Reviews for To Be Continued
Rubyray7777 chapter 22 . 4/17/2013
I don't know if you still read your reviews any longer but this story is excellent! Great imagery, characterization, and a wonderfully creative story!
Lantia4ever chapter 22 . 11/11/2007 know I started reading this fics a year ago and never actually finished it...well now I did:D And its as great as I believed...Great job!;)
smrvn chapter 22 . 9/23/2006
great story, I enjoyed reading it!
sheena chapter 22 . 12/19/2005
Great description and i really loved the intensity and emotion you captured in the fic.I was left captivated after every chapter and i can truly say i thoroughly enjoyed it!
Trialia chapter 22 . 11/25/2005
Just read this story all in one, and I love it! You should post this at Command Dynamics, everyone there would lap it up. Just Google it with the term Atlantis... I'd give you the web address, but the site wouldn't leave it in.
RyanKathrynCelia chapter 22 . 10/28/2005
Cool story! Losta ups and Well Done!
Alanna chapter 22 . 10/3/2005
Hey, a review from one of those people who read but dont (normally) review.

It was really quiet good.

Continue with your writing. Please...

It's not often you actually get something thats worth reading. And this story was very much worth reading.

And just like you I was frustrated about the cliffhanger of an ending.

And I live in Australia so I wont be getting the full story until next year... I mean NEXT YEAR!

Anyway, cool story...

Mereret chapter 22 . 8/16/2005
I enjoyed reading your story and I must agree with you. What the SGA writers did to us was inexcusable. Leaving us thinking that the main character was dead, Tayla missing, Ford eaten, and two hive ships orbiting over self-destructning Atlantis is a terrible way to end a season. Luckily for us they start new seasons in the summer; could you imagine having to wait untill mid-Septemeber to find out what happened? Anyways, excellant story and keep writing.
tobey'swife 2 lazy 2 log in chapter 22 . 7/28/2005
Yes, I am one of those people who read but don't review. OK, so...this story was...SO...(drum roll) good. I mean it was so amazing I put it in my favorite stories list. I am not a bad Stargate Atlantis fan, and I usually don't go to the fanfictions, but your story was different. It caught my attention right away, and it was excellently written. Personally, I like SheppardTeyla more, but you wrote SheppardWeir incredibly well, and FordTeyla was done just as well (maybe better). This is one of the few sci-fi fics that is original, creative, funny, and sad at the same time, and u keep the characters real and to themselves. Again, well done, congrats, and I hope I read more from u in the future!

J. Dragonsoul chapter 22 . 7/17/2005
One last nitpick about this chapter. Usually when you look at the sky from a different planet, the constellations are different, if altogether not there. You know, different planet, different placement in the galaxy, and all that good stuff.

But anyway, yes I had a lot of little nitpicks with this fic, but it was still good and I enjoyed it. Kudos to you for a job well done. _
J. Dragonsoul chapter 21 . 7/17/2005
Your writing's okay but listen to this advice:

Never, ever, ever write "cm’s" again. Never! It takes so much away from the story! People are going along, enjoying everything, loving it, and then they come across an abbreviation like that and it's like the author's saying, "I don't care much about this because I'm not taking the time to write everything out, I'm just speeding along as fast as I can, trying to get it done." I know you care about this story or you wouldn't have invested so much time into writing it, so the little bit more you could do is dedicate another .5 seconds and write out the whole "centimeters" next time. Please. We'll love you all the more for it. Thank you.

I'm sorry if I seem snappy but I hate seeing a good fic ruined by careless writing like that. It depresses me.
J. Dragonsoul chapter 19 . 7/17/2005
"Then I will drag myself by my teeth to the next room". Lol. Teyla would -so- say that. XDD
J. Dragonsoul chapter 15 . 7/17/2005
McKay... you love him and you hate him...

A naked John Sheppard! Elizabeth, you lucky dog! XDD
J. Dragonsoul chapter 14 . 7/17/2005
So Caldwell let her go, even though he wouldn't let her use any military personnel? Hm... that seems not to make sense to me...

Yay for torture scenes! Angst! XDD
J. Dragonsoul chapter 13 . 7/17/2005
Heh, McKay and citrus. x_x

One thing, I think the term "little one" was overused in Ford's scene with the Wraith.

Wraith came from humans, ucky!
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