Reviews for A Promise Made
Animagical chapter 1 . 4/9/2007
oh em gee oh em gee! This is exactly how I imagined it would happen! *warm fuzzies inside* This should've happened in the real books! Bravo! *happy dance*
Eternity's Sapphire Edawn chapter 5 . 10/1/2006
Nice touch: "He'll be very happy that you will have one less reason to mope about now." Hilarious! Must click to next chapter now...

Au voir

laced-with-fire chapter 5 . 7/27/2006
that was a seriously cool story, ok so ashe dies but at least achmed and rhapsody get together.
Frenchgal chapter 5 . 4/19/2006
Very nice story... It's been too long since EH wrote a new Rhapsody book, and you gave a great feeling there. I don't know if I really want the Achmed/Rhapsody relationship to work, because I liked Ashe... But I definitely want to know what happens next !
Cybrokat chapter 1 . 4/12/2005
Secret,I agree completely with your "needed to add more Ashe" comment. And I'm her beta. She just doesn't listen. *sticks out tongue at Mystica* See what you get Cass? And again, I would write a long review but you get my comments as I beta each chapter. Unlike other authors, all mistakes are mine because I know she stinks at it and I am supposed to cover for her. 1st chap is my fav too and I like A Voice Stayed too. D
romanticidiot chapter 5 . 4/4/2005
Sorry it's taken me so long to review; fanfic is being so awful to me right now. Anyway, I wanted to say that this fic has just kind of filled something for me. I, guiltily, have only read 'Rhapsody' and 'Destiny', so I have missed a lot and I've only just learn about the second series, but it drove me crazy all the way through those two thinking that Rhapsody and Achmed needed to be together. In fact, it changed my view on love at first sight, from believer to non believer, just by this book. Anyway, I think this was really well written and very plausible, in the storyline. The best chapter by far was the first one, and I appreciate how *hard* it would be to write Achmed in love and in character. Only thing I would say is that I'm not sure how believable Ashe's response was. You built up the tension really well with wondering what was going to happen with his dragon anger, but then when he cried and ended up on the floor, it kind of shattered and not in an entirely good way. I suppose, though, to have that anger apparent would make for more of a story than you were probably prepared to write. And I would also suggest, just generally, that you might have needed to have included more description of the way Rhapsody felt for Ashe. I don't like the bugger (mind my French), but she did love him, and her guilt would be based a lot around that. The part where she's at the ... er.. council thing (sorry, bad memory) when she's going to Ylorc was good, though, that was the sort of stuff you need.

Only one glaring grammar mistake "Love was never an issue that he had never dealt with before." That needed to be either 'Love was never an issue he had dealt with before' or 'love was an issue he had never dealt with before.'

Sorry, this review probably sounds more flamish/nittpykiish than encouraging, but I really did enjoy the story; I kept coming back in an attempt to review it, didn't I? And I've read the first chapter something like 3 times and you really handled Achmed in love very well there, I think.

I don't think this is actually finished, is it? I'll stick you on my Author Alert anyway.

Anyway, well done with this!

Love always,

LizzY :D
King Harold chapter 5 . 3/3/2005
ding dong the witch is dead! I dislike Ashe. Someone so perfect is dull, and he is much too perfect. At least now he is gone, and I can rejoice! Also, I loved the way that you compared the two loves, it was really true, the whole soulmates thing annoyed me anyway. This is way better. Rhapsody and Achmed is the best pairing, beauty and an ugly face, showing that love isn't limited to the beautiful. Even someone that is as hideous as Achmed can find love in someone so beautiful as Rhapsody. Great job, thanks for a good read!
Anonymous Laughter chapter 5 . 3/2/2005
I loved this story! I just finished reading both of the stories you wrote. They were wonderful. You are definately on my favorites list now! This was so cute! I hope it will continue though. Nice work!
MildmayFoxe chapter 5 . 2/17/2005
I love this story. i cant even tell you how happy the idea of Achmed and Rhapsody finally together makes me. is this the end or were you planning on writing more? please do!