Reviews for To Grab
CyborgRockStar chapter 2 . 9/30/2005
interesting fic so far. great writing. awesome description. cool storyline. update please?

have a nice day
Atropos' Knife chapter 2 . 2/24/2005
No, Teshimine! Don't bring B2 to Raitei!

Okay, why am i now imagining these outsiders as "Bananas in Pyjamas?" Hehe. Sorry. Just kidding. :D

Seriously, your OCs are awesome. Dare I say more interesting than some of the original's villains? _ Anyway, I like where this is going. What in the world are they going to do to Shido?

(SPOILERS galore) Because you asked nicely. :)

Here's what little I know about Kurusu Masaki, and it's all based on his anime character since manga Masaki is still just sitting on top of Mugenjou - waiting... for something... Who knows, really?

Masaki, like Kagami, is part of the Brain Trust -those who are technically the 'gods of Babylon City'. In the anime, Masaki kidnaps MakubeX to save him from deletion by the gods (since MakubeX hacked into the Archives and probably knows most, if not all, of the secrets to Mugenjou already). Masaki wields the power of light (again, I stress in the anime only, because if we're to go by the humungous discrepancies and contradictions between the anime and the manga, his powers could end up to be totally different) and is supposedly a complete match to Raitei/Ginji, who Masaki had a chance to defeat - but didn't, and vice-versa.

Hm... _

As one of the Four Kings, Masaki was believed to be the most devoted to Raitei, and took over care of Ginji when Teshimine left. Now, here's where it gets interesting. Around the same time it is mentioned in the manga that Ginji was the 'child of Babylon City's god',(Vol. twentysomething) Masaki made his first cryptic, brooding appearance.

Now, can you see the electricity-light connotations? The same blond hair (ok, that's a stretch)? The I-could-kill-you-but-I-can't angst?

And now that it has been revealed that Der Kaiser (ruler of the Belt Line) is actually Ban's father, it further fuels speculation that Ginji is the son of Babylon City's ruler. And who might that be? (Dundundun...)

Furthermore, in the latest installment, Teshimine tells Ginji he found his mother. (Dundundun...) Yup, "GetBackers" is winding down and I don't foresee any more new major characters cropping up, so...

Tune in next time... *wink*

Whew. Hope this little HIGHLY SPECULATIVE info from rambling ol' me helps. Good luck on school, kid. Update as soon as you can, okay? :D

Rabid Lola chapter 2 . 2/24/2005
I have had that "senior year is easy" handed to me by several people. My senior friends don't agree, and oddly the teachers are of the same mind... :P Oh well. Hope you have good luck for the rest of the year, then.

As usual, interesting characters. _ I think that's one of your strong points: cool OC's. Got kinda confused as to who's who, but that's a little sleepy myself, so I'll just reread later on. I forgot, it to be assumed these people are undercover for the government? _;; ehehe...

How early in Raitei-time is it, if they're still not used to people dying...?

Infecting the head, interesting...Shido? What happened to him? 0_0 hah, update as soon as you your schoolwork first. _ Hehehe. Oh, and thank you for reviewing The Promise...glad you enjoyed.
Rabid Lola chapter 1 . 2/10/2005
0_0 cool.

don't think this idea's ever been tried before. It's very intriguing...when Raitei took over Mugenjou, it musn't have been easy.

continue this, okay? _ the action and the characters you come up with are, as always, cool.

oh, and sorry for reviewing rather late. _;; hafta go back to cramming. ja ne!
Atropos' Knife chapter 1 . 2/7/2005
Finally! A fic about the Battle Era of Mugenjou. I really, really want to see where this is going._

Your discourse on the societal dynamics of Mugenjou was nice and thought-provoking.

Just like in "Dominus Grim" you have an eye for scary violence - which is definitely at home in this fic. Good job.

I notice the marked absence of the fourth King, Kurusu Masaki. I know he hasn't figured much yet in the manga (oh, but he will in the finale, I'm sure of it!) and I'm aware you haven't really watched the anime but - will he be making an appearance? Just wondering. :D

Wow. You think you can continue this and DG at the same time? Hehe. Good luck!