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Sir Casey of the Lea chapter 3 . 12/26/2016
I love how oblivious Van Helsing is. I think it's very in-character.
emily chapter 4 . 8/24/2013
I love this story too. Please update soon.
Liveforthemoments chapter 4 . 7/30/2007
Very cute. Tiny bit ooc, but sweet nonetheless
gussiegal5 chapter 4 . 5/10/2006
update please im enjoying this story very much
Mystery Reviewer chapter 4 . 11/28/2005
Wow, that 2nd chapter had me reeling with the great details! I'd like some more of that! Great story, please continue.
Jasmine chapter 4 . 5/21/2005
You know. I'm not usually a big fan of SLASH but this one was really really good. please continue. oh and add me to msn messenger if u so feel like it.

None99 chapter 4 . 2/8/2005
Carl looked at his lover’s bare, well-muscled chest and handsome face and said “Well, this is certainly an improvement over my usual mornings. I could get to like mornings if they are all like this”. (So could we all!)

Van Helsing looked down at Carl with a tenderness most members of the Order would have said he was incapable of feeling. His time in the Order had been full of darkness and isolation. When he had been found on the steps of the Vatican, he had been lost and hurt. Knowing nothing about who he was or where he had come from, he had allowed himself to be maneuvered into becoming a Hunter for the Church. After all, what else would he do? (so very sad and so very well done! My emotions are twanging very nicely now. And good point to say that he was 'manuvered' into becoming a hunter. Again, he's made emotionally accessible here b/c we've all be manuvered at sometime or other)

Once again, Carl began firing off questions, only this time he didn’t stop to wait for the answers. Finally Van Helsing clapped a hand over Carl’s mouth and said “Slow down.” (I love this whole paragraph, but most especially this line. I envy your ability to portray their relationship so well with so little verbage. I have a good clear picture now and would, even if I hadn't seen the movie.)

That had been the beginning of their friendship and over time it had only deepened. For all of Carl’s smug demeanor, he was surprisingly shy and used the annoying mask to hide a gentle, caring heart. (Again, a wonderful economical description that makes for instant empathy)

The last paragraph was extraordinarily sweet. You have such a gift for writing characters that are easy to empathize with. If I had read none of your other works or chapters, this one could stand alone to introduce the characters and to make me want more. Yes, Yes, Yes, I will very definitely stick with you on this story with the greatest of pleasure!
Nikoru Sanzo chapter 4 . 2/7/2005
Aw! Don't you just love morning scenes? _

I was particularly delighted with your take on how they first met. They were very much IC and I was practically laughing my evil head off at the mental picture of a dizzy Van Helsing as Carl chatted and asked questions ad infinitum. Hehe. XD

He radiated a smug air and impatiently looked at the Hunter. Van Helsing knew he was waiting for praise and couldn’t help but tease the Friar by withholding it.

If that isn't outright UST...! (sniggers) It reminded me of that scene in the movie where Gabriel was teasing Carl and holding that "magma-thingie" just out of the friar's reach. Aw!

Carl provided a soothing balm for his soul as he always took the time to really listen

Ah, more than enough Warmth to go with a lunch of cold rice and leftover meat rolls. ThankYouThankYouThankYou! _

...and his tendency to fuss was enjoyable (not that Van Helsing would ever admit that of course).

Thank you so much for that Domestic Bliss concept. Gives one a very warm and fuzzy feeling. _

He needed a reason to go on and Carl waiting for him back at the Vatican had always spurned him to be a little more careful during his missions.

Though the "homecoming" theme has been expounded a number of times in Gabriel/Carl fics, it never loses its charm. Good work on this one! D

He thought himself too broken, too tainted to be loved. It had seemed miracle enough that Carl had befriended him. To want more would have seemed to have been tempting Fate but here they were.

Yep, even though Gabriel wasn't one to indulge in self- depreciation, it was a rather pleasant surprise to find him somehow mirroring Carl's own sentiments.

Carl loved him despite it all. Van Helsing swore to himself that he would do everything within his power to be worthy of the gift of Carl’s love.

Yay(!) And we will be waiting for more of this! I'm cheering ye on! D
Balance of Opposites chapter 3 . 1/26/2005
Can't wait for the next chapter. Hope you decide to post soon.
Balance of Opposites chapter 2 . 1/26/2005
I really do like this story, it's cute and I feel bad for both Van and Carl. Shall keep reading.
Balance of Opposites chapter 1 . 1/26/2005
I love this...poor Carl...hopefully he'll get his man
Nikoru Sanzo chapter 3 . 1/25/2005
Must... cease the unrelenting squeeing... must write... coherent review!

...realized that his usual habit of sleeping in the nude would probably make Carl uncomfortable. As a compromise, he left his underwear on and crawled into bed.

I thought all good hunters slept in full battle gear just in case... therefore, we have come to the conclusion that Gabriel is just so good at his job that a pair of boxers in his hands is just as deadly as... wait... that sounds "wrong"... other words... I LOVED that sweet little detail! Squee! XD XD XD

...Sometimes it seemed like Carl was standing far too close to him and touching him more then before. If it was anyone other than Carl, he might have thought he was flirting with him, but Carl was a friar, so of course it couldn’t be that...

Oh! Hunter in Denial! But he's not so clueless after all! Hope, be Ye abundant! D

...he might as well indulge himself. After all, how often could he look to his heart’s content?

Yay(!) for the Needy Opportunistic Friar! I'm cheering him on! XD

Great job on the part where Carl was watching and touching Gabriel as the latter "slept". Those were very tender moments and I was squealing when I read that Gabriel was assessing his own reactions to Carl's touches. D

“Carl, please look at me”

Major Swooning Alert! This spoke volumes of Gabreil/Carl relationship development! I could turn this phrase over & over in my head and be delighted with the possibilities! D

...That you have no interest in ugly, old me.”

Aw! I have this big urge to hug poor Carl! I can picture him fighting his tears as he said this. (sniffs)

“Carl, stop this. You are not ugly.

Yay(!) for the first step in reassurance! D

How could he have missed the signs so completely?

Because...! (whaps the Hunter)

he realized he had to do something to make Carl understand. He shifted his body to more firmly pin Carl down and tried to think of what to say to fix this misunderstanding between them.

Squee! You know, he could've just touched Carl's shoulder or grasped his arm firmly.. but no! He just had to *pin* him down... more firmly! Yay(!)for Uncontrollable Squeeing! D

How had he never noticed just how enticing Carl’s lips were?

And here we have the Divine Lower Lip again! You're truly out to torture Wenham Fans, yes? _

Carl’s lips were red and kiss swollen and desire stabbed through him even harder.

A creature would have to be a complete orc not to be swept away by that! P

Carl had been hiding a gorgeous body beneath those ugly robes

*SOMEONE* has been watching BTS... heeheehee! XD

Thanks for the Hugs (and the Nosebleeds _)! I'm still cheering you on! D

Looking forward to more! Thank heavens for the hope-inducing "TBC"! D
Nikoru Sanzo chapter 2 . 1/25/2005
Allow me a moment's respite from all the squeeing. Hehe! P

...Carl was going to shoot him with one of the many weapons he had made for Van Helsing over the years.

Here, Carl. You might need this. (hands over Cupid's Bow & Arrows before whapping the clueless Hunter)

...and Van Helsing almost lost his life when he said to Carl ...

You just gotta love these little comedic phrases. Beware the Friar! XD

...he completely missed the baffled and hurt look that crossed the Hunter’s face. But even if he had, he probably wouldn’t have cared. The man was driving him crazy!...

Is it just me, or do your Clueless Van Helsing Moments(TM) remind me of that part in London Assignment where Carl kicks this big guy and huffs,"Men! They're all the SAME!" Oh! The tragedy! XD XD XD

...“Don’t be ridiculous, Carl. The bed is plenty big enough ...

Oh why, oh why am I getting nosebleeds over this? (giggles wickedly before whapping Gabriel for tormenting Carl)

...We can’t all be handsome, manly Hunters. Some of us are just ordinary friars.

Nikoru Sanzo's blooper(Sorry! Can't resist!): "We can't all be handsome, manly Hunters. Some of us are just gorgeous Gondorian Rangers and (swoons before the thought was finished)..."

I love Carl's slip in this one. I really feel for the poor friar (sniffs)!

...“Stop examining me and help me bring the supplies in."

I agree! Van Helsing should stop examining and start *leering* at him! XP Poor o'l Carl putting up a brave front!

... Van Helsing seemed afraid of saying something that would set Carl off and Carl was too lost in his dread of bedtime to make his usual chatter.

Loved these particular insights! I also loved the irony of Carl actually dreading bedtime. XD

The dinnertime scene was a nice touch. Gabriel/Carl is a delightfully domestic pairing and I'm always thrilled whenever the idea is expounded. Good job! I'm off to the next chappie! D
SilentShadow007 chapter 3 . 1/24/2005
*purrs* I like, I like. _
Nikoru Sanzo chapter 1 . 1/24/2005
Squee! I'm getting interesting equations just by reading the word "LIMITS" in the title! (giggles) way would be to wrestle Van Helsing to ground and ravage him

Whe! Thanks to you, I now have a favorite word-RAVAGE! Carl is one needy friar! XD

“...Must you always fling yourself around my work area? ...”

I agree! (whaps Gabriel) Can't you just fling yourself at Carl instead?

I loved the parts where Carl felt bad about his looking a bit shabby while Gabriel's described as being too "magnificent". The tensions brought about by this insecurity demand interesting "resolutions", yes? (winks)

Carl groaned – why did Van Helsing have to say the words he always wanted to hear in exactly the wrong way? It was so unfair!

(sniffs) I do feel for the poor friar! Very well done with this! And the fact that this sentiment gets repeated where -ehem- appropriate (i.e. when Gabriel was "helping" Carl get into bed)is just so wicked! Squee!

Okay, I'm off to the next chappie! D
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