Reviews for Concurrent Jurisdiction
nathy.faithy chapter 29 . 1/7/2014
OMG this fic was amazing! I love it so very much! 3
I can't wait to read the sequel!
Long Live BRUCAS chapter 29 . 10/12/2011
I just love this story and how you work Tony into(love him my favorite NCIS)

I think this is my favorite DA story I have read so far.

I will have to check out the sequel later on

cant wait to read that.

THAT WAS SO SNEAKING OF Bling hiding in kinda plain sight. He just moved his car and hide in the house. They would never think to look around there especially if the car was gone. Glad they all helped and got the killer and no one was seriously hurt.

Wow Tony knows About Max who is she and what Project Manticore is and even Lydecker. Glad he told Logan and isn't go to do anything about it.

Loved when Tony showed up at Max's work for direction but had to wait. So he made Normal uncomfortable that he let her leave. And Normal called Tony a lunatic. If he only knew how Tony was and want he did for a living. "And take a good look around now, because there will be a restraining order against another visit, in the morning..." Go Tony. He really got to Normal.

Aww they finally got together. I loved them together. they are so cute/sweet.
AnickaMarie chapter 29 . 3/21/2010
Just finished reading this. Thought I'd read it before but after this read through I realized that I must have only read part and didn't finish.

Loved Logan & Tony getting together! You have done a great job of meshing two shows I enjoy. The cousin relationship is a great way to do it. Also, nice job with Max & Logan. They definitely needed your help ;)

Now I'm off to read what you have posted so far of Minimum Contact. Yes, there are still people out here interested in it who will be reading whenever you update :D
Mari chapter 1 . 1/26/2010
Dear CJ,

happy Anniversary!

I still remember when you were first posted and the 28. bounce-causing updates after, most often enjoyed with a not-so-secret-silly grin at library and family computers.

May there be many more stories spreading the goodness of cousins!

(Doing this on 'anonymous' because one day want to do long, rambly reviews of each chapter that falls into my lurking phase )
jen chapter 29 . 1/3/2010
Loved it! Started it this afternoon and read right on through the day :)

Love your Tony - it's a great look at where the character will be in 10 years, and I loved the way you work in his backstory, and create a way for him to know about Manticore.

Max is awesome in this. Seriously kick ass and pretty spot on in her characterization.

And I love the way you took on the gritty details of Logan's injury. I am curious to see if/how you work in his S2 recovery. Here's to hoping there's no virus, though.
Mari83 chapter 15 . 4/5/2009
Sorry for this being pretty random, I had a long review started (ahm… months ago…) and then stupid Word did something strange and inexplicable at some point, garbling and deleting. Of course I should have reviewed this right when you posted, really, really liked it then… so making up a bit for lurking now?

Anyway, this is one of my favorite of yours, impressive and intense on first read and still impressive and not losing any of its real feeling after rereading it quite some times. (And oddly, probably because of my gobbling-reading and liking the car scene so much, at first I kind of missed what a great mood-setter the opening scene is, that quiet, calm, over-aware feeling before going back to every day life

There’s just everything right in here, every moment in itself and how it contributes to the bigger picture… Tony bringing up Max, Logan trying to buy time with the usual excuses can’ts, Tony revealing his knowledge of Manticore, enforcing his point that Logan is exactly what Max needs… It must be the many complex, well-thought levels that gives this the depth, all the things usually affecting their behavior but not openly mentioned now coming up, how they first keep up the pretenses and then to the core…

One thing I like a lot about your stories which seems very strong in here, in the graduate way Tony approaches the conversation is that there always seems to be affection for the characters, not putting them through angst for angst’s sake but somehow in a more quiet, non-sensationalist way as something that needs to be dealt with to move on.

“Logan felt the old ache rise, the familiar thoughts a bit more tender coming from his cousin. “She is, everything you say, but ... we’re ... not like that...” Even the familiar, well practiced words rang hollow to his ears, given the past hours...”

This has so much of the sad wistfulness of the whole conversation (and story and M/L in general), Logan aching with the impossibility, wanting her but forcing himself to think of Max as out of reach, denying himself even daring to hope.

“So what’s stopping you?” Tony demanded. “It’s you, isn’t it? You’re the one who’s shy around her, she spent the evening waiting and watching for you to talk to her...”

I’ve always liked how the story developed into this particular constellation of Max being quietly confident and comfortable, it has a certain sweet, waiting, unspoken tenderness in all the scenes, their cabin-evening.

Logan snorted. “Do I look as if I have much pride left?”

There are tons of scenes in DA fic where Logan finally admits how deep his insecurities really go but this is better (and one of my favorites) because more complex, blurting out unthinking while logical in the flow of their conversation, Logan not quite as guarded with Tony. What I think I like the most and what makes it feel real is how it’s revealing much more than he intended, the to the core-intensity when actually meaning to play it off in a way.

“All of you ... you, Bling ... Max ... mean everything to me.” He drew another breath, still staring ahead, too self-conscious to meet Tony’s gaze. “I do value the trust and...caring... I’ve seen from each one of you. If I ever took it for granted, before, believe me...I haven’t, since ... well, this past year.”

I really like how your Logan has this awareness of himself and his surroundings, relativizing the occasional self-pity and bitterness.

“Well, the age difference...”

Somehow this rarely is a topic in M/L stories (odd, even with different standards for RL and fic, considering it was such a big issue when MW and JA were together).

I think this is more realistic (just because it’s not just year counting but pointing out their difference in life style and interests), Logan taking every opportunity to convince himself of his incompatibility for Max rather than allowing himself to see behind like Tony does. (And Logan over-dramatizing their differences reminds me of that beginning scene of that early one-shot of yours, Logan in the penthouse, melancholic with the thought of Max having fun in Crash:-)

“If you are asking me that, seriously, then you’ve come to the right place ... because I could fill three volumes of ‘how to’ for you and not even make it down to your belly button ... or hers...”

Ah, if there ever was the right moment for Tony being Tony:-)

“She’s a good girl...” he tossed, trying for offhand, remembering that he’d actually said that once before and his attempt at being the cool, older, more serious grown up guy fell flat then, too. It was just that, at the time, Original Cindy hadn’t known him long enough to set him straight as she would have, now.

This was one of the cool hadn’t seen that scene this way before, but yes-moments:-)

“and just like when you fell for that girl at college – what was her name, Marie? You’re scared to death to ask her out, because you’re afraid she’ll say no, and your heart will be broken.”

Oh, this is gives me such a hug-worthy image of younger, vulnerable Logan. Sigh…

“Do what? Love her? Cherish her? Make her happy, amuse her, feed her, comfort her, support her when she’s worried or hurting or afraid or ill?” Tony watched Logan’s face convey the anguish his conflicted emotions caused him, and felt a surge of frustration that Logan could beat himself up so badly that he was making himself his one and only stumbling block for finding happiness with the woman he adored.”

Maybe one of the best things in you cousin-universe is Logan having someone with whom he doesn’t have to be responsible ‘always doing the right thing’-Logan, here can talk through all his reasons and pretenses for not becoming ‘like that’ with Max with someone he trusts and who is so familiar with these very loganish patterns that he can argue against them while taking them serious.

“Here I’d been wondering if I ought to transfer, and this opportunity came up ... and I thought I might, finally, be getting some important cases on my own, too ...”

I can so see this Tony with the eagerness to prove himself eagerness and a certain naiveté. It’s so cool how after being mostly just Tony in DA, Tony’s memories feel so naturally like a look into NCIS, picking up his frustration with his position. (They should start making DA hints in NCIS now that the Pulse is coming close:-)

I really like the subtle, arc-like way this is done, Tony starting to tell this seemingly unrelated story while Logan and us readers know enough to immediately have a suspicion and connect it to Max.

. “And when he told me that the ‘escapees’ were a dozen kids, eight, ten years old ... barefoot ... in nightshirts, for God’s sake...” Tony had barely blinked, didn’t look away ... but he wasn’t there with his cousin anymore, he was back in that frozen Wyoming night, eleven years earlier. “I ... I ordered the teams back”

I know I mentioned before and more than once, but I really like how there’s this bigger context in your stories, the logistics of handling the escape, showing how ordinary people got involved and were confronted with universal questions like opportunism / career reasons vs. morals.

“Gibbs was gone, oh, two, three hours, my desk was packed ... so I went home. He showed up at my house, what, another two hours later, wanting to know where I’d gone and why my desk was cleared out...”

And all this is so Gibbs, letting Tony go even though he disapproves, knowing he can’t communicate his experiences at this point and later on, instead of giving Tony told you so’s, simply looking out for his people and not accepting any wrong mission with his wordless, stubborn almost gruff way. And also it’s like Tony to be so shaken, rather having a childlike softheartedness instead of shrugging it away with cynic opportunism, to want to quit work altogether. (A bit of Logan-ish absoluteness there:-)

“The silence in the car now was shards of glass, steel knives, as Logan’s mouth went dry and he felt panic for the woman he loved. Not his own cousin? A government agent, what would DiNozzo feel he had to do about finding Max? What could he offer to make Tony keep her secret? In cold, black dread he asked, “Tony ... what are you going to do now?”

It’s that unquestioned trust in the cousin relationship that makes this sense of dread and insecurity and the shock of somebody else knowing about Max even more intense. All great on its own, but even better in the way it mirrors Max’s reaction in Minimum contacts, when even Logan doubts Tony for a moment, seeing him in his double role of relative and agent.

Another great thing is how Tony is so wrapped up in telling his story and so unthinking in his compassion for Max that he didn’t even think of Logan fearing him to be a threat for Max.

Okay, end of rambling but I still have a serious weakness for this chapter. With the intensity and the topics of their talking and the connection to Max’s past and Minimum Contacts, it has this ongoing world feeling I just love, as if they are there anyway and the stories are just cut-outs / zooming in at some points…
nattylovesu chapter 29 . 3/22/2009
this story hits all of the rigt it so many times over
Beth Pryor chapter 29 . 1/4/2009
I just found your work. This one was sensational. So evocative and inspiring. I'm so excited to read the sequel. I'll definitely add you to my alerts and will look forward to all of your amazing ideas.
TerribleTeenStereotype chapter 1 . 1/1/2009
You make my head hurt. Michael Weatherly as Logan, the cousin of Tony, also played by Michael Weatherly. You sure know how to boggle one's mind. (trying to sound like ziva.)
natasha chapter 29 . 12/28/2008
this si priceless

Thanks for the logan Tony interface..could not have imagined it better myself

Mari chapter 2 . 11/10/2008
Went to reread this for the merely practical (yeah, right) purpose of cousin details research, looking from which side of family exactly you had them connected etc (and see you do have older brothers for Bennett here) but… I can’t stop, have a silly, fic-happy smile and the serious urge for long, rambling reviewing. Arg and sigh and thanks for providing thought-material.
diana teo chapter 29 . 10/24/2008
You know what they say,it's the shy ones you gotta watch out you for sharing your tale of 2 cousins . It never occured to me to have them meet in a story and their reunion was beyond all expectations and you strummed at my heartstrings like a a to check out your other fics once again!
diana teo chapter 15 . 10/24/2008
O. My. God.


How lucky am I to have stimbled across this beautiful,brilliant,perfect diamond of a story?

I usually wait till the end to decide if it's worth giving my 2 cents to but I just couldn't resist this time.

It's my dream fantasy come true...2 of my favourite characters together in one story! Could do with some Tony whumping ,but I'm only halfway through and I'm still hopeful!

Ah,you gotta love straight-talking Tony, saying everything that Logan needs to hear.I sometimes feel like tearing my hair out with all the pussyfooting going on between the star-crossed couple. There's only so much tension I can take!

Cali chapter 4 . 9/20/2008
No no she belongs to Logan back off Tony! You're way to old for her even older than Logan!
Cali chapter 2 . 9/20/2008
This is a great story so far. Lol between the two shows seening the contrast between both characters it's almost hard to believe their the same person. Just goes to show how good of an actor Michael Weatherly is.
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