Reviews for Good at Heart
Margaret Barrie chapter 1 . 2/9/2015
Ughhh, please, please update it, not that I think you will but its worth a try.
j0k3 chapter 12 . 1/10/2009

I want to know how it ends!
Illusina chapter 12 . 3/28/2006
What? What would she never forget? Please update soon! This is a superb story. I need more!

With Much Love,

Rikki8879 chapter 12 . 9/22/2005
Aw. How cute. *happy sigh* Great update. Where's the next one? *cough* :-P

Love, Rikki
Rikki8879 chapter 11 . 9/22/2005
Whoopsdidoo... *blush* And there I finally go and check my 'to-read' list. Whoops. But I guess better late than never, right? So here we go. Great new chapter and quite a nasty surprise for Min in the end. And now I'm off to read the other chapter I missed. ;-)

Cuddles, mummy
illiterate ghost chapter 12 . 8/14/2005
Oh, my favourite chapter so far! I loved how she "slept" outside, very symbolic, and all her thoughts were dead on. I loved the end even more! You have to update...! PLEASE!
illiterate ghost chapter 11 . 8/14/2005
Oh, they have an argument. Very well done! I coudl hear Min's voice rising as she talked to Albus. And Albus' last sentence is a slap in the face. Loved the chapter.
illiterate ghost chapter 10 . 8/14/2005
Took me a while to get back to you, but I've been away again without a computer. Great dialogue in this chapter! Awesome and inspiring lines!
illiterate ghost chapter 9 . 8/8/2005
Again, applause for the choice of words. Very well done! And I've just noticed that I missed a few updates, I haven't read the last three chapters yet. So I may be back with more thought and praise.
illiterate ghost chapter 7 . 8/8/2005
“I have been quite a nuisance to you tonight, haven’t I, Albus?”

Great line, I can hear Minerva say it. Cheers!
illiterate ghost chapter 6 . 8/8/2005
Had more free time today and read another story of yours. There were three chapters that I especially liked, this is the first. Albus' view on ignorance is very well done and shows how wise you are beyond your years. :)

As I haven't read everything from you, I may not be entitled to say this, but I noticed a deliberate change in your style, for the better. I was shocked when I learned that you aren't a native speaker, so I always thought that your stories were of good quality. But Good at Heart is different... I can feel in certain paragraphs that you read it aloud, waited until you found the right words, and the result is astounding! I loved your choice of words and I applaud you for taking the time, not rushing to post and writing this story on a literary level. Thank you for the experience!
Portkeys Miss-Mione chapter 12 . 8/6/2005
That, my dear, was perfect... again. I don't know how you do it really, but this feels so real...*sigh* It's so like them to make up like this, understanding eachother without a single word.

Keep writing please!

ginger newts chapter 12 . 8/3/2005
That must have felt like the longest night ever. I hate crying alone, even though I can never cry in front of people...hmm, maybe I shouldn't say such things to people. ;) Anyway, I'm glad they made up. Where's the fluff you promised me? *glare*
dobby09 chapter 12 . 8/3/2005

sad, dragical, hopeful, brilliant as done,


p.s Just read "Always" on the board, so Im very depressed at the moment.
Lady Loraine chapter 11 . 8/3/2005
I can't wait until the next segment. Wow, that hurt. Your characterization is great too.
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