5/2/2005
Great chapter! I love all of the conflict :)lol. Keep up the good work.

Tracey chapter 5 . 4/25/2005
My train of thought went something like this:

- Wow, that conversation/argument between Eowyn and Faramir is a prime example of the stereotypical differences between men and women. Eowyn was looking for an emotional out and some comfort, or so I interpreted it, among other things, and instead Faramir (playing 'the fixer' or 'the professor') provided sensible words where a familiar and comfortable embrace might have done better.

- Then, I thought about how great a contrast was created between that encounter and the one Lotheriel and Eomer had. Another instance where emotions were running strong but with different variables and something of an understanding as the outcome. In that case, Eomer making sense of Lotheriel's words/request and his subsequent action was probably the correct course.

- And now, I'm thinking about how I should be catching some z's instead of analyzing the dynamics of cross-gender relationships.

You probably didn't think someone would go off about all the, did you?

Liked the chapter, by the way. :D
JoJo4 chapter 1 . 4/25/2005
No, I'm planning to write more. :) I've got one story in the works for a challenge, and another story going that I've been co-authoring with someone else. I don't know what happened to my co-author, though...but it was almost done when she disappeared. More or less.

Anyway, sorry for this insert. I hate posting in the reviews to my own stories. I feel like I'm trying to toot my own horn. Hee hee.
lindahoyland chapter 5 . 4/24/2005
Beautifully written, i hope this will not be your last LOTR story !I feel so sorry for both Faramir and Eowyn.
Crimson chapter 5 . 4/24/2005
Hey, great story! Wonderful work here, especially in this last chapter.
AM chapter 5 . 4/24/2005
Thank you for a very enjoyable story.
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