Reviews for A Casualty of War
Akira Stridder chapter 25 . 12/31/2005
nice chap!
Akira Stridder chapter 24 . 12/31/2005
Yup I really enjoyed that part of Manaan!
Akira Stridder chapter 23 . 12/31/2005
what? the Vongs is just a puppet through all this and the Mandorians...dam that is clever!
Akira Stridder chapter 22 . 12/31/2005
I played the part...heh luckily he didnt have to lured those animal..dat looks like a cow? lol!
Akira Stridder chapter 20 . 12/31/2005
an insightful chapter!
Akira Stridder chapter 6 . 12/31/2005
dude I just found out of this story through Dying Embers and I found the time to read this...I am amazed how creative writer you know even thought DyingEmbers slightly "borrowed" your story insfire me to buy Kotor 1 and 2? man your an amazing write...
Gabe Shadow chapter 38 . 12/30/2005
Hey Revan. I know how you felt about the story. As much as some may not like the ending, I actually enjoyed it and saw that you took quite a big risk on your part. Not everyone can get the happy endings they wanted in their lives. What you did was pretty much down-to-earth, and this sort of thing is never covered in most movies, much less, other video games.

Thanks for writing this. :)
Kaiju Moth chapter 37 . 12/29/2005
Wow, it's been a while since I read this fic. Anyway, this story was great. Only, to be blunt, I think you ruined the ending. I know, I'm sure you've heard this and are tired of it, but that's how I honestly feel about it. I don't know what you have against happy endings, or why you feel they're so unrealistic or why you have to write a depressing ending for every single story, but it kind of gets old after a while. Am I disappointed? Yes. Surprised? No. Reality check: happy endings do sometimes occur, even in real life.

Practically every one of your fics involves them getting killed, falling to the darkside, or some sort of depressing twist. It was especially disappointing after the whole positive note you had in the chapter where Malak was spared on the Star Forge. WTF? Why even bother to add that little beam of hope when you'd just throw it all away anyway? I don't mind unhappy endings, but they can be overdone. And one reason why people are disappointed is because the story was so good, yet everything was all for nothing in the end. *sigh* Well, I guess you're right. It is your fic, and you should write it as you want to. But dang it, you really know how to disappoint.
LD Little Dragon chapter 38 . 12/28/2005
Interesting epilogue, and we still don't know just how Revan's life ended.

As to the unhappy ending-it made the whole story seem more realistic.
Slytherin2005 chapter 38 . 12/23/2005
dude i totally agree with the whole dark ending thing. In the end this is the best star wars fic i've ever read, i've told you once already but i seriously think that you should consider getting this published.
Bjrn Fallqvist chapter 38 . 12/23/2005
As I said, the ending could not have been better. I never had the feeling it was supposed to end in a "good" way either.
Bjrn Fallqvist chapter 37 . 12/23/2005
Excellent. Just marvelous!
Sillimaure chapter 38 . 12/23/2005
Just thought I'd throw my two cents worth in. I have a tendency to prefer happy endings, so I must admit I was somewhat disappointed, however, having said that I understand why you did it the way you did. Revan does tend to lend himself to an unhappy ending by his life and actions. Hey, it's your fanfic after all!

The only plot event I had a problem with was Bastila 'finding another'. Bastila to me, lived for the Jedi and the code, and then for Revan when she fell in love. I think therefore, that it is completely out of character for her to fall in love with someone else. I could have accepted her wanting to have nothing more to do with him and returning to her strict, Jedi code inspired previous life. Like I said, it's your fic; I just thought it was somewhat out of character for her.

As far as your writing style goes, I think it's quite good. You have a way of creating dialogue that's very easy to read and evokes a real emotional response. I do think you focus on the dialogue to the exclusion sometimes of description. Looking at my writing, you might say I get a little too verbose. To each his own.

Anyway, my little quibbles aside, I thought it was well done and quite enjoyable on the whole. Now I just hope you finish Destiny's Knight II, Darkest Knight and Fall. I have really enjoyed all of them.

Keep up the good work!
Chiara Sholuk chapter 38 . 12/23/2005
Sorry bout that last review it won't let me writ e. See I have to write it like that now. UGH

Anyway's really cool story by the way, though what happened to the two Jedi apprentices that Revan as watching when Darth Whats-his-face came? Anyone that thinks this story sucks shouldn't read stories about war then should they. YAThanks for the awesome story,

Typhoon99 chapter 38 . 12/23/2005
An amazing story, very fitting (if rather surprising) conclusion to it. I agree with your statements about not everything ending in a happy way and to be honest i believe this ending is most definatly the best way to do so, the entire overtone of the story throughout you've managed to keep with an overtone of despair and suffering which really works well and if you were to end it "happyily" or on "the lightside" like alot of people seem to be whining about i reckon that would just shatter how plausible the story sounds.

However i have to admit the loss of Bastila was something i didn't agree with, throughout the story there was the whole subject of the force bonds that where between the characters, and we all know that Revans and Bastila's was the greatest of all, and while yes in some cases 4 years might have been alot to wait, i still believe with the bond they had (in this case somewhat supernatural due to its force nature), Bastila wouldn't have nessicarily gone and sought "solace" in someone else, the pain of the losses she had suffered she may have just turned in on herself in despair. You never mentioned how bonds could be severed completely and i believe that would have been the case between revan and bastila, there would have always been something between them, i mean in the early parts of your story during Revans actual fall, bastila waited 4 years for him then didn't she? I always had the feeling that the something else she wanted to tell Revan in KotorII was more along the lines of she was pregnant or some suspicious happenings in the outer rim from the threat of nihilus or sion, or hell maybe to actually finally admit to revan she loved him rather than her finding another man otherwise i doubt they would have put her back in kotorII.

Darth Sidious's mention of Revan's final end is also somewhat obscure, this may be intentional i admit but it would be nicer if you could clarify a bit on what exactly happened.

Those are my only construtive critisims but otherwise i've got the say this is without a doubt the best FanFic i've ever read, I look forward to the developement of the others your working on (especially Darkest Knight)

And to be honest, those who complain about your dark writing and ending, why don't you challenge them to do better and write 144,0 words on their own version of it, to finally end this story must be a real achivement for you.

Cheers for an amazing story, its been a treat watching it unfold.
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