Reviews for Afraid of the light
Amy chapter 20 . 2/4
It's a great chapter to bring the previous ones into a tidy knot. Grissom did his bits, and located the metal box; now some families would at lease have their answers if not the closures. Goodman did his bits, now Grissom was almost ready to be honest with himself. Sara did her bits, now she had better sense of self and she was ready to confront what she had with Grissom.
Amy chapter 19 . 2/4
Things started looking better for sure. Danny was improving, Sara was getting netter handling herself. Robbie was just as sick and evil like his father and Hatfield. Goodwater sounded like a man who knew himself well. This man might just be the one capable of yanking Grissom out of his own head.
Amy chapter 18 . 2/4
The fake blonde was totally blown away by the talks she had with Grissom. It looked like it was strict sex for him, and she agreed to the arrangement. Then she wanted something more out of their involvement, and now she was in shock to see their affair die. I felt sorry for her, though. It was terminated in such cold and harsh manner. What was the matter with this man? Well, life went on, maybe it's s time for her to be back with Ecklie again.

The fake blonde waved bye-bye to a chapter in her life while Sara, thousand miles away, was working on a new beginning.
Amy chapter 17 . 2/4
Hatfield was one evil SOB. Now I know why he would enjoy watching those recordings. Tape-watching is far more inferior that hearing the words out of his victim's mouth. He got to know first hand the impact on Sara and the terror she had to live with after surviving what he and his cohorts did to her. It was too bad Sara did not have Dr. Martens on.

I believe strongly Jack Malone made the sensible suggestion. Sara needed to be away from it all. No doubt this trauma counselor in NY should just be the right one to help her. It was a huge relief no one mentioned LH should be considered to talk to Sara! What I would love to see is how Grissom would behave or act towards his Fish Face woman once he's back to Las Vegas.
Amy chapter 16 . 2/4
Sam was so cool. Malone would be stupid not to address 'the elephant in the room' with her. As for Grissom, I just wished he could be open and honest about the mess he got himself into with the fake blonde. Was he using her for sexual gratification only? Was he wanting something more from her? I would hate to see Grissom play with Sara's needs while still very much involved, sexually or emotionally, with the fake blonde.

I thought it was a good sign Sara wanted to take matterms into her own hands. She was right about fighting it herself, and not sitting on the sideline being a mere spectator. As for going to see Hatfield, she just might surprise everybody what she could come out with. I could see why she needed to put Hatfield to rest.
Amy chapter 15 . 2/3
I think this chapter marked the turning point in terms of the story direction. It was kind of strange to learn the fake blonde would think Grissom as emotionally tidy kind of man. What was the reason she jumped into bed with him? Strict sex and no emotional investment at all? But then why was she jealousy being territorial? She did consider herself as Grissom's girlfriend after all. What was Grissom to her?

Apparently Sara wasn't doing well at all. She needed all the professional help she could get. I somehow trust Danny and Sam more than others. Definitely she should go to N.Y. and start the treatment sessions under that particular trauma counselor's guidance. I liked what she had to say to Grissom; I could feel the old Sara was still there somewher. She was much more than a woman having a better mattress! No surprise, though, that Grissom was back to his 'I don't know what to do about this' mold. Well, he could always go back to his new girlfriend for all I care!

Hatfield wanted to talk to Sara? That sicko would try to break Sara completely.
Amy chapter 14 . 2/3
The differences and similarities between Grissom/Sara and Jack/Sam were brought to life in a very sleek manner. They needed to let go, move on with their own lives. But, could they, or would they? Seeing Danny on the mend could do nothing but good for Sara; however, I wasn't sure the way Sara needed Grissom at this point of time was a healthy one. Besides, what did Grissom want out of the relationship or the non-relationship he had with Sara? Perhaps the Fish Face got it right when she said something dysfunctional. How would Grissom deal his affair with her, ANYWAY? On top of everything, Hatfield still had a game to play. The turn of events was simply riveting
Amy chapter 13 . 2/3
I winced when I first thought Sanchez did violate Sara while she was kept in that cold basement. It was such a relief to realize she was only having a nightmare. How Grissom behaved in her dream could easily be taking place in reality. He really had a long way to go to get her trust back. But then, she was always forgiving whenever and wherever Grissom was concerned. Guess Grissom would worn his way into her goodlook.
Amy chapter 12 . 2/3
Wasn't Malone great? He did prove what good team leader he was. I didn' t know why, but Sara's words of 'He didn't hurt me bad' made me want to weep. What a brave soul. But why would she be the one to ask for Grissom's friendship?
Losing Sara made him angry that day, he said. What did he mean? Don't tell me he was going to go on juggling Sara's trust and the fake blonde's lust.
Amy chapter 11 . 2/3
I can tell Grissom the reasons why he pushed Sara away: Charlotte, Teri, Lady Heather, Sofia, plus all the others he had the pleasure of running into at the conferences he attended! He really shouldn't ask for a second chance with Sara. He gotta deal with the Fish Face first.

In a sense, I was glad Malone would be the one to find Sara if what he saw was Sara.
Amy chapter 10 . 2/3
Even a prick like Grissom had to be marveled at Sara's perseverance. Wouldn't Malone want someone like Sara to be a member of his team? So, Sara had to be away from the property by now; would Danny be able to fight back?
Amy chapter 9 . 2/3
What a woman that Sara was. At this moment I couldn't think of any words other than resilient and resourceful. She escaped from that hell house. Who would get to her first?

Sorry, but I simply couldn't take Grissom's thoughts at face value. It was really time for Sara to break away and be herself again.
Amy chapter 8 . 2/3
This was a poignant conversation shared between Malone and Grissom. At least Malone loved and was loved in return even it didn'the last ; unlike Grissom. He only wanted Sara to want him while he went where his mr. johnson led him all the way to that woman who might or might not have her underwear on.
Amy chapter 7 . 2/3
It's telling that Sara dreamed about her workmates, Catherine included, but not the Fish Face. How frightening it must be for her in the dream pleading for help but receiving none. Jack Malone seemed like to be a straighttalker, so unlike the big dork from LV.
Amy chapter 5 . 2/3
Definitely Sara was taken by Hatficeld's partner in crime. It gotta be someone he trusted thoroughly. While Catherine a said all the right words, Grissom still came off as one weird dickhead. He went ahead to start a relationship with another woman while keeping owing full well it would tear Sara to pieces, and now he had the nerve to say Sara meant the world to him? He truly know how to struggle with loneliness and trust issues by stmoping on Sara's heart and having a roll in the hay with that unmentionable female.

Hatfield was caught, but Sara was not to be found. Did Hatfield's partner have her somewhere else?
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