Reviews for Surviving This
LA Knight chapter 10 . 6/6/2012
And I'm back for chapter 10.

I know exactly what Predators think when they see humans - they think we're ugly. I remember from the AVP book.

Every time the Predators look at their "kill-prizes," all I can think is, "Boys with their toys."

I like that Lex isn't like, "Oh, poor Celtic, I know it hurts," but she's also not 100% "serves you right, creep! Take that!" Unlike Tinkerbell, humans usually feel more than one emotion at a time. So I like that she's sympathetic but also happy that he's in pain, since he DID try to kill her.

Because we don't really know what Scar is saying (we the reader, I mean - you obviously know), I've gotten into this habit of supplying dialogue for him when he trills or chitters or whatever at Lex. So when he trills and points at the ceiling, what I'm getting is, "Okay, babe, we're getting out of here. You comin'?"

Now I have a question - does Scar not know he has a chest-buster inside him? And does Celtic not know? And if Scar does know... what's his thoughts on the subject? To quote a lot of bad actors, "What's [his] motivation?"

I like that Lex isn't trying to put on a brave front out of pride. It's not that she wants the Predators to think of her as an equal because she just wants it; she doesn't want them to consider her less than equal because she doesn't want to get left behind. Survival of the fittest. I am seriously applauding the way you are sticking to the theme that is broadcasted with the fic's title - survival. It is ALL about survival to her right now. I mean, if she saw Scar in trouble, she'd probably save him, but so far everything she has done is motivated by the need to survive and it is so realistic. I love it.

Oh, crud, the chain. They know, don't they? They know the Queen has escaped. Eeeek. Dun-dun-DUN!

Ugh, stupid Celtic! Jeez! He's just being a petty pathetic bully by knocking her down. It's a waste of energy, you dumb-bell! Focus on staying alive, stupid Predator! Don't worry about your rival/enemy/whatever-Lex-is-to-you, you can try and kill her later, loser! Gah! Dumb Celtic. I like Tank and Scale (is that their names? I think that's their names) waaaaaay better from the sequel.

Ew, alien spit. Blech.

HA! I love how Lex ends up saving Scar. It's not all one-sided. Yeah, Celtic's all big and bad by his lonesies, but Scar saved Lex, and now Lex saved Scar. I've always felt that in a relationship where lives are saved, both partners should save each other at least once. So go Lex! Get down with your bad self! Wootness!

And I adore that Scar holds onto her while they slide up the tunnel on the skid-thingie. I seem to recall in the movie he's not holding her - they've both got two-handed grips on the iron bar, right? Maybe I'm wrong, it's been years. But anyway, I love that in this fic, they've each got a one-handed grip on the bar and Scar's got a grip on Lex. Awwwww!

Oh, crap. I just realized this is chapter 10. Chapter 11 is Ending A and Chapter 12 is Ending B. That means I'm almost at the END! NOOOOOO! Meh.

Anyway, onto the rest of the fic I adore so much - the rest of chappie 10!

Oh no. So now she's got broken ribs on top of acid burns, a cut up leg, a punctured shoulder, scraped arms, bruises, a concussion... am I missing anything else? Sigh.



We're dead.

And now we're getting to the last (sort of) chapter(s)! I don't want it to be over, Mommy!

Well, on I go.

- LA
LA Knight chapter 9 . 6/6/2012
So I was in the middle of the epic fight between Celtic and the grid-alien when an alert popped up on my screen! Do you know how horribly distracting that is? I almost screamed, actually, I was so into the fight. Good thing I didn't - my roommate's asleep right next to the comp. At 1:30 in the afternoon? Yeah. Sigh. Anyway, not the point.

"Controlled violence in motion" - I like it. )

Lex being mesmerized by the fight is SO believable. It's like a trainwreck - you just can't look away.

You know, here's a question - how DO the predators keep their weapons from being destroyed by alien blood? *ponders*

It's interesting that Lex sort of prefers Celtic (and by proxy, Scar) with their mask instead of their actual faces. I actually like Predator faces. Maybe I'm sick and twisted and weird, but I think the Predators actually are kind of hot (when they're nice and honorable, like Scar; not scary teenage buttheads like Celtic). It's the dreads, I think. Anyway, just commenting.

OMG, BOYS! Celtic's all, "Dude, I hate your girlfriend. She must die." And Scar's like, "Dude, you're my bud, but I will SO kill you if you don't GTFO my grill." I know I totally just took something seriously epic and dumbed it down to high school angst, but I kinda wanna smack Celtic for all of this. I mean, dude, she shot you, she killed two aliens where you'd only killed 1, she did it FIRST, and you have a problem? Don't be a wimp. Gah! Stupid Celtic.

And I'm at the end AGAIN. What is with these suddenly uber short chapters?

Back for chapter 10 in a moment!

- LA
LA Knight chapter 8 . 6/6/2012
Hey, chapter 8. Wow, I'm on a roll still. Although my reviewing soundtrack totally does NOT fit with what I'm reading. Ah, well, whatever.

You know, I can kinda see how much Scar likes her in the fact that, even though she's making a lot of noise when she hits that wall and even though Celtic is like, "Dude, just ditch the ooman chick," he only raps her once on the noggin instead of killing her or something.

So Scar IS a teenager?

Ew. He's fondling dead alien body parts (to the tune of Lindsey Stirling's Zelda Medley, oddly enough). Blech.

The fact that Scar laughs at random times, especially when Lex gets mad, makes me wonder about Predator females and his experience with them. Although I like that he gives her back the tooth. He's like, "Meh, shotgun. I guess it works if that's what you're into." But then he gives her the tooth on a necklace, like, "Here, ya gotta at least keep this." So cute! Which is weird because he is super big and touch and scary as heck, but that little exchange is just cute. Of course, if it were happening TO me, I dunno if I'd feel that way. Who knows?

Whoa. This chapter was really short. I feel bad that my review is so short, too. I'm sorry. Not a lot happened other than Scar fondling his icky trophies. Um... I love your work? *nods*


LA Knight chapter 7 . 6/6/2012
PERFECT opening line for chapter 7! "Fleeing again. God, I was tired of running." This is perfect because if there's anyone crazy enough to think Lex should NOT be running at this point, or is tired of her doing it, this will ease their ire. Well done!

And here we go with chapter 7. Hello again, Ms. Rhyo. ) LA Knight here. Are you tired of me yet, lol?

Jeez, I wish I knew what Scar was SAYING! It drives me NUTS! I wanna know what he's saying when he's chittering to her. I wanna know! Gah! You drive me crazy! Stupid 1st-person POV. Although you actually do it very well. This is the only thing I don't like about it - not knowing what Scar is saying before he does the universal no-harm gesture. Sigh.

Awwww! He's so nice. He's all, "It's okay. We're friends. We're good, we're cool. I won't hurt you. You don't have to shoot me. It's okay." I was telling OceanFire9, who got me into your fics, that I love it when a big scary warrior guy is around a girl and is gentle (or at least gentler than he normally is) with her.

I'm not sure if I'm interpretting this right (or even if I spelled "interpretting" correctly) but when he sees she's hurt and does that snarl thing, I get this subtext/translation of, "You're hurt." *man-anger* "Lemme see." Am I crazy? Is he protective-mad? Is that why he snarls? Or is it just that it sounds like a snarl to her?

I am listening to Lindsey Stirling's "The River Flows In You" while reading this. You should check that out on Youtube just so you know how incogruous that song is with this fic, lol.

Celtic's attitude is a little better now. "You're annoying and puny, but the shot was decent. But you're still annoying and puny and you stink." Sigh. Boys! And oooh, blue goo of wish-for-death-ness. Good for what ails you, but it hurts like heck.

Oh, I like the caress. He knows she's a girl, I'm certain, and he's falling for her. Otherwise why do the cheek-knuckle caress? I love that caress, by the way, in any fic, but I absolutely ADORE it here. Oooh, oooh, oooh! I love it, I love it, I love it! Gah! I'd forgotten just HOW MUCH I absolutely ADORE this fic! Gah!

Crap, end of chapter 7. And there's only 5 chapters left! Nooooooo!

Wait, there's a sequel. HA!

See you in chapter 8, O Brilliant Literary Goddess of Predatory Romanticalness. )

- LA
LA Knight chapter 6 . 6/6/2012
How many reviews does this fic have? Why has not everyone reviewed every chapter? Why don't you have more reviews? What is wrong with the world?

I will rectify this problem. Watch me go!

And we are onto chapter 6. Hola!

See, and this is totally realistic and realistically written! See, the big problem a lot of strong heroines... not even strong heroines, but heroines in general, have, is this - how do you balance believable emotion with needed strength? How do you keep the heroine strong, keep her from coming across as weak, but make her relatable and realistic? Everyone breaks down sometimes.

And this is the perfect time for Lex to do it. She's been abandoned - three times. First by Sebastian, which was just emotionally devastating; then by Scar, which was scary AND emotionally devastating; and now by Celtic, who scared the heck out of her and took her weapon, the douche! If she hadn't cried at this point, I'd have wondered what super horrible evilness you had planned for her to make her break later one.

I bet Celtic only saved Lex because he didn't want to deal with *another* xenomorph incubating to full maturity. Sigh. Stupid Celtic.

"What was the point of pretending that I had any chance of surviving this?" OH! Gotta love it when I find the fic title in the text of the fic itself. Cool!

OMG! I forgot about her getting stabbed by the xenomorph, I think, because I was like, "OOOH!" And it's just messing with her? It's like a cat. I heard on the Discovery Channel I think that cats are the only animal besides humans that kill for pleasure. That's creepy that it's playing with her. Weird! Bad xenomorph! Bad! *sprays with water bottle* No catnip mousie for you!

I'm sorry, I know this fight/escape scene is totally serious, and my laughter has NOTHING to do with your skills. It's just that, in our apartment we have this joke about "Get in the hole!" because I do cross-stitch and my roommate does plastic canvas, but my husband is not a crafty person in that respect. So one day my roommate and I were having a hard time with our individual projects and both snarled at the same time, "Get in the hole!" And my husband was like, "Wait, what?" I bring this up because I was reading about Lex hiding in her little cubby-slot, and my brain yelled, "Get in the hole, Lex!" And I was reminded, and laughed, and felt like sharing.

Gotta say, I love how you don't have her win every fight she gets into with the xenomorphs. She killed one, and then killed a second little one. But the other three she's dealt with... first, Scar saved her; second, Celtic saved her; and third, she ran away like a smart person. I like this. She's not stupid-reckless, and she's not unbelievably powerful/skilled, either. Again, awesome realism.

Oh, and just so you know, Reid is the BEST bad guy EVER. I know he doesn't show up in this fic, but I just had to say that.

HA! Stupid xenomorph, you can't get in! Not by the hair on Lex's chinny-chin-chin!

I'm sorry, I'm kind of sleepy. I dunno why - it's noon - but I am really tired, which makes me sound really drugged out and weird. I'm not like this in real life when I'm fully cognizant.

I love that Lex is willing to rob dead bodies for supplies. It sounds like I'm dismissive, but I'm not; I just couldn't think of another way to say that. I admire her pragmatism. My zombie phobia would probably prevent me from doing the same because I'm pathetic, but I like that everything she does (except the emotional breakdown) is fueled by her desire to survive. Survival instinct, self-preservation, is a very strong driving force. But I also love that she doesn't do anything morally wrong to survive either, if that makes sense.

And I'm glad she finally got some luck with the first-aid supplies. OH! And she gets a pistol, shotgun, and knife. Awesome.

Oh, I could NOT doctor myself like that. Well... maybe I could. But not so efficiently, and not without a lot more screaming. I was just cringing the entire time, like, "Eeek. Ew. Ow. Oh! Jeez. Gah!" The fact that you get these reactions from me should tell you how into this story I am.

Wait, she left the knife. WHY did she leave the knife? Me confused!

I love that she hears Scar and heads toward him. Smart! Some might think crazy, but totally smart. I love it!

Stupid Celtic. He deserves to get shot. You show him, Lex. Scar, go and stop Celtic from killing Lex, now. You will fall in love with her soon. Go save her.

Oh, crap. The end of chapter 6. Boo! I want more!

Wait, I HAVE more! Ahahahahaha!

- LA
LA Knight chapter 5 . 6/6/2012
Here I am on chapter 5! Go me! Blazin' on!

"Sebastian and I had both watched as earlier he had marked himself with the caustic alien blood of his first kill—did the mark symbolize ascension to a new rank?" WHOA! I don't know how I missed this the first time; in your fanfic-canon (henceforth referred to as "fanon"), is Scar already an adult? Is he trying to achieve rank, as opposed to manhood? Because that totally implies a different dynamic as regarding their ages. I must ponder this possibility as I read on.

"I wasn't tired anymore—the last attempt on my life had sent my nerves into roiling chaos, and I didn't think I could sleep even if I'd tried." I don't know if you've ever seen the movie 28 Days Later, but the female lead in that one drops right off to sleep, and the male lead and the girl they're protecting are like, "How?" Turns out, she's on Valium. ) Sorry, just made me think of that.

Has he figured out she's a girl yet? I remember that Predator females are bigger and stronger, and that in the AVP book Dechande was surprised to see Machiko had breasts because she was so little. So has Scar figured out Lex is a girl? I'm just wondering because he seems to be helping her out more than perhaps another would (I seem to recall Celtic is not as accomodating? Am I wrong? Right? Crazy?). Not that this is an issue with the plot. It's not. I love this fic. Why do you think I'm reviewing EVERY chapter? I'm just curious. I ask a lot of questions.

Don't throw up, Lex! You need all the fuel you can keep inside your body! Learned that from a book called Ice, about a girl who was stranded on the pack-ice in the Arctic Circle. Not the point of the whole book, just the plot point relevant to this comment. Good book; you may like. By Sarah Beth Durst.

I like that it took her a moment to figure out he wasn't going to hurt her. She's so tense and the situation is so confusing and awful and scary, that while he makes her feel safe, she'd be stupid to trust him right away (and our girl ain't stupid). I like that. And I like that, in the face of everything she thought might have been about to happen, being marked doesn't scare her anywhere near as much. Makes sense. Again, I love your realism. I was told you write the best AVP fics on the site, and I believe it. D

NO! Before he can give her the mark, they are SEPARATED! Gah! And she's about to run into Celtic, that douche bag. Grrr. And he takes her spear, I seem to recall. NO!

BUT! I love how, when the shifting starts, Scar moves to grab her and protect her. He can't when the xenomorph shows up, but before it does, he's like, "Gotcha! Hang on!" And then the xenomorph appears and he's like, "Crap. Here - take this! Don't die!" I think he's figured out she's a female by now, and maybe even is beginning to like her a little bit in a romantic way? That's the only explanation I can think of for him being protective because I seem to recall that the Predators aren't very... looky-outy-for-each-other...y. *feels stupid* If you can't understand what I just said, try saying it out loud and it should make sense. Sorry. *face-palm*

I knew it! He took her spear! Grrrrr!

You know, it's interesting how relationships like this start. The one between Lex and Scar, I mean, not between Lex and Celtic, the jerk. It's almost like Stockholme Syndrome. You begin to indentify feelings of safety and anticipation and what-have-you with this person (in this case, Scar) and that forms the basis of emotional attachment. But it's not sick or twisted the way it's done here, and it makes sense, and it's done realistically. Seriously, realism is what I crave in my fanfiction. The best fanfics, my favorite fanfics, are the ones with serious realism. I love them. And I love this. And now I'm gonna read chapter 6. Yay!


LA Knight
LA Knight chapter 4 . 6/6/2012
Hey, look! I'm on chapter 4. Maybe I'll even get done ALL the chapters done before it's time to go to where the internet is (I'm reading these on an internet-less comp). Wouldn't that be a nice surprise for you? All... however many chapters reviewed in one day (except for the first one, since I review that a few days ago, sigh. My lovely plans, foiled by the time-space continuum! Gah!)!

So I mentioned before in passing about Lex being realistic and how I liked that, and also how her realism adds to her relatability, and how you make her even more relatable than she is in the movie (because I'll admit, I had a bit of trouble relating to Lex, but part of that was just the gap in our ages; I think I was 16 when I saw the film? Somewhere around there).

Anyway, the point of my random babbling is that I like that you mention that despite how in-shape she is (and the girl's got to be in shape, she leads expeditions out into the Arctic and Antarctic, which is just plain whacked-out crazy and dangerous and requires serious physical awesome-sauce-ness) she's having trouble keeping up with Scar. I mean, no matter how epic you are, you're gonna have trouble keeping up with something that's 2 feet taller than you and has legs as long as your body (I'm exaggerating a little but you get my point).

So I'm glad that while you make Lex pretty kick-butt, it's in a totally believable way and she's still not as kick-butt as Scar because there is just no way that's happening.

Wow. That was a long paragraph. I'm gonna break that up into littler ones real quick.


And then Scar calls her a wimp. At least he hasn't figured out that she's like, 25 and female. Because if he were human he'd be, what, 18? At the most? Maybe 21? So I could see him saying something like, "What a wimpy old lady" or something. It is interesting that Scar is young (it's his rite of passage, right? Because he's got to give himself the mark in the film; he doesn't have one already). So he's young. And Lex is, while not old, at least an adult. I wonder how many people take that into consideration. Anyways...

Isn't it weird how the Predators seem to be able to replay human language that is oddly appropriate, even though I think most of the time they have no idea what it means? Or does he in this fic? Because I seem to recall in the first AVP book, Dechande didn't understand the words he was replaying to Machiko, but they always fit the situation.

Although this is a fairly tense and dark fic (possibly why you have such short chapters, to maintain the tension), this line offers the perfect amount of levity. "'d think a person would get used to being attacked by vicious creatures from another planet after a while." As does him dinking her in the forehead with a pebble. D

Awww! He gave her a compliment! He wasn't even mad that she didn't kill the thing. Yay!

Oh, crap. Bye-bye, jacket.

Okay, now I'm really wondering - DOES Scar know what he's say when he replays the English? Or not?

On to chapter 5!

- LA Knight
LA Knight chapter 3 . 6/6/2012

And here we are for chapter three!

And it starts off with agony!

Agony from green alien goo!

Now everybody join in and say - ew!

Sorry, I have no idea where that came from. Anyway, so I love this fic. I have to say that. I love it. I adore it. It's awesome. You're awesome. I'd say I love you, too, but that would be creepy. So I'll just say I love your writing skills. Yes I do.

So it totally makes sense that Lex, being an expert in wilderness survival, would take the time to deal with her injuries while she has a moment. And it makes sense that her arm wound would hurt the most because (except for childbirth and having your femur bone cracked in half, which I've heard are the 2 MOST painful things anyone can experience EVER) burns are some of the most painful injuries you can have. At least in my experience.

"It was beginning to ache in the way all burns did—a consistent, edged throbbing that grew more and more acute." OOOOH! GRRRR! YES! Stupid burns. We hates them, precious, yes we does, hates them, HATES them. *gollum, gollum*

Oooh! *wince* Definite concussion. Is the bone cracked? I'm just wondering if that's why pressure made it hurt so badly.

"For a long moment I just stood there, willing my dizziness to fade, willing my body to hold itself together so that maybe, just maybe, I could make it out of here alive." As I was saying about Lex's will to survive, lol.

Ew! Xenomorph slime! You know, here's a question. You probably don't have the answer, but it's an interesting one, I think. Why is xenomorph blood acidic, but their saliva is not? And since they make the little egg-holder things with their spit (I assume), does that mean the face-huggers are vulnerable to the acid blood? Do face-huggers and chest-busters have acid blood? Do we know? And what happens to a face-hugger that has no face to hug? Does it die? Hibernate?

Anyway, back on topic.

Awww! '( Isn't Miller the Irish guy who was taking pictures for his kids? I knew he died, but... well... meh. (

HA! She killed the little sucker! Oh, but then she had to kill Sebastian. This part is so much sadder in your fic than in the movie. Maybe just because it's words versus film, I dunno, but it is. Congrats on emotional responses induced with your literary brilliance.

Hello, Scar. *sigh* Are you going to kill Lex now? You shouldn't do that. Oh, good, you're not gonna.

You know, the subtext of the whole "exchange" between them, from his POV, strikes as basically being like, "You killed that? Huh. That's two. Okay; you may be small and an ooman, but you're okay. Let's go hunt some Hard Meat." And the "Let's go hunt" part is said in the same way Aragorn in The Fellowship of the Ring film says, "Let us hunt some Orc."

Oh, the end again. Such a short chapter. Lamentations.

Ah, but wait! I have ALL of your AVP work on my computer! Ahahahahahaha! On to chapter 4. Oh, wait, I have to go bug my husband first. THEN onto chapter 4!
LA Knight chapter 2 . 6/6/2012
And I'm back for chapter 2 because I *will* review every chapter of this awesomesauce piece. I *will!*

So I love that she throws the spear at Scar not out of bravery or irritation or anything like that - it's because she's stark terrified and it's the only thing she can think of.

I remember when I read through one of the author's notes either in this fic or the sequel, you said you didn't want her to be another... oh, what's that girl's name? Machiko? The human who teamed up with the Predators in the AVP books. Anyway, I just wanted you to know, you're doing a great job with Lex doing this and not having her be Machiko (I think that's her name).

The title of this fic really fits - it is ALL about survival. Everything Lex does is out of a desire to survive. Not a thrill of the hunt, not out of desire to be hooked up with Scar for his own sake, none of that - she just wants to make it out alive. And that not only makes her incredibly realistic, it makes her incredibly relatable. So rock on.

I also love that he laughs at her and she gets mad. When you're scared, it is easy to turn fear into anger. To quote Yoda, "Fear leads to anger" and so on and so forth. So I like that. Because being mocked when you're scared out of your mind would tick anyone off, I think. And then she hurts him with the knife and Scar don't think it's so funny no more, hehe. Dumb teenage boy. He's kinda like, "Cute little ooman- OW! WTF, mate? You actually hurt me! Gelfling, you die!"

Sorry, I just realized that if you've never seen The Dark Crystal, you have no idea why that last part is relevant. Ah, well...

Whoa. Scar can rip a xenomorph off of his back with ONE HAND? If I wasn't married, I'd consider marrying him.

Kudos for having Lex not make it through this unscathed. I thought she got through the movie with not as many injuries as she should have (though I seem to recall she WAS injured), so I like that already she's scraped up, has what might be a mild concussion, and now an acid burn. And despite all this, she managed to kill the stupid thing anyway. I wish I could be that bada$$. I am phobically afraid of zombies, and this kind of sheer bada$$ery would come in handy in case of zombie apocalypse.

Awww. Scar gave her her weapon back. The only reason this is cute to me is because I know they kiss or something later (I haven't read that far in your series, but my roommate read it and apparently they have a moment? Or many moments? I'm totally okay with that, btw). Anyway, so forearmed with the knowledge of their impending relationship, I view certain things in ways different than I might otherwise.

Anywho, I'm glad that you're dragging out the bonding moment. Instead of them bonding in like, 5 minutes of screentime (I seem to recall it doesn't take long, but it's been years since I've seen the film), it takes a few chaps. Although I wish your chapters were longer so I could have more of your AVP goodness.

Oh, hey, the end. On to chapter 3! Yay!


LA Knight

PS - I highly recommend OceanFire9's comedy AVP one-shot, "I Kissed a Predator and I Liked It" as well as her somewhat sad one-shot "Starry Hunters," which draws interesting parallels between Lex/Scar and Artemis/Orion. Ocean is the one who recommended you to me. )
LA Knight chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
So I have actually read this entire fic already, and read most if not all of the sequel. However, I am a horrible lazy slacker and haven't reviewed. So to make sure you know how very much I adore your work (your AVP fics are THE best chap-fics in the fandom) I've decided to show the love and review. And I'm going to review EVERY chapter of EVERY chap-fic you've done. So don't think I'm spamming you or anything - I just want to tell you what I love about your work. Fan mail is good, yes?

So first, I love that you don't start at the beginning of the movie. That would be BO-ring. I like that you start at the very moment when Lex is like, "Oh, dude, I am so f***ed." And then I like that she cries. Of course she cries. Who wouldn't cry? In fact, I am probably one of those people who would curl up into a ball and wait to die, unfortunately. Not Lex, though. She cries, but doesn't lose it. Cries, then picks herself up, and is like, "Okay, here I go. I'm probably gonna die, but here I go." And I love that.

Also, can I just how much your word choice rocks. It's hard sometimes with first-person POV because you might have a beautiful descriptor, but the reader's like, "Would a person really say that?" Not so here. Here, the beauty and the awesomeness fit with Lex. "So I went, deeper into the black, yawning depths of the corridor that loomed before me, one trembling step at a time." Oooh, shiver. Yay-ness. And this line, too! " knees had half buckled when I felt a shudder claw its way up my spine."

And kudos on your tactful usage of adverbs. I was talking to someone else about overusing adverbs, and how it's hard to know when to step back and when to push, but you've got it DOWN.

Ew - relief, then corpses. Gross. Oh, so you know, I'm writing my review as I read through chapter 1 again. In case you were wondering.

I love her reaction to the hunter. She's not gung-ho "I'm gonna kick your a$$," she's like, "Oh, crap, I'm dead." Which is a) totally and completely believable, and b) makes the whole fact that she makes it through not only this fic, but all the others, so AMAZING. Not that she's weak, because she's not. But she's WAY more relatable in this fic than even in the movie, because she is a totally normal average person, basically, and yet she survives everything you put her through. I LOVE it. And the fact that the alien is fascinating is so cool. It's like how mice have a hard time not being mesmerized by snakes.

"As they grappled, as the infuriated roars of the hunter mingled in chaotic cadence with the shrieks of the alien..." And this right here is proof that I will NEVER be as cool as you. "chaotic cadence." Jeez, I love that. XD

Run away, Lex! Move it! Don't be a hero! See, this is why I like her - she has COMMON SENSE. How many movie heroines do NOT? Sigh.

I love Lex's pragmatism. Of course, she's an arctic explorer person (I sound so NOT smart right now, sigh) so she has to learn to be pragmatic, but I love it all the same. She's like, "Ew, nasty corpse. Crap, need weapons. C'mere, nasty corpse."

Ooooh. Scar says, "You took my spear, woman. I think I might kill you. Let me ponder for a moment. Grrrrr..."

Aw, crap. I'm at the end of the chapter. That is my only complaint, you amazing lady - short chapters. I understand, tho - love to read long chapters, but hate to write them, lol. Which is surprising, because my longest and most popular fic has crazy-long chapters, but anyway... onto chapter 2! Or is it dinnertime? Uh-oh, gotta check...


LA Knight
purrfus chapter 12 . 2/23/2012
Both endings have their strong points, but since I'm looking forward to more I'll pick this one as the best.
purrfus chapter 1 . 2/23/2012
Some people complain that ffn is full of crud. And there is some. But there are also delicious buried treasure for those who make the effort. Can't wait to read more.
Luthinea chapter 1 . 11/3/2011
oh mY
Vaako chapter 12 . 7/31/2011
This whole fic was brilliant, start to finish I enjoyed it. Good job, it was well written and ..and... awesome. I am going on to read more of your stuff ;)
Dontgotaclue88 chapter 12 . 4/1/2011
lol WOW! loved this and am now going to read Sacrifice Theory. You rock! .
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