Reviews for Sweet Home Pallet
Anubhav Madhev chapter 1 . 11/24/2016
No other story has made me soo sayisfied and happy. You are a damn awesome writer. Amazing. Simply amazing. :)
Nami chapter 16 . 11/25/2015
This story was so sweet.
I loved it so much, you have no idea.
chriso4444 chapter 14 . 2/27/2015
Ahhh, finally. I was cringing because of Patrick and Misty still being engaged this far into the story.
Refraction of Light chapter 16 . 5/28/2014
Nice story although it really follows closely to the movie albeit she did not outright say anyone was gay. I'm a pokeshipper but can't help but feel you paired up Tracey and Gary together because there are a lot of egos and oranges out there unfortunately. While I love your work I really think that your OCs names especially the children are so. . . Marysue-ish
The almighty swede chapter 1 . 1/6/2014
Along with Reasons of the heart, this is one of the best fics I have ever read
Misty Blue chapter 16 . 12/30/2012
Yes, one's, one's destiny can never be avoided. Even if one whises to do so, like Misty choosing to do just that before, the journey still led her... bach home.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for writing this wonderful piece. I totally enjoyed reading every chapter of it!
Misty Blue chapter 15 . 12/30/2012
Oh, no more "if only"s now, Ash and Misty. Both of you are finally home! Home... in each other's hearts. :)

I's love, love, love this! Majical... Enchanting... beautiful... sweet... perfect.
Misty Blue chapter 14 . 12/29/2012
Oh, if you ask me, Brock gave her the best advice ever. She just didn't take it. See, there's the thing about love, Misty. You'll never know why, how, where, when, what... you'll just feel it. Period. And so, keep on trying to convince yourself that he isn't the one for you, and see where it takes you. Nowhere at all, if you ask me... again. Because, really. Brock was right! It is the littlest things that give Ashy away. She's so keen on waiting for the grand proposal of undying love from him, that she thinks he wouldn't fight for her at all. Meaning, she's missing out on...well, everything that defines Ash's love for her. His heart, to sum it all up. Please, take a chance, Misty. You so know that he will catch you, and that the last thing he wants to do is hurt you like you think he did. Well, now he's the one hurting, so why stop, hold back, and give up on the two of you?

Hmmm, IMHO, in a way, this can be a lesson for those in love out there, too! :

Oh, Patrick, the dear heart... Poor him, yet still so... unbelievably sweet and kind, very giving and forgiving, too. Misty was right about this man, after all. How he was able to forgive her may be beyond us, but I, for one, am very happy that he did. I guess he understood that, as Misty had
said, her heart was never hers to give in the first place, for it already belonged to someone else, no matter how hard she tried to deny it.

Haha! I guess that "hole in your heart" line really hit its mark, too, since Patrick even remembered it! Boy, Ash redefined love! :)

Oh, who can blame you? This fic cannot be completed without bringing them back to that one special place! Why, it's practically where it all began!

Kill you... what? This chappie is exactly that good news I was talking about! Oh my, I can't wait to get to the next one now.
Misty Blue chapter 13 . 12/28/2012
*Sighs* You're definitely right about the "so close, yet so far" part there. Wonder what that gift she holds was?

Hmmm, seems to me that Ash is not the one who broke Misty's heart all those years ago. Maybe it was Misty, maybe not. But... I think, that unknowingly, they broek each others'. Not to say they wanted to do that, nor did they mean it when it happened. It's simply how things went between them. I surely do hope the next chappie brings in some good news to us...
Misty Blue chapter 12 . 12/28/2012
Oh... my... I can feel the hurt; Ash's pain, Misty's pain! Oh, how painful can love get?

The hole... in your heart . . . I love that line. If you're someone going through that same sorrow, then it's the perfect way to describe everything. And who cares if it's OOC? Like you said, love changes people... yes, it's a crazy little thing like that...

And that ring... If only, Misty... He's had it all this time, and you did not know that at all.
Misty Blue chapter 11 . 12/28/2012
Oh, you made the right decision, then. The "I love you" moment that we've all been waiting for is perfectly fine where it is. It surely made things better. And the song? Well now, whatever the party theme may be, and whether you use the edited version or not, I wouldn't wanna change it for any other one! It totally made the AAML vive stronger, thus, while reading, you are really able to feel it even more.

But... aw! Must their love story go through such painful and sad chapters? But I guess, to get to the so-called happy ending, you must experience the hurt first.

"I love you Misty, and not because you're beautiful, and smart, and kind, and brave – which you are by the way, just in case you ever thought otherwise. But because when I'm with you everything around me seems more beautiful, because you make me want to be smart, because you inspire kindness in others, and because you give me a reason to be brave."

Now, that right there... is my favorite part! I love-no, I adore it, too! Talk about the right meaning of sweetness... Ash loves Misty not only because she is all those beautiful things, but also because she makes others see, feel, and be those things, as well. So wonderful... What a chappie! So love it.
Misty Blue chapter 10 . 12/25/2012
Oh, yeah! Jessie's definitely the girl of this chapter for our dear Misty. Haha! Oh, I love their twins, too. Fighting over Pikachu... If Ash and Misty think they can hide anything about their ever-complicated relationship from James and Jessie, they're completely mistaken.

Lovely chappie here!
Misty Blue chapter 9 . 12/25/2012
Oh, it's more than sweet. Their 'reconnecting', I mean. It's finally happening! Oh, let's hope it gets better...
Misty Blue chapter 8 . 12/25/2012
Oh, yeah! Great chapter! You're right, Misty is pretty eloquent for someone who's drunk, and taking into mind all that she drank there... Yes, let's just call it that. A plot devise. Yeah.

Yes, please! Do an epilogue! It will really make me (and I'm sure the other readers, too) happy!
Misty Blue chapter 7 . 12/25/2012
Oh, you don't have to worry about Gary. Those who are fans should not at all be offended, in my opinion. This is sooo Gary Oak here, a friend and just a little bit of an enimy at the same time. May, however, despite of all the Advance-Shipping going around, is an entirely different story for me. As a fan of hers, I don't think she'd be like this with Ash at all... I could totally be wrong, since... really, what do we know? But just putting it out there; bashing her is not close to my heart. :) Great chapter though, see you in the next one!
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