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kyothefallenkit chapter 9 . 10/7/2009
will this be updated someday? X3 I hope so XD I really like this story.
NostalgiaS chapter 10 . 12/30/2008

I found it super entertaining. I especially liked how you put character quotes at the beginning of each chapter.


kyothefallenkit chapter 10 . 7/30/2007
*pouts* aww it's over . Please update this story soon. I didn't have an account before and i read this and hoped that it would update, but it didn't *pouts* anyways, now that i do have one i'll put this i my alert list X3
Blindseer 1 chapter 10 . 12/19/2006
This is a very good story update soon please
Black Firelight chapter 3 . 8/7/2006
i like!
cuylerjade chapter 10 . 4/11/2006
Love the story - very original!

Dont' stop! Please? Update soon!
AvatarNyaNya chapter 1 . 2/13/2006
I love this story! I love both Saiyuki and fullmetal alchemist and I love how you've made Ed and Roy a couple . because of your story i'm now a RoyxEd fan, yay! I know you haven't updated in a while but please please please update soon!
animecrazd chapter 1 . 2/7/2006
I love this story saiyuki and fullmetal are my favs and the way you made them all fit togethere is great. This is the only Fullmetal/saiyuki story that I've read or could find but i've read many different fics of both and this is so right on with the what they would say and act. Please i beg you to read more!
Ranger chapter 10 . 9/23/2005
I hadn't checked back in awhile and was glad to see the update. Having Envy know about Goku's limiter is very bad; Goku could easily kill everybody. of course, Hakkai could take off his ear cuffs; in the manga, he really impressed/freaked Goku when he did, but I don't know if even he could stand up against Goku.
JMJV chapter 10 . 9/8/2005
I think I know who Jerry is... it's now made obvious! But in case others don't know, I won't name names

Another good chapter! The most heartwrenching would have to be the mother with the children *sniffle* For some reason though, the youkai children just didn't seem close to as sad as the mother and children. I'm looking forward to more!
FMA-fangirl chapter 10 . 9/3/2005
I like your fic a lot~! _

I think this is the first crossover with saiyuki that I read! (I'm not so sure, but even if I've read about others I forgot so I can safely say that this is the best anyways XD)

I do feel sad that Ed is not strong anymore T_T

but I like the 'Ed being vulnerable and delicate' theme~ XD

And I agree with you, torturing Ed is fun (I'm sorry Ed!)

Sorry that I only put up an update for the last chapter *
Firehedgehog chapter 10 . 9/3/2005
continue soon please
Grasshopper chapter 10 . 9/3/2005
Just when I think I've been desensitized to mass carnage and the like, I read something like this - especially the part regarding the youkai children - and am delighted to find out that I am, in fact, not completely desensitized to such horrors.

Poor Goku. Poor, poor Goku...for now, at least. In the end, it'll be poor Envy-sama, because it's -never- a good thing to fuck with Sanzo's monkey. That's a privilege held for the Sanzo-ikkou alone, na no da.

I thought that bit was inspired by "Titanic" - that scene was the first thing that came to mind when reading about that.

*smirks* Roy the dirty boyscout. Hehehe, I love the image that brings to mind...

Hmm... I do love bitch boots, but...I'mma have to go with the combat boots and fishnets. Fishnets rock, na no da, almost as much as buckles do!

Bishies of all sorts are nice, I just tend to prefer sullen, angsty ones. Or, y'know, just ones with angst. Because angst (along with crack pairings) make my world go 'round.

Rawr...Gojyo/Ran...Yohji/Sanzo...redheads and blondes... *adores all types of crossover pairings*

Ran x Ken, Ken x Ran, either one is good for me! In Side B, Ken tracks down Ran (now working for a different group than Kritiker) in England because, as he puts it, Ran is a necessity in his life. Project Daybreak (thefarshore. has some links to good Side B sites for more info. Side note: another beloved Side B pairing of mine - Free x Michel. *adoresadoresadores* Most of the Side B fics I know of are Ran/Ken, but TalithaX has an outstanding Yohji/Ran series that just kills me with its greatness. It doesn't start out in the Side B 'verse, but it gets there eventually. After a lot of really good angst and the like. _

Uwah~ I adore nekojita! Her Shadows arc is amazing in too many ways to describe! The Violet Eyes storyline and "The Other Side" leave me speechless, na no da!

I think part of my love of an uke Yohji is because I prefer his manga looks to that of the anime; green-eyed brunettes just -do- it for me, y'know? And Side B Ken is wa~y cool. I thought I couldn't love him more after Gluhen, but it turns out I was wrong, hehe. Seme Omi is very, -very- scary. Even if he's with Nagi, I can only stand seme Omi if it's Kapitel settings, because Gluhen Nagi is fricking mindblowing and seme-ish. *smirks* It's almost like Trowa x Quatre, only darker coloring, fufufu. And Omi-kun shoulda just given up and stolen one of the shop girls' school uniforms, considering his regular wardrobe. _

I say they'd just fuck. Because there are more annoying people to kill and the fucking could come in handy as a stress reducer later. And, besides - what you don't kill now, you can kill tomorrow!

When I read chapters full of smut, it has to have some form of plot written into it, or it's just over the top. But if there's plenty of plot, especially plot to which the smut is integral, I greatly enjoy mucho smuttiness.

Gluhen designs, though they take time to get used to, tend to grow on one. Ran is always hot, Yohji could have been worse (I'm still trying to accept the short hair), and Ken (as shown by his mission uniform) had great legs and a right shapely figure. *smirks* Gotta love womanly hips on a guy, fufufu. I could possibly see Crawford's white hair (if given a good enough explanation), but no one can excuse the monacle. Only Hakkai can pull that off. Omi...or Mamoru, is Businessman!Quatre with darker hair.

I'm not too big on video games, but every once in a while I'll enjoy something that comes along (especially in regards to Final Fantasy games). Evil bishies with silver hair are just...I dunno...extra evil or something.

I look forward to your next chapter! Ja ne!
Dark Avalon chapter 10 . 9/2/2005
M...leather hot pants, bitch boots, AND fishnets...yeah bishies are lovely lovely things... Well, I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait for more. The imagery in this chapter was very strong and I could empathize with the characters a great deal. You write very well, more please!
Terry-McElrath chapter 10 . 9/2/2005
Oh, yes! Another chapter! I was very happy to see this author alert in my inbox. It may have been a bit short, but it was well worth waiting for. Goku is in trouble. He is no match for Envy when it comes to being devious. And now Envy knows how dangerous Goku is without his power limiter. We all know that he will put that information to good - er, I mean bad use. Ed is in trouble, too, although he doesn't know it yet (Well, Goku doesn't know it, either.). Envy just can't seem to leave Ed alone. Of course now there is Roy to act all protective towards Ed. That might make for an interest confrontation: Roy vs. Envy. Well, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for updating!
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