Reviews for BlueEyed Soul
Sour Schuyler chapter 1 . 2/15/2006
_ Whoa. That was the best poem I've read yet this year. _ I loved the perfect rhyming! I updated Tastes Like Pudding, by the way, just thought you'd like to know. This was seriously really, really great. I love how it all seemed to have a meter to it, (I don't know if there was a specific one you were using) and how it all fit into a rhyming scheme.
Slightly Sinister Sinestra chapter 29 . 1/29/2006
OMG! I love them all! Write more! Pretty please?
Shaylo Gatomon chapter 1 . 12/6/2005
It was interesting. It did seem to express Kaiba. I'll try to read the other chapters.
Nanni Nano chapter 29 . 11/25/2005
OMG! SO SORRY FOR NOT REVIEWING IN LIKE A BILLION YEARS, but I moved to fictionpress so I probably won't be a very frequent reviewer. EXCELLENT, I like how the speaker was talking to Seto and how you put-you used him a lot. I especially loved the ending, a nice tool to wrap it all together. Nice job, keep it up!

~Scarecrow or ttSerenity
Sakina the Fallen Angel chapter 29 . 8/27/2005

I'm so glad you're back, missed you loads! Great song, by the way! I hope everything works out for you, you're a very talented writer and it was great being email buddies.

Mail me whenever!

Sakina x
xXRoseGoddessXx chapter 29 . 8/19/2005
AWESOME! Yay, you updated! great poem. check out my new seto petry collection if u can. update soon.
Hikari Daeron chapter 29 . 8/19/2005
Me: Good! I thought that was a really good idea to write about, really sad... it's true though, Mokuba didn't care even though Seto was being mean... but he had a good reason! He didn't want Mokuba to be hurt!

Myarra: Stop defending him.


Myarra: Whatever.

ME: t-HU. Still liked it though.
Mariku-san chapter 29 . 8/18/2005
wow...that was a good one sami me likey! the way you repeated that phase over and really made an impact on the poem. it showed power and was very useful. i love it
Computerfreak101 chapter 29 . 8/17/2005
It cut me off AGAIN! I HATE these review thingies! Anyway, as I was SAYING, I guess it's out of the question for SRKC to be reposted here, huh? Suckies. Anyway...Hey, can you give me the names of the other sites you write for, I know Quizilla, but what else? What other fanfic site is taking you away from me?

Camille: That sounds sick.

o.O YOU have a dirty mind.

*shrugs* I hang around Youko too much.

Salaya: That's apparent.

Maiana: Salaya! I'm impressed! 'Apparent'is a big word for you!

Salaya: Shut up.

*laughs* As you can se, they haven't changed. Sami, can I ask you something.

*gets down on one knee*

Salaya, Maiana, and Camille: O.O

Maiana: Hikari...what are you doing?

*takes deep breath* Sami Ryou's Hikari, we've known each other for a long time and I wanted to ask you, as a favor to me, would you make me the happiest writer on this site and-

Salaya, Maiana, and Camille: 0.0



Salaya, Maiana, and Camille: *anime fall*

Salaya: You were asking her to review a FIC?

Yeah. What did you think I was doing? Proposing or something?

Salaya, Maiana, and Camille, Sesshomaru, Bakura and Kaiba: *even bigger anime fall*

*laughs* Oh, and Sami, lil' relationship update. Maiana is still with Sesshy, and Salaya has hooked up with Bakura and Camille's goin' out with Kaiba now.

Camille: And I am SO happy!

Salaya: .

Maiana: *rolls eyes* They are WAY to preky about this.

Sesshomaru: Does that mean you're not happy with me?

Maiana: Of course not Sesshy! I love you!

Sesshomaru: .

So...what to say, what to say...*sigh* There's nothing to say. I-OH! YOU'RE NOT ME! . I downloaded the whole soundtrack to Yugioh the movie onto my iTunes thing. I love this song, along with Blind Ambiton. So...yeah, that's it. I missed ya loads Sami, it's SO great to hear from you. PLEASE revoew one of my fics, and don't be mad 'cause my muses took yours and Sami Yamashima's boyfriends. I still remeber when 'Ana and Aurora fought over Yami Marik. *shudders* I do NOT need a repeat of that. So...bye! Love ya lots Sami!

Maiana, Salaya, Camille, and everyone else: Bye!
samuraiduck27 -2 lazy 2 log in chapter 29 . 8/17/2005
*sniffs* Why is it you always manage to make me cry? *sobs and goes to get a tissue* Great poem Sami- it's been a while, ne? Glad to see you're still writing. Keep up the great job and update soon!
swdewleaf chapter 29 . 8/16/2005
Poor Mokie...*absently hits Seto on the head with the keyboard*

Seto: Ow! What the hell was that for?

Wonderful poem!

love Rose
Angel1876 chapter 28 . 8/4/2005
These are really good! I startted reading these pomes too! I hope you update thie and your thots from a lost are boath good!
Mariku-san chapter 28 . 8/2/2005
well...i have been keeping up...i just haven't given a review, which is wrong of me! I KNOW!...well anyway. I haven't died, nor have I vanished off of the planet. I've just been busy but now I'm going to be taking more time to stay on track with I love the poems Sami. Fools and Lies are my fav thus far. Well, I can't wait til I hear more from you. ttyl. once again, I dig the poems.
AbndXAllXSanity chapter 11 . 7/13/2005
This was really good just like all your other ones! I have no idea how someone can write a poem about someone else almost exactly like what the person would say. Ok that's very confuesing to understand. But it's summer so no one has to understand! HEHE! Great poem. I hate Noah, he's so mean. Sorry to anyone who likes Noah. Great poem! Never stop writing beacause I never want to stop reading! _!
AbndXAllXSanity chapter 10 . 7/13/2005
Wonderful poem! It fits what Kaiba thinks of Mokuba well! Great job. Your poems enspire me! HEHE! Thanks!
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