Reviews for Eyes of the Jackal
Gwynevere1 chapter 18 . 2/20/2005
How Stockholm Syndromey.
Macbeth's Lady chapter 18 . 2/19/2005
O, very good. Interesting, original, well-written. Sexy. I eagerly await more.
Cyprith chapter 17 . 2/19/2005
I've been thinking about chapter 18. Cats dont really have masters... they have pet humans. Is Erik Raoul's pet human.

That could be fun.
Cyprith chapter 18 . 2/19/2005
My eyes are huge at the moment. That was, I believe, the closest you have come to slash in your long, long life of 18 chapter.

You have had be on the edge of my bloody seat for the past 9 chapters. I cant -flippin- wait to see the next few. God! I was hyperventilating in the hope that they would kiss. Look what yer doin' to yer fans here!

I can picture everything that happens when you write. Its beautiful. I love reading what you write. Its like watching TV. I wish I could find this channel on my TV. Its a happy day when I find little messages in my inbox that sat Zeech is updating again. I love those more than my own reviews. And those mean alot to me.

okay... So I'm just gonna go wander off and read that last chapter a few hundred more times and hope you update soon. .
Sat-IsisSuten Net chapter 16 . 2/19/2005
d00d...this is "teh awesome." You are so very good at this. Please update again. Soon. _
Shandethe Sanders chapter 16 . 2/19/2005
Poor Raoul! *hugs* I love Erik to bits, but I wanted to do horrible things to him when he beat my sweet, adorable Raoul! I love the way you represent Raoul, by the way. It seems very real and true to the character.

*hugs Raoul tightly*

Jaclyn chapter 16 . 2/18/2005
I gotta say, I thought "Phantom of the Opera" would be the LAST place I would ever read a slash fanfic, because (honestly) there isn't much subtext to work with anyway.


A brilliant bold and BEAUTIFUL story must be read, and yours is all that and more.

I am painfully and humbly impressed, and await the completion of your work in the near future.
Padfootwolfboy chapter 16 . 2/18/2005

My mind must be really jaded if I think THAT is fluff. But they're working together now. It's cute. And Erik isn't yelling anymore. And there is no more lake.

No more lake please. The lake is scary. You have really made me paranoid of lakes.

Update soon! This is exciting.
Gwynevere1 chapter 16 . 2/18/2005
"Raoul suppresses a comment he knows will only earn him more pain."

OK, that made me laugh.

I like how you are working with the differences of both characters. It's easy to admire the Phantom, because he has the broody, big black coat genius thing down. He has all the sexy talents.

However, Raoul has his abilities, too. He would be good at "boring" things, like organization. He'd be the one keeping the world running by doing the mundane, so others can go be creative.

Or possibly I'm trying too hard.
Cyprith chapter 16 . 2/18/2005
Whats this? Erik being civil. *evil grin* The next chapter promised to be interesting.
Padfootwolfboy chapter 15 . 2/18/2005
::whimpers:: Oh. Poor Raoul. Poor poor Raoul. I love the in depth look into his character. I wish I could know what was going on in Erik's mind but I love how all of it is confusion and misery and man! You've made ME hate the lake. I never want to be wet again. Br.
Gwynevere1 chapter 15 . 2/18/2005
"Does anyone have any thoughts on the plausibility of a slash fic without too much angst or tragedy? anyone? anyone? Bueller? Thanks!"

Well, I do not want to say that anything cannot be done in fan fiction-because I've been proven wrong in the past! I have seen well-done non-angsty slash fic in other fandoms: X-Men, LOTR, LOTRiPS, Buffyverse. However, the very nature of POTO doesn't lend itself to hearts and puppies. It's a very tragic story and a sad situation for all the main characters. No one gets 100% happiness. Therefore, I think it would be difficult to do non-tragic Erik slash or Raoul slash without going too OOC; and slash doesn't work if you have to take it too many steps away from the main storyline.

You could, of course, try Managers!Slash. They are the comedic relief, anyway. Also, it doesn't take a large leap to see them as slashable: two men who spend a lot of time with each other and enjoy each other's company.

JMHO. Hope that helps.
aeipathy chapter 15 . 2/18/2005
I want to reiterate how wonderful I think this is; your writing is beautifully emotional and full of detail, however others might find such details disturbing. I hope you aren't being too bothered about treating Raoul so badly - fiction is fiction, he is only a character, and additionally one must remember how much anguish writers put Erik through, additionally, as well as other characters. Some of the best writing of fanfiction comes from the expression of anguish, both of the authors and the characters.

To answer your question, I think that it's difficult to make slash fanfiction plausible, because typically the characters involved are actually heterosexual. It seems that only when placed in situations of angst or tragedy, extenuating cirucmstances, so to speak, can it be more plausible than usual for characters to question their own beliefs, including their sexualities.

Anyway, once again, excellent work; I hope this continues.
aeipathy chapter 1 . 2/18/2005
How interesting! I'm always drawn to slash, I'll admit. But unlike most slash, this seems to be well-written; I love your use of description and detail.
The Maiden Amorisa chapter 15 . 2/18/2005
already reading this on operagasm, but you are giving me an orgasm, mwah I love you. Sex. Now. Soon.
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