Reviews for Cherry Blossom
phanpiggy chapter 1 . 11/12/2010
You probably weren't expecting to receive any more reviews for this story since it is over five years old... Well, I just read it, and I must say, I found this story so captivating and moving. I felt lost in the story while reading it; everything was so well-described and the imagery was gorgeous. The line, "a waterfall of pink and white petals danced in the air like a delicate lace veil", is sooo beautiful. I swear, that's like one of the top ten most beautiful lines I've ever heard, and I read a lot... Really great fanfic, certainly one of the best I've read and for sure the BEST one-shot I've ever read. Great Work!
Harlequin Sequins chapter 1 . 4/30/2008
I very much like your portrayal of Erik, and your OC is refreshingly original.

I especially loved the conflict of unfamiliarity with herself!

Very good job. :)

This is definitely going into my favorites.
Morogth chapter 1 . 2/24/2005
I'm probably not in the best state to write a truly constructive review, so my profuse apologies to the author if I offend in any way (I've 'ad a bit o' tipple, y' see...)

It's been some time since I forced myself to read a story on the internet, as I generally find the printed page more easily digestible to my mind. However, given that the author just called me and asked me to read it, it would be remiss of me to ignore her invitation. And so to my initial appraisal...

The most striking thing for me is the fact that it's actually quite educational. Having next to no knowledge of the world of the geisha at all, I found your knowledge of the subject very useful in painting a clearer picture of Kiyuti and her lifestyle. Of particular interest is the conflict, however subtly implied, between the geisha Kiyuti and the girl Samiho; the way Erik manages to pass the psyche of the former and ingratiate himself upon the latter, however unwittingly, is a point that should be explored further. That he should be able, almost effortlessly, to coerce a geisha to forego her required role in favour of her true desires makes for compelling reading.

Erik's ease at weeping is some cause for concern, as has been previously observed. I personally would not have him shed tears so readily. Though my knowledge of the Phantom is nowhere near as expansive as your own (indeed, I think only Leroux, Kay and Webber could hope to rival you at times), I don't see Erik as being so readily expressive of his emotions, and certainly not to so visible a degree as to weep.

Of further note is Samiho's reaction to the unveiling of Erik. In almost every interpretation of the Phantom his face has been so hideous, so utterly unbearable to behold, that for anyone to be able to withstand it so easily seems unthinkable. This in fact is the Phantom's curse, since the face, so distorted, is the thing that prevents the world from seeing the genius within; the artist yearning for release, but prevented from receiving it by his own visage. That Samiho should be able to receive it so relatively easily seems impossible. On the other hand, I have no idea just how well a geisha is trained. This then, seems to form the essence of the story. But rather than have her accept it as easily as she seems to have done, it might have been more appropo to explore her feelings before and after the unveiling.

I hope my analysis does not offend at all. My intention was solely to offer an appraisal of the story based on my own point of view. Despite my - in truth - minor misgivings, I thought the tale to be a thoroughly enjoyable read, and one which I personally would love to see explored further.
a cappella chapter 1 . 1/27/2005
I really like this. Totally different idea.

bellelethe chapter 1 . 1/26/2005
The title of your story caught my eye, but the story itself captivated me so that I was actually late for work because I could not tear myself away from it. I love your characterization and the progression of events was so perfectly natural nothing seemed out of synch with Erik's nature. Your knowledge of the Geisha and Japan made the story that much more enjoyable to read. You should have many more reviews than you do, and while I'd certainly love to see this continued, it could easily end where you left it. C'est parfait!
The Critic chapter 1 . 1/25/2005
First off, I believe this story is written well, it's better than the vast majority of fanfics out there. The Japanese setting also brings a new take on POTO. Very nice. But when Samiho sees Erik's face, her reaction just doesn't jive. Everyone freaks out when they see Erik's face. So maybe you could give us more background info on Samiho that would explain why she doesn't become afraid.
Pirate Perian chapter 1 . 1/24/2005
Interesting story! I like how you've included so many details about the Geisha lifestyle, and I'm eager to hear more. I'm not sure I like how easily Erik weeps in front of her, though I'll give you the benefit of the doubt where that part is concerned, since it fits in nicely with your story.

The only thing I have a question about is: HAD she imagined that his face might be scarred? You never say so until he actually removes his mask. It might be helpful to indicate earlier in the story that she has an idea as to why he wears it; otherwise her complacence at the sight of his face seems a little strange. Just a tiny thing, though, that. Otherwise, I enjoyed the story very much and hope you update soon.
Rowin chapter 1 . 1/24/2005
Wow, this was excellent. Please write more. THIS IS GOOD.
Doomed Delight chapter 1 . 1/24/2005
This is rather good. I like you're OC more so then others. Intersting cultra cross.
PiccoloFrivolous chapter 1 . 1/24/2005
Hola! I'm not sure if this was a one-shot, but whatever, I'll give ya some constructive critique:

-You probably could have broken this 1 chapter into three, or even four.

-Rethink your capitalization (Older Sister, Geisha, Very Rich)

Good portrayal of Erik.