Reviews for Before the Dawn
NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands chapter 49 . 15h
Thanks for a great read. I don’t usually stay engaged for Linder five but I think each chapter had enough story to merit anyone’s interest.
Thanks again!
NotEnoughTime chapter 39 . 18h
Weeping! That hurt so bad!
That was so hard. :-(
NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands chapter 26 . 7/19
Lovely. So delicately done. I find this story so easy to read without being obvious. Thanks once again!
NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands chapter 24 . 7/19
Aaahhhhhhhh (repeat as required). How on earth is this going to be ok! I can only think of one magical creature that could help! Pleeaaasssseee!
NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands chapter 21 . 7/19
Great update. I love AU and also a fan of a rating change in a good story!
NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands chapter 16 . 7/18
Omg what did he say?
This is a great story. I’m enjoying the pace and your storytelling. It deserves more reviews and I promise to add to it as I go!
HeatherGrey07 chapter 49 . 7/10
I absolutely loved this story! Severus and Hermione’s relationship was so perfect!
Guest chapter 39 . 7/10
So cruel what happened to the Weasley clan!
alreynolds13 chapter 49 . 7/5
This fic was a-ma-zing! The slow burn was glorious, and I loved the twist with Draco taking Snape's place as spy. Also, you have done what no other HP fic has yet to made me actually cry...TWICE! I can usually keep my emotions internal while reading death in fics, but I utterly lost it during the funeral chapter. I wasn't just wiping away a few stray tears, I was straight up sobbing. And then, you got me again with Draco at the end. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this fic. It was an honor to read.
Fantomette34 chapter 49 . 6/11
What a shame for me who read your wonderful story a few years ago and I did not leave a comment...
I thank you for this moving fiction, so much more great than the original. If only JKR had allowed Severus to survive and experience happiness with... Hermione ?
You are an incredible author, and I felt a lot of emotions reading you.
A thousand thanks and good luck !
Kushka chapter 49 . 6/2
Great story
Mmlefay chapter 49 . 5/21
I loved this! It was magnificent. I’m surprised it doesn’t have more reviews, I enjoyed it as least as much as post tenebrae lux, if not more. Thanks!
LadyKazi chapter 49 . 5/12
wow. i don't have more words. just wow. it is rare to render me speechless but you have done so. Beautifully done
JellyToastx chapter 49 . 5/3
Oh my goodness! I ate this story right up! After reading a 700k fic beforehand this felt like a very fast-paced one and I couldn't be more thankful. This story is amazing, and so realistic, just like it would happen in my daydreams. Thank you for writing this!
Jessibelle811 chapter 31 . 4/20
I struggled with whether or not to leave a review. I know this fic is 12 years old and you've probably hear it before, but I had to walk away after this chapter. I want to say that you have an incredible writing talent, and I hope you continue to write to this day. For my part, I didn't like Hermione's reaction (or lack of) to Snape crudely invading her mind and physically hurting her. In my eyes his actions are tantamount to rape and should be addressed as such. Being juxtaposed against Crabbe and Goyle's forceful, violent physical attack doesn't diminish Severus's actions for me, but only highlights the insidious nature of partner abuse. That said, Hermione's reaction is painfully realistic. She exhibits classic signs of an abused party by shifting the blame to herself. These dynamics can be intriguing to explore in their own right, but for me the story lost it's entertainment value at this point.

I hope you are still writing to this day, and if you have any original (non-fan fic) work I would be interesting to read it. I'm sorry to be a downer. I'm only motivated to leave what I hope is constructive criticism because I found your writing so clear, concise and entertaining. :)
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