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Dashby chapter 16 . 7/6/2011
I feel compelled to encourage you to continue working on the force of echoes. It is a fantastic story that I very much enjoyed reading. Being a great fan of the KOTOR series I am going insane as I see Bioware create a different Star Wars game, albeit an impressive one, and robbing the fans of the ending to such a brilliant story that the first two installments of KOTOR brought. I'm sure you will find that many people would be incredibly grateful to you for setting their minds at ease as we all know KOTOR 3 is most likely not going to happen. So please continue working on this story. I truly commend you for doing so, as well as keeping all of us in the loop. If only Bioware was so kind! Keep up the great work.
RedMando21 chapter 15 . 2/18/2008
I read this story more then once. On two differnt sites and under differnt names I loved them each time I aslo have to say this was one of the first five stories that i have read. Please read this review and write more of this Force of Echos.
Darth Kratos chapter 14 . 12/29/2006
Your Stories ROCK i love the characters and your Exile is one the bes. He kills and you really gave him a persoanlity and you show his hatred and at the same time you who us what would be going through his head and how emotionally drained he is.

Revan is a asweome character and how you made her was really good and i like it he shoots first and asks later .

if any1 says this story is gay then their F**cked in the head and keep the characters the same their perfect and update the story
Darth Aggression chapter 1 . 7/12/2006
Just wondering when you are gooing to update.
Gall-4185 chapter 15 . 9/24/2005
*looks at date and readies throttling*

I hope this gets updated soon,it's one of my favourite SW fics
Childe at Heart chapter 14 . 7/5/2005
just wondering why it has been almost 3 WHOLE MONTHS since the last update? aargh! i am completely forgetting the story. the only reason i checked to see if it was updated was because i had stuck it in my "favorites" folder, and had noticed it hanging out there.

please update! i wanna know what happens next!

danni rand
Agent66 chapter 14 . 4/27/2005
Sorry for the delay, you guys. I'm currently working on another fic, which is kinda taken my focus, but I promise, the next chpater will be worked on later this week.

NOw, the reason for the review by me is to answer the reviews by Cat-

For your first review, I kinda like "Jedis" just because I was talking about parents, but I see your point. I'll try to fix this in the revision takin place at kotorfanmedia. And no, I meatn meters and I like it like that. ALso, thank you for pointing out the recon thing. I hadn't noticed that and though spell check had fixed that. As for Candy, notice how only REVAN calls him that. I think Canderous would pretty let Revan get away with it and even when Carth calls him that, it'll be the first and last time he does.

Once again, this fic is not meant to be a heavy battle scene fic. Hence why I haven't gotten started on the war chapter yet. If you read any of my other fics, I don't delve into a whole lot of action sequences. I'm more into character actions and stuff like that. SO, I appologise if everyone is looking for some action packed fic. You're really not going to find it here.

THank you for pointing out that mix up with Telos and Dxun! I didn't realize I had gotten those mixed up. Here's a cookie! No, I don't think Carth forgave her easily. IF this was the OG game, then yeah, I could see that, but he hasn't seen Revan in six years. Besides, she was crying and I doubt Carth would just continue to lay into her if she was crying.

I thank you though Cat, for your reviews and I'm glad you're enjoying the fic. This being my first fic into this section of fandom might explain the expos, but sometimes my mind works faster than my fingers. I'm glad YOU see the whole exile thing. Again, this is not really meant to be an action packed fic, but to explore more about the characters, especially when I felt that sorely was lacking in TSL.

Again, I'm revising this fic over at the new kotorfanmedia site (just add dot com to that) I have added a little more dialogue here and there, but how my mind works and comes up with different things will decide how much this will differ. THanks again, Cat for the feedback!
Cat Avatar for the DCG chapter 14 . 4/27/2005
Alright- seeing as how I'm at the end of what you have written, and nearing the end of your fic, real review time.

The spelling and grammar have been, so far, quite respectable. There have been some small problems- word substitution, missing commas- but over all, a worthy offering.

Something that needs work- your exposition. The places where you are condensing action or time are rushed and forced. They break up the flow of the story, otherwise well written. You need to work more on them.

I like the power balance- you mentioned some worries about the Exile- but I see no glaring problems. Jedi are nt, in my opinions, higher life forms. Not gods. Sure, Hanharr could take Sion- at equitable levels. This fiction is based on games, which have game balance. Bioware and Obsidian both worked very hard to make sure that the 'Force Sensative' types did not outstrip the 'Normals' in terms of power. They are different, not nessessarily better, right? :grin: After all, with a pack of stims, a couple of medpacks, and shields, what is the difference? That the Jedi invoked those protections and 'buffs' from the Force, and the normal from technology?

(Especially the way they balanced later customization of blasters in KotOR II- damned if it wasn't perfectly legitimate to keep Atton in blasters the whole game.)

So, anyhow, before I got so sidetracked, I was trying to say that I liked your story. Keep up the good work, yeah?

Cat Avatar for the DCG chapter 13 . 4/27/2005
“We crashed landed there when Col. Tobin and his kath hounds shot us from the sky outside Iziz. That’s how we met with Bao.” Er, how they met Mandalore, maybe. They met Bao after being shot out of the sky by _Czerka_ kath hounds on Telos. :grin:

And I think Revan's motovations for leaving were a little weak- not that they are not in II... :shrug: And don't you think Carth, at least, forgave too fast, too easily? I mean, she definitly has a trust issue there, and after all _she_ did to pester him out of _his_ trust issue...

Cat Avatar for the DCG chapter 10 . 4/26/2005
Well, it's late here in nerd-ville, so I'm going to continue reviewing in the morning. Just an off shot... The first four- Mission, Zaalbar, Bao-dur and Carth- they wern;t really fighting as hard as they could, were they? Because, all things being equal, Big Z and Bao-dur could put up a melee defence that would be nigh-impossible to get through with any quickness, all the while, Mission and Carth sending sepecialized shots downrange at unholy speeds. Enough to overload even a Jedi -or three's- defences... :shrug: Perhaps it wasn't supposed to be a organized defence? And I did like the fact that Carth was last to fall.

Cat Avatar for the DCG chapter 9 . 4/26/2005
Erm, at one point you said "especially if those parents were both Jedis." I believe tgat jedi is a self pluralizing word. Like fish. Jedi-fish, swimming in serenely segragated schools... :grin: sorry. (Aliteration got the best of me.)

Also, sixth paragraph from the end of this chapter- "a few meters away?" Don't you mean, kilometers? I mean, if they are already nap-of-the-earth, it's hard to point out a landing spot.

Keep it up!

Cat Avatar for the DCG chapter 8 . 4/26/2005
Vis'a'vis the Canderous meeting- you put: “Recognizance, if you will.” I believe the word your spell checker was looking for was 'reconnaisance,' yeah? To scout an area, as opposed to recognizing an area. ;) Good work, so far.

And it isn't Candy. That man is way, way too cool to be anything other than Canderous. Unless you just want to call him Mandalore. :grin:

gekkeiju chapter 14 . 4/24/2005

it's taken me so effing long to read this completely, but it was so worth it.

can't wait for the next chapter.
OmegaTrooper chapter 14 . 4/12/2005
Another great chapter. Can't wait till full scale war. Till next time...
snoboardr chapter 14 . 4/11/2005
That was a gtreat chapter, i can't wait until you write about the wars. I thought Lyo cared about Zairia, but i guessed he just used her...too bad.
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