Reviews for Phantom Companions
WinterRose16312 chapter 67 . 8/12
Well, here we are at the end of this review-fest. This was a perfectly lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, reliving my middle school days in the Phandom. Thank you so much for writing this. I've enjoyed it so much over the past 13 years.

If you want to finish it, that would be awesome! If you'd rather not or if life's gotten in the way, I understand. As long as you don't delete this, I'm good.

This is one of those little pleasures that may not necessarily be high art, but brings a smile to a face. Thanks a lot.
WinterRose16312 chapter 66 . 8/12
And that's another major plot point taken care of!
WinterRose16312 chapter 65 . 8/12
It's like a Shakespearean comedy going on here. Everyone gets paired off at the end.
WinterRose16312 chapter 64 . 8/12
What kind of dress does Anna wind up getting for Cecily's masquerade?
WinterRose16312 chapter 63 . 8/12
I like Raoul's little potshot there at the end of the chapter.
WinterRose16312 chapter 62 . 8/12
The Sue sounds like every bad romance novel heroine ever. Or Bella from Twilight!
WinterRose16312 chapter 61 . 8/12
Anna needs to up her game, pretty quick.

And now the ballet rats listening to NSYNC will be stuck in my head. Thanks.
WinterRose16312 chapter 60 . 8/12
Gerry vs. Darcy, yay! *snerk*

Also, I like how you're setting up that Erik's isolation can't last now that the cousins have entered his life. Like it or not, he'll have to leave the Lair at some point, but at least he'll have a wife to take out on Sundays now.
WinterRose16312 chapter 59 . 8/12
Algy needs to back away now, back away fast. He'll get what's coming to him, I hope?
WinterRose16312 chapter 58 . 8/12
How did it take the cousins this long to introduce Erik to Monty Python?
WinterRose16312 chapter 57 . 8/12
Poor Erik, and poor Van Helsing, though he deserves it.
WinterRose16312 chapter 56 . 8/12
Well, at least Paddy's not naked anymore.

Algernon's smarminess is never attractive.
WinterRose16312 chapter 55 . 8/12
I love how Raoul haggles with the olive vendor.
WinterRose16312 chapter 54 . 8/12
It's not the fault of poodles that they are inherently ridiculous dogs.
WinterRose16312 chapter 53 . 8/12
I'm glad Anna and Brooke get to go shopping.
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