Reviews for Leap into the Shadows
Kendra Luehr chapter 4 . 6/16/2006
Aww! I loved that whole Sam/Willie moment...very eye-opening and sweet. -) I seriously feel as if I'm watching an actual episode! Jeez, I also feel like a vampire, what with it being 3:04 in the morning. ; I just can't stop reading until I'm finished! -P
Kendra Luehr chapter 3 . 6/15/2006
I've never quite read anything like this - you describe a vampire's thirst for blood so well. As I read this I seriously felt hungry along with Sam and had the desire to sleep when dawn arrived. Wow, you sure can affect your readers. ;0)
Kendra Luehr chapter 2 . 6/15/2006
Again...WOW! Sorry, but your writing's truly just amazing beyond words! _ I love how you've successfully managed to prolong Sam's discovery of his predicament until much later in the story than originally predicted. You're a master at these things. ;0)
Kendra Luehr chapter 1 . 6/15/2006
Oh, wow...that was just AMAZING! _ I don't mean to be random, but is Quantum Leap like Sliders, by chance? I remember watching that show as a little girl, but unfortunately that's about all I remember. :/ This seems to be very similar, so for that reason I thought I'd ask. Anyway, back to your amazing work! :-D Everyone was extremely in character (poor Willie...I love that guy! P), and I was even able to feel the anger/affection for my least favorite and favorite characters via your writing. That truly shows talent!
catiepie182002 chapter 8 . 8/9/2005
Oh, Trudi, you already know how I feel about this story. But, here it is in print for all the world to see. :)

This was one of the first DS fanfics I had ever read, and it remains one of my very favorites. It is very rare that I feel Willie is portrated in character, and "Leap Into the Shadows" characterized him perfectly. I swore at times that the original DS writers were over your shoulder telling you what dialogue to add, etc.

The web of Willie's relationship to Barnabas (erm, Sam, here actually) was extremely intricate. I feel this carefully woven plot was wrapped up perfectly when Willie made it his decision to stay. The depth of his forgiveness was incredible.

I couldn't help sighing and thinking to myself at the end: "This is the way it *should* have happened."

Perfect grammar, seamless sentence structure, and well-placed irony and humor make this a must-read. And, I will... again.
Brian chapter 4 . 6/23/2005
I really enjoyed your story, as it is very well written and you kept true to the original flavor of the characters. It is on of the best I've read so far. As tine allows, you should write more stories!
Gadfly chapter 8 . 5/31/2005
Well done, the way you integrated Sam's medical knowledge to avert the crisis. And his explanation to Julia provided just the right amount of information to be believable to someone who *wants* to believe, or someone who prefers explantions that make rational sense (despite the general supernatural factors).

The part with Willie at the hospital was even better. You built up some nice suspense. It was good to see Willie's brave attempt to save Maggie. And I liked the part where, when Sam tells Julia they're heading to Maggie's, she slams on the brakes.

Very sweet the way you wrap Willie's story up, with his ponderings and eventual decision to say. I found this touchingly poignant: "And soon he would be human, and there would be no more nightly attacks, no more supernatural terror...just a human being who regretted his past and wanted to make up for it. Just as Willie did", and also this: "maybe he'd go back to sea. That seemed fitting, somehow. He imagined a ship, floating alone on an endless ocean, forever drifting from port to port, without a home."

And, of course, a wonderful piece at the end the way Barnabas reacts to being back in his newly re-humanized body. Very touching. His closing line "To whatever power has brought about this miracle...thank you" was both clever and sweet. Also, I loved the life you left them with as Al summed it up. I guess I'm just a sucker for a good "And they lived happily-ever-after".

Plus, what can I say about your oh-so-clever punchline at the end? Diabolically, ROTFL brilliant!

This was an extremely fun read written with great skill at the storyteller level, aided by excellent dialog and truly funny comic relief (provided mostly by Al) running consistently throughout the work. Thank you for providing a great ride!
Gadfly chapter 7 . 5/31/2005
Ah, so Jason has now been taken care of - and in a more aimiable way than the fate he met in the series, if I recall correctly. Although I wouldn't cry had he met his demise here, I think you gave him an appropriate comeuppance.

ROTFL at: "Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this for anything! It's better than a soap opera."

One suggestion; I think the telephone call with Paul would have been one of those situations where staying with just Sam's POV, instead of shifting between Sam's and Paul's, might have worked better. Sam could have deduced Paul's thoughts/feelings from the way Paul responded on the phone. (E.g., instead of relaying to the reader Paul's thoughts, then writing "But he didn't say this out loud", instead *have* him say them out loud to Sam - not as directly, of course, but enough and in a way that Sam can fill in the blanks.) Plus this would have left perhaps a shadow of a doubt as to whether Paul was being sincere in those reactions and whether he'd actually follow through on what he said he'd do. Al could have continued to play skeptic, and we wouldn't be absolutely sure ourselves of his total sincerity until he called, thus feuling a little more suspense.

Nice cliffhanger ending. Just when everything seemed to be going so smoothly ...
Gadfly chapter 6 . 5/28/2005
Ah, so now we turn to the *real* villain of this piece, Jason. I like the way you draw the arrogant weasel. Much as I remember him. And nice exposition, the way you have us discover the incident that gives Jason his hold on Elizabeth.

I was amused at how Elizabeth noticed "Barnabas's" newly "Americanized" way of talking. I was *wondering* if somebody would comment on that.

I particularly liked this artful exchange: "That's an absurd question. / I don't think so. / Why not? / Because you didn't answer it."

Nice touch, having Verbena psychoanalyze Barnabas. "A combination guilt-and-persecution complex", eh? I wonder if that's how she diagnoses *all* her vampire patients who've been chained up 200 years.

Al continues to supply wonderfully written comic relief/commentary. I LOL at his comment regarding Angelique: "Upset, sure. But this was more like 'Fatal Attraction'."
Gadfly chapter 5 . 5/27/2005
Aw. What a touching little chapter. Good for Al. We get to see the real Barnabas's humanity re-emerging, and find that he will be a more than willing EX-vampire ... assuming things work out and he gets the chance.
Gadfly chapter 4 . 5/27/2005
Perceptive comment regarding Sam's impression of Julia, "She appeared to be competent and intelligent, with a love of science and a strong thirst for knowledge. She was a kindred spirit."

Nice to see Willie opening up, no doubt as a reaction to Sam's "kinder, gentler" Barnabas, and showing concern for "Barnabas" transcending his involuntary servitude. You use this opportunity to draw a good profile of Willie and how he has come to regard his past life.

You also do a good job of using Sam to get inside Barnabas's head and express his plight - the effect that "being locked in a small, dark space for two centuries" must have had on his mind; his aloneness, his fear of discovery, his frustrating daytime helplessness and dependence on a protector. I particularly liked Sam's sudden insight: "when you're that dependent on someone, it frightens you. Having so little control over your life makes you paranoid. So whenever anything goes wrong, you get scared, and you need to blame someone. You lash out, become...cruel. Even though it's wrong."

You're doing a great job of using Sam to get to the essense of these characters.
Gadfly chapter 3 . 5/25/2005
Okay, so *now* we see Sam take the vampire possibility seriously. So I assume that it didn't even cross his mind before since such things simply "don't exist" and he's so grounded in scientific "reality". Nice little debate you have between Sam and Al as they argue whether Barnabas is a vampire. Good, inventive use of the "Polymorphous light eruption" explanation by Sam, with a better counter by Al regarding Sam's lack of reflection. Interesting that Sam would forget that "detail".

Even better is the "inner" debate as Sam, "a scientist to the core", weighs the evidence for vampirism. I loved your wording here: "After all, that was why he'd become a scientist: to find the truth and push back the borders of the unknown. Watching him, Al could almost physically *see* Sam adjusting his universe to allow for the existence of vampires."

Of course, it's very logical that Sam should start thinking of scientific ways to end Barnabas's plight, or at least substitute his cuisine. Which of course leads us to Julia, who you then indicate will be appearing soon. I'm intrigued to see how you dovetail this.

I liked the "confusing" courtesy Sam shows to Willie regarding Bangor. Sweet moment.

Nicely suspenseful scene with Vicki in describing Sam's temptation. Also very poignant observation by Sam on how "maybe being forced to live like this for centuries had made [Barnabas] evil. What did it do to a person, to be immortal at the cost of others' lives? For all Sam knew, Barnabas might have been normal - even kind and decent - as a human, so long ago. There was no way of knowing how he might have changed as a result of the constant bloodlust."

And still some humorous moments with Al. LOL at "'Why would vampires need to drink blood?' / Al thought about it, then snapped his fingers. 'Because they're bloodthirsty demons from hell.'"

Also, upon reflection, I withdraw my "quibble" from last chapter regarding what Sam threw up. The answer is obviously the coke. It's just that, when I read that he took a "sip" and then "threw up", in my mind I thought of the sip as a trigger causing Sam to expell more than just a meager amount of cola. But that's what I *assumed*, not what you *wrote*. Other readers need not make my presumption.

Overall, the story continues to unfold very well and very engagingly.
Gadfly chapter 2 . 5/24/2005
LOL at "He knew Willie couldn't hear him, but that never stopped Al from talking", "Collinsport? Did the family own the whole town?", "No. 1 of Quantum Leaping: Try not to look like you're talking to yourself in public", and "He was always so quiet and polite. Right up until he picked up the chainsaw".

"... he seemed to have an internal clock that invariably woke him at 6:00" - clever ;-)

The exchange "'I'm fine, Just hungry.' / Willie got very still." was deliciously cute. ;-)

One small quibble: If Barnabas can't eat food, how did Sam throw up? I assume he didn't throw up blood; that would likely have left somewhat of an impression on Sam.

Very nice touch where the real Barnabas thinks this is one of Angelique's plots.

"Maybe it took concern for someone else to bring out Willie's inherent courage." Nicely poignant.

You even have Willie provide us with some useful exposition in a couple of places where he speaks to himself, one of the DS series characters' traits, if I recall.

Excellent scene at the end starting with the sunrise, with the burst of action, Willie's rescue of Sam, Sam's reactions to being dragged to the coffin, Al's helpless panic, and Willie's revelation all blending together very nicely.
Gadfly chapter 1 . 5/24/2005
First, a wonderfully clever idea for a crossover. Poor Sam may have had peculiar adventures before, but *this* ...

Actually, I'm not all that familiar with "Quantum Leap", only having caught a few episodes here and there, but the "Dark Shadows" characters seem very much *in* character. And your description of the sets is excellent.

I liked the way you described Sam feeling himself being mysteriously drawn to the coffin. Nicely creepy.

Nice touches of humor, e.g. "Great, so I've leaped into the local eccentric" - Al's comments regarding Vicki & Carolyn - the old English poet Billy Joel - the whole section with Buzz's 60's Beatnic lingo - "Who knows why people get married? / You should, you've done it five times". And the "as though you come from some other time" I found particularly clever.

Something I wondered about, though. Seeing as the rudiments of vampire lore permeates American pop culture, wouldn't the fact that Barnabas casts no reflection AND keeps a coffin in his basement have suggested his nosferatic condition to Sam? He seems willing enough to entertain the idea that he may be a "disembodied spirit".

Overall, a marvelous and intriguing start to your tale!
jafarjasmineforever2005 chapter 8 . 3/23/2005
Very nice fic. You are a very talented writer.
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