Reviews for A Place in the Choir
Faith has quit all fandoms chapter 1 . 4/10/2006
lol, so u took th BF way huh? lol, loved it! and yeah, i think it could have happened...
SilentAngel chapter 1 . 6/9/2005
Great story! Very interesting and the characters are actually in character. I hope you continue with this.
loose chapter 1 . 1/31/2005
Seriously beautiful. I’ve read both this and “One great thing” . I could only hope to find more pieces that resembles this little gems over the net. I loved your Faith immensely. I loved how you showed a new warm and protective side of her. Side I’m sure she always had but was rarely allowed to show. And it’ so hard to find fics that really do her character any justice by truly showing how complex and beautiful she is, managing to capture every facets of her. I truly enjoyed this story setting, it was aching and warm. Those Slayers are pained girls trying to overcome whatever trauma they had to suffer through, the ache was always present during the fic but was lighted up by the warm and safe surrounding that somewhat infused the whole piece with hope. I think, it totally fits Faith’s character to be so passionately adamant to helping damaged Slayers. It’s a really painful and intense choice and it shows her change, her braveness, and it shows that she finally accepted her past and is ready and willing to face it, for to help them she inevitably had to face all that was her life every second of the day, or at last I think so. I love this self assured, mature woman. I love how she still is the exciting character she always was, except now she is channelling her energy into doing something good and noble. I think you wrote her with all the grace and passion her character truly deserve. And her insecurity bolding out and shining as Buffy stepped into the scene was put on evidence even more. It’s engaging the power Buffy’s very presence hold over powerful and strong willed characters, see Angel, or Giles and of course Faith. Your characterization of Buffy was really spot on. I could see her. And feel her. I have no doubt that in such a situation, not being the one and only anymore, and witnessing big important things happening without her help would somewhat sadden her and make her feel lonely and useless. I love Dana. And the way you described her. Her relationship with Faith was achingly beautiful. I love the fact that she was so protective of Faith.

And…the final Fuffy’s turn the fic took in the end? BIG BONUS! I didn’t see it coming. And I am the ultimate Fuffy’shipper! And the way it happened was so surreal and unexpected. It was really original take to have it “revealed” through a third person and just allow the reader to witness the Chosen Two’s emotions playing as the words dropped from Dana’s mouth.

I do truly hope to read a sequel of this one story.
Qihotex chapter 1 . 1/27/2005
An interesting approach. Nice to see Faith as the stable one for a change in a post-Chosen B/F (At least I'm assuming it's headed in that direction). Also nice to see it isn't an instant B/F. Making Buffy work for any sort of relationship with Faith is very appropriate for a realistic B/F fic.

I think Faith is wrong though. Buffy really SHOULDN'T be looked at for relationship advice. She's never been good at it.

Keep up the good work. :-) Thanks for sharing.
rma chapter 1 . 1/27/2005
*Jaw drops* When did the B/F happen? Poor Faith. Now I have to read "One Great Thing”. If you ask me Buffy is "Freaky-Relationship Girl". "Sleeping" with souless dead things?Ew!

Buffy has a lot of rebuilding and growing up to do if you ask me. She needs to rebuild her realtionship with Giles especialy.
Queen Boadicea chapter 1 . 1/27/2005
Well, that was different. But B/F is far more interesting than all that Spuffy.