Reviews for Let it Be
Arista Hanson chapter 1 . 4/25/2001
I love your story, but there is something that doesn't make sense if Jamies's Mom just got there than who's been making his medical desions (did I spell that right?)?
Darkchilde chapter 6 . 4/23/2001
Okay-if he doesn't live with his mom, and his dad is dead, who the heck does he live with! So confused...but that's okay, that's how I normally am! ANyway, great job, more please, and that was just plain mean with THAT cliffhanger! Great job!
JamForever chapter 6 . 4/23/2001
hi this is good so far. please keep going. can i make a suggestion, have maybe some val and tyler love stuff people here really love those too and so do i.
Satya Kaden chapter 6 . 4/22/2001
IT"S HIS MOM? Wow, I did not see that one coming. And now there is another mysterious person in his room? Hmmmm...wonder who that could be... Oh, more, must have more. great fic, Bea. I am totally hooked on this one and MBGW and S&S. All of them are so good! Wonderful work!
starmindy chapter 6 . 4/22/2001
Good! I take it the stranger isn't Jamie's father? And if his mom was never around and he didn't know his dad who did he live with? Sorry, about the questions:)
Mad Cow chapter 6 . 4/21/2001
Ug, BEA, you just have to tempt me like this, dontcha? I get into it, y'know 'Yaaaay! Another chapter!' and then you have to end it! Nooooooo! I hope you get the next part out soon, or else I will be forced to pull out my head inflator pump, and if you thought I was working hard to inflate your head before...*evil cackling*
Maureen chapter 6 . 4/21/2001
me like! who's the dude? why am I hyper? love you babe!
Tinabedina chapter 6 . 4/21/2001
Oooh! Oooh! I know! (actually I don't, But I 'think' I know) (actually it's probably wrong. I thought Tyler was taken away by Bigfoot in "Male Bonding" when it was actually a mountain guy.) But great fic! Can't wait for the next part! I want to know who this mysterious guy is, that we've been hearing about for the last '4' chapters!
SharasKemet chapter 6 . 4/21/2001
ARGH! Suspense...*laughs*...Bea, I'm very proud of you! good for you for continuing to write. I can't wait to see more...and I love how the conversations are going...-Deren
Josephine Rayne chapter 5 . 4/12/2001
Great story! Write more soon!
monica chapter 5 . 4/10/2001
good job! i really enjoyed your story, keep it coming.

p.s. maybe you should include some t/v and/or j/c , but it's just a suggestion
Satya Kaden chapter 5 . 4/9/2001
ooohhh, I so want to know who the mysterious person is. *wracks brain* I just cannot figure it out. Anyway, sorry it took me so long to review this chapter. I had to get past my annoying honors paper first. Even as we speak, Deren sits next to me in the comp lab writing hers. Oy. Anywho, lovely chapter and I cannot wait to see more from you, Bea. Very cool.
PineappleAddict7 chapter 5 . 4/6/2001
kewl. i wanna see who it is! write!
Josephine Rayne chapter 5 . 4/4/2001
Good as always. are you an er fan? can wait to read the next chapter
SharasKemet chapter 5 . 4/4/2001
Cool Stuff Bea! :) It was really good. I like it, even if it is short! The ER lingo was great, as was the gang's reaction to what happened to him...and, I am totally in your hands in regards to the mystery guess...Keep up the good work! :)-Deren
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