Reviews for Totem Signs
Shadowdancer chapter 1 . 7/23/2005
Anhai: I can't believe we are the first people to review!

Raylien: *mumbling torture plans under her breath*

Anhai: Don't worry about her I woke her up early to send you a review and shes just not happy...

Raylien: *mumbling* evil hikaris...waking me up...horrible...insane...

Anhai: *sweatdrop* er yeah see what I mean? Anyway I like it so far!

Raylien: *glares* YOU are the reason my hikari woke me up at Ra forsaken hours in the morning, YOU MUST DIE! HIKARI UNLOCK THE DOOR AND GIVE ME MY KNIVES!

Anhai: *other side of door* NO! *turns to author* she actually does like your story if she DIDN'T like it she wouldn't of threatened to kill you with her favorite for being behind a locked door well uh I think thats self explainitory...

Raylien: *throwing shadow magics at the door* * * *

...umm I think you should run,