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S.W chapter 1 . 11/15/2016
I love it so much! Thanks for writing!
DragonessNehamee chapter 1 . 7/24/2013
Awww such a cute story :)
robin's wife chapter 1 . 12/16/2011
here comes your faithful fan to say... AWSOME
readerchick6 chapter 1 . 3/20/2011
So cute!
just-O chapter 1 . 11/10/2010
So cute, and such a quick read. Loved the part about changing in front of B-man. It reminds me of my younger brother and cousins. I really do wonder when it finally kicks in...Great job.
anakinlove chapter 1 . 6/4/2010
that was so cute. you got the whole nine year old thing just right. i wish my stupid ten year old brother was that cute. he's into politics. freak. anyway, great story.
newsiesgirllaces chapter 1 . 2/6/2010
aw. i loved this one alot.

Princess613 chapter 1 . 8/18/2009
I like your stuff.
Lynn chapter 1 . 12/25/2007
E! *girlyspasm* There should be more Father/son like stories for these two, and the way you wrote this was very...soft? and comical! ()()


Azurexx chapter 1 . 6/9/2007
This was so cute! I loved it! :)
Brittany Brown chapter 1 . 8/21/2006
I love all your stories about Batman. The ones I like most are the ones where he has to try to be a father. They are very funny.I think more Batman stories with Robin should show his more "Fatherly" continue writing these kind of stories.
Josette Choiseul chapter 1 . 7/2/2005
I really enjoyed reading Young Nightmares. I never get tired of kid fics. However, I'd like to offer some constructive criticism.

First off, even on little fics or drabbles, disclaimers are nice little things. Nah, you don't own them, and you don't make money off of them. Just a simple little sentence I think is important.

Then, when you began the story, it was awkward because of phrasing and tense changes.

"Silent night tonight in Gotham City." might sound better just by adding "It was a silent night in Gotham City." Omit the tonight. "In the Batcave underneath [the] Stately Wayne Manor Batman sat (to me it sounds better to have 'sat batman' switched to 'batman sat') at his desk going through some files." Try leaving out the 'some'. The next sentence is one place where the tense got weird. Try saying "It was around 11:30 pm or so and Robin was put to bed a few hours ago."

'It was' instead of 'It's'.

Let me go ahead and interject here that it is most certainly something I never thought of, that Dick might be Robin at 9. Perhaps in the comics or something he was, and if so, alright. But it seems pretty weird that he'd be going out and helping patrol/fight crime at 9 years old. He'd be training? Maybe.

Now that being said, I LOVED the idea of Eleanor riding in the trunk of the batmobile! That was so adorable it had me laughing on the spot, out loud! I got some weird looks from my family.

Continuing on, the Aunt Harriet/Sergeant Alfred thing confused me a little bit. Again, maybe a reference to the comics? I don't know. It was kind of like "Whoa! Hi, there auntie! Where'd you come from? Who are you?" And Alfred was the butler, was he not? Maybe it was a reference to an old fic of yours or something, but it wasn't a big thing, so don't worry about it.

Everything goes pretty well and is very cute from that point [The book and the Chinese vase )], then you got to the actual nightmare.

This is where the Robin being 9 stuff comes in. Batman/Bruce will let him come on patrol, but he doesn't know how to even take care of him? I don't see Batman trusting Robin, or himself to look after Robin, that much. In my own personal views, I don't see Robin even finding out about Batman/the BatCave until he's a bit older.

What I was hoping to find here was a bit more evidence that Batman/Bruce had comforted Dick when he had nightmares, and that they had a bit more of a history as Bruce and Dick, not just Batman and Robin. You made it seem like this was the first time the kid had experienced a nightmare, and that Bruce was totally clueless. And while that was what made it cute, it was entirely...believable. But the overall scene you wanted to create was adorable. "Batman stood[,] hefting Robin up on one hip easily." I got the best image of [Christian Bale as] Batman lifting up a little boy, looking menacing yet protective at the same time.

My last criticism is with Alfred, and it isn't a big one at all.

When Alfred says "Yes, sir. You know, bad dreams. Children have them all the time, sir."

I'm not sure what it was about the line, but it didn't sound like how the real Alfred would have said it. I know Al and Bruce had a really close relationship, but somehow the sarcastic note in it didn't sound at all like what the gentlemanly butler would say. And when Alfred mouthed "Go For It Sir," that didn't sound like him either. But like I said earlier, it isn't big at all. And I did like the "Sir, if I may, it's called a nightmare" line. That DID sound like Alfred.

Despite all the things I pointed out, I really did enjoy reading the fic. I read a couple of times, actually. AND let me compliment you on your summary. It was what drew me in. It actually summarized, unlike many other so called "summaries". And at the end you had "R&R COMPLETED". Thanks again! Simple info that helped a lot.

I hope you find this helpful.
SyntheticEuph0ria chapter 1 . 4/16/2005
AW! so sweet! .
Mina Zummers chapter 1 . 4/2/2005
aw, cute! *g*
Lady Grayson chapter 1 . 3/17/2005
so swet!

It was so beautiful, your history is perfect and It had almost make e cry!

Congratulations, It was BEAUTIFUL!

Lady Grayson
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