Reviews for Lightsabre
shara chapter 3 . 1/30/2007
hey! This story was really cute! You should write a little sequel or somthing where Luke and Mara actually go out for dinner like that... it would be so cool!
Kazzy chapter 3 . 2/6/2005
Brilliant. Wonderful work. :) Yes, it lives up to expectations!

I can't believe this got fifty hits but only two reviews (five now, six including me). It just goes to show, doesn't it? People are lazy. particularly because work like this is worth reviewing.

Another person holds the lightsabre. I'm not surprised that it feels warm anymore, it has so much history, gathered so much energy that it's probably nearly humming. It would interesting to see where it travels to after it leaves Mara's hands (presumably after she dies), a true family heirloom.

*I have never wished for death.* But death seems to like him anyway. I liked that line, the thought that despite all he's been through he's never wanted to die. Luke's a strong character, strong person, as he would need to be to survive. he's says it so simply there, and it shows his strength.

Great fic :)
MasterRev chapter 3 . 2/5/2005
I'm just trying to accumulate as many gold stars as possible :). Thought this chapter had a much different feel from the first two. There is definitely more tension in this update than in the first two chapters.

I really like how you tied all three stories around the single lightsabre. I think it would have been nice to see more of how this gift will eventually bring them together.

My vote is that you add the missing parts as I am sure others who are lurking want it too; they are just too shy right now to review to say so :). Maybe this will inspire them.
Solarstorm chapter 3 . 2/5/2005
Yeah! Sorry I didn't review on the other two chapters. I'll make it up this time. Loved your story. I especially enjoyed the scene with Luke and Mara. While I realize that I atimatically love anything with them in it, the way Luke made his points and explained things was exceptional. Leia's chappie was awsome too. The dramatic irony in that one was great. OK, I enjoyed Padme's chapter, too, even though OT and EU character's are so much better than the early stuff.
MasterRev chapter 2 . 2/5/2005
Nice chapter. I liked the parallel of trust between the twins with Ani and Padme. Of course their relationship was different, nevertheless, the sentiment was similar and well conveyed.

I also liked how you wrote Leia's curiosity, first about Luke and then his lightsabre. At this point they don't know they are related, yet they are both drawn together by something that has quite a lot of meaning to both of their lives.

I really like where you are taking this story. Looking forward to more. Surprised I'm the only one reviewing because this is really great. Hint, hint :)
Kazzy chapter 2 . 2/5/2005
Of course she won! I mean. Come on! ;)

I really loved these! They made an interesting perspective on the Skywalker family. They were such clear insights on the moment; and pretty much angst free, which is a pleasant surprise given the periods in which they are written. I don't know, I just liked it, particularly in the Padme/Anakin bit. It shows that their relationship wasn't all pain. (Loved him showing her the Force, by the way!)

I loved the trust factor from both vigs. Based, I guess on some familial bond. First between Anakin and Padme and then between their children. The balance between the two is nice. Interesting, though, is Leia's vision, which shows what could have been, and it sort of puts an interesting tilt on the previous chap.
MasterRev chapter 1 . 2/4/2005
ZMD...A real nice beginning. I loved the imagery that you wrote about Anakin's perception of the Force and found it especially touching when he was able to share this with Padme.

I really likMe this for several reasons. First, it is a nice insight into the nature of Anakin and Padme's relationship. While we know they are in love, I think there is a certain amount of awe each one holds for the other that I think creates a certain distance. Although I think here you bridge the gap very elogantly.

Second, while both characters are extraordinary in their own right, you made them both seem quite human and very real. I think many people's perspective of them is skewed because of how rigid they were in . I like the life you give them both.

Great job, looking forward to more. Saw a few spacing issues, but nothing a good once over wouldn't solve.