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PsyKnight chapter 5 . 5/31/2007
Intriguing. I hope you continue soon.
Elirrina chapter 2 . 3/27/2007
Logan and Remy! Hurrah! Of course, now you know you NEED to bring Rogue in, don't you? Her interaction with Remy is just too good to miss, even in 1609!
Taichi Yagami Kamiya chapter 1 . 8/14/2006
This is great. I'm really enjoying reading through the whole thing, so much I have it saved to my PC. I can't wait to see the next chapters. As for character appearances...

Some of Spidey's villains, like Doc Ock, Venom, the Green Goblin...y'know.

Some of the 1602 characters not featured here; Lord Iron (Iron Man), Jonah Jameson (J), Captain Foggy, etc. Oh, and a revival of Jean Grey as the Pheonix seems obvious.

Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy would be nice, but since Pete's already married I guess that's out of the question. But Aunt May or Harry Osborn would be good.

Spider-Man-I want Peter to use his powers. But that's up to you, too.

Anyway, this story might as well be by Gaiman fact, I think you are Gaiman!
Witchbreed chapter 5 . 2/1/2006
I know this sounds crazy,but can you try to include Rachel Summers?Just imagine the X-MEN's reaction to that,huh? Just try; it might be fun.
Marching Madly Onward chapter 1 . 11/13/2005
I'm terribly interested in this story. I loved the novelty and execution of the 1602 story line and you've been able to continue it in fine form.
Sanjuno Shori Niko chapter 5 . 11/7/2005
Huh. Cool story. I like it. Please write more soon! _
Ludi chapter 1 . 10/15/2005
Hey jadesfire, long time no speak, I hope you continue to write this soon, I've really been hankering for some more!

Take care!

-Ludi x
Captain Kobold chapter 5 . 7/12/2005
Damn. Are you trying to restart the Silver Age all by yourself? What next, freaking Avengers?

Seriously though, this is turning into a bang-up read, with plausible camoes. If the Braddocks(excalibur, right?) are going to serve as the protectors of Jamestown, then the stage is set for a knock-down drag-out fight of humdinger proportions...
Spooky Electric chapter 1 . 6/11/2005
Parvaneh chapter 4 . 6/11/2005
Wow. Your writing is amazing. You capture images very well. I'm loving the story, too. I'm really just hoping there's no Remy/Ororo in this. I really am not a fan of that pairing. I'd love to see some Rogue in here somewhere, too. But really, as long as it's not R/O I'm happy.

I love how you manage to capture the tone of each character in such a different setting. And is Scotius really a name from the 1600s?
kitsuK8 chapter 5 . 5/25/2005
ah this story has me hooked! at first im like...ehh..then remy and logan and all the others started appearing and im like hell yea! hahha o i really really like this story...hopeful to see some ROMY but doesnt really matter long as i see rems! hehe cant wait till the next update!

Ludi chapter 5 . 5/25/2005
Short but sweet. I think that's the way this last introduction needed to be in order not to tax the reader too much. Not that I'm complaining about the big roster of characters really, I'm just speaking objectively here. but it does help. :) So our new lady is a red-haid, huh? And what's this about "fiery trials"? Or am I reading too much into this? ;) I do so love a bit of suspense and you add oodles of it in simply with guessing who the new characters are! Lol.

Continued strong writing. I do like your descriptions of being at sea - you really do capture the claustrophobic and taxing atmosphere perfectly. It's as if you really know what it feels like, which is an excellent trait. :) I'm hoping we can get down to some more plot development now that all the characters have been introduced - plus more of Remus! ;D I'm quite intrigued as to how you're going to add Rogue in, whether she's going to be solo or not. I guess I'm goign to have to find out though.

And thanks for the review! I just got it. :) I agree on the melodrama bit...when I read that story now, I cringe. I'm glad you like it so far though, although I don't know whether your opinions might change by the end...:/ Anyway, the less said the better! I hope you keep up this crazy updating scheme! You're quite putting me to shame! :p Never mind, I'm not complaining. Look forward to reading more soon!

-Ludi x
Minnaloushe chapter 5 . 5/24/2005
Hm... interesting chapter. Short, yes, but good, as always, well-written. So... unless I'm mistaken, which I could be, Natasha and Doom and... whoever the other guy is.. are on their way... oh.. that can only spell trouble. Well, it was a very eerie picture, anyways, wonderfully depicted, of them sitting in the ship silently, with only their breathing... plus Natasha, assuming that's who it is, what with the red hair and attitude, was really well portrayed in the brief scene... love how they're just holding themselves together by a thread... so'll they be after the Gem of Cyttorax, too? as they're looking for a prize... Thomas and Cain are also slightly creepy and very them, really- loved the part about how Tom's voice should have warned the man, and Cain's, well, basically addiction to the Gem... So this is the last set of people, but you're still planning to introduce Rogue?... confuses me slightly... But, I like the ensemble cast you've got going, though I would like to see focus on a couple more characters- I wanna know how Scotius is holding up, where Angel's hanging out, though I do like how we've been getting to see a lot of Remy;)... Rogue's difficult because at this point, her accent doesn't exist...can't really have Southern sass when there's no south- and Rogue with, say, a Cockney accent would not be the same a all... I'd say the closest approximation is parts of the British Isles- oh, wait, I looked it up, it apparently comes from lower class English accents...huh. Well, anyway, gtg, but great chapter and good luck!
Minnaloushe chapter 3 . 5/20/2005
Hey! New chapter, and you've changed things very nicely! (I had to review here, 'cause I reviewed your last chapter 4) Oh, and I got an 'especially' in your note, so anyway, glad to have helped in anyway at all... I actually own 1602- sadly, the only X-Men comic I do own, I don't know whether you've got access to it or not, but if you ever need to check anythingThis really is fantastically written, and it keeps getting better and better... your characters sound so much like gaiman's... the right mix of the historical touch and the familiar folks we know and love... and quite a cast developing! Man, on rereading, I could have hit myself- Juggernaut, went right over my head! And Black Tom... though he took me a bit longer... see, that's what happens when I read things too late at night, I miss some of your lovely touches... did I mention how much I loved the bit about Johnny Storm? Well, I definitely did... and your Virginia is great. An excellent match for 1602 Peter. Loved her interaction with Remus... who, again, I really like your writing of...quite the charmer, him, even when he's not turning on the charm... but what a cast is building! Yeah! We've got Betsy! and Brian and 'Ro, plus Kitty and Piotr! and an un-evil Bishop and Sage- whose interactions were very good- and yup, Kurt! Very excellent! And we've got Havok and Lorna Dane to boot! And Danielle Moonstar! How long before Scotius is shouting, 'Javier's Men, assemble!'... considering that they're very much assembling! But... no Rogue? *pout* well, she could very well be with Mags... I'll love the story anyways, but I'm crossing my fingers that you don't do a Remy/Ororo pairing... I like them as friends, though, and I'm extremely glad to see Storm, nevertheless... I was always a little sad we only get to see the original X-Men in 1602... so am enjoying your story very, very much... especially since not only are your characters good, but your plot gripping... it's just getting better and better! So, can't wait to see what you do next (but will, of course, be patiently lurking in Internet-land and hoping for a new update- well, not constantly, obviously, but you get the point)so hope to see more soon... (and I sneak in, again, a bid for Rogue to make an appearance)- hope to see more soon!
Ludi chapter 4 . 5/19/2005
As they say - the plot thickens. And I have a feeling it's going to be thickening about 10 times more before we get anywhere! That's good. I don't mind exposition, and I enjoy the build-up of intrigue and of each of the characters' personalities. I must say that your character development is one of the best things about this story so far - there are so many of them, and yet you create a convincing and engaging personality for each. I'm enjoying your portrayal of Tessa. Many people don't like Sage in the comics, but I find her fascinating and I'm looking forward to more from her. I love the way you contrast her with Emma - very effective. Also love the fact that Bishop is, er, a bishop. Or THE Bishop. ;)

So betsy and the others are making an appearance. I have to confess that with all these different parties landing on America I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Also I sensed a little difficulty in writing the action sequences. Not difficulty per se, but your writing seems less enthused. It's not bad - I find action difficult to write anyways - but I think it just needs to feel a little more fluid. Apart from those minor qualms (and a few typos here and there), I found this was a good chapter. It was nice to see Banner back, although I do wonder what purpose he's going to serve later on. Everything seems to be converging slowly but surely - it sets up a good atmosphere of anticipation. I do like my epics, and this already feels very epic. While I do like seeing a big crop of familiar characters, I think that you need to keep a main core of people to focus on, because having too many can be rather bewildering. It's good that you've limited certain groups to certain chapters, but I just feel you need to be careful of deliberating too much on second-tier characters, just to keep consistency and flow up, and confusion down. It's not that I wouldn't love to see cameos abounding, but I'm just suggesting a balance. Anyway, I'll just shut up before I start talking too much. :p

All in all, a strong chapter with some strong narration, and great characterization. I'm really looking forward to reading more. And even after all that stuff about character numbers - will the Phoenix be rising from the ashes? Just out of curiosity, heh heh... ;)
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