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Guest chapter 42 . 4/14
I'm happy I actually took the time to enjoy reading this this week, though I am excited for the ending when it comes.
DragonChaos chapter 42 . 10/6/2015
You have created such a wonderful story. I do so hope that you continue it, and soon. Thank you for the hours you've put into this...I spent many nights up late reading this because I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. I love how you've written Liane, Kratos, and Regal, and the full spectrum of characters, course. Their growth is a nice slow build and is very believable.

Anyway, I look forward to the finale. Ta-ta for now.
rinzukodas chapter 42 . 1/18/2015
Oh, God. I don't know what to say.

I... I need to find words to properly express just how much I admire you and your persistence and your /skill/. For two days I've read this and fallen in love with it. I don't understand why this isn't the most popular thing on the planet, because /one million/ words of this adventure is more than I could've asked for, ever, and I love it so so so so much.

It's been three years since you've updated. And... perhaps you'll never see this. Perhaps you've moved on, content to leave it this way, or perhaps not. But what you have done here is monumental and I love these characters- no, these /people/ beyond words. I adore that you write them the way they really are, that you've given all of them flaws like real people. The complex, weaving threads of the plot made my heart pound at times and groan (in that way when you know something can't be helped) at others, because, well, Mithos.

You have done so amazingly well. I cannot begin to emphasize this. For the relatively small response you've gotten, you've produced a million words of a really darn good story. Liane is real and I adore her, her character, the struggles you've put her through in her dealings with Anna's memory and the truth of what she is. She's complex, multifaceted, and would've fit in with the original game, if that's a compliment.

And, uh, if I'm honest... I really like the idea of Liane/Kratos. Heh.

I suppose it's a moot point. I'd /like/ her to, but what's more important is her choosing her own life and the probability of her ending up with him is low, just based on that. And Regal is a very precious friend to her, y'know? It's not something that can just go away, because that'd be shallow and foolish and no, no, no, I want to see the direction you would've taken this, because no matter how it ends I have faith that you'll end it well.

If you do, that is. I understand well the pain of silence just as much as I understand its comforts.

My question to you, then, is this: Will you continue this?

And, if not... would you be willing to tell me how it would've happened? The things after this... even if I don't get the pleasure of seeing it in your own writing, I'd at least see some form of an outline, y'know?

Again- you are amazing. The sheer dedication it takes to produce 1,006,812 words is a very, very rare thing, I honestly hope you know, and I really kinda look up to you for that.

Best wishes to you in your life, whatever path it may be following.
KujyouHikari chapter 42 . 10/22/2013
Wow... this story is awesome(and epic and long and wow)! I really enjoyed reading it through... it must have taken a LONG time to write this... Anyways, I loved it!
Oceanna chapter 42 . 1/13/2013
I can't believe I've already reached the end of the chapters you've posted. Or rather, your story is so long that I thought "oh, well, it'll last some time" during the first chapter. And then... well, I found myself reading one chapter after another, completly unable to stop reading. Until now. Until I found out that it WAS the last chapter.

Anyway, it was a really, really good read. I could almost hear the characters talking as they did in the game (and it's three years since I last played), and I loved the details you've thrown in (and thank you for keeping the characters like they are, it's so easy to have Lloyd or Zelos becoming too idiot or too clever, it's really nice).

So... well, I was a bit cautious at the beginning about the hows of Liane and her connection to Anna, but you've handled it beautifully, in a manner that was believable, so... good job. I thought for some time that Anna would overthrow Liane (and I would have been happy about that, actually), but I think the way you've did it is even better. Especially now that I grown attached to Liane.
To be honest, I was also a bit cautious about the relationship between Regal and Liane (y'kinow, with her being Kratos's soulmate, it is a bit strange to have a love triangle). Then again, I don't like Regal and I really prefer Kratos in the game (which is strange, I admit, because they have a lot of similitude), so I as disappointed for a time. And then, as the chapters passed by, I've changed my mind completly, so much that I was actually cheering Liane to choose Regal in the last chapters XD
I'm quite stubborn, so congratulation on achieving that.

Well, thank you so much for writing and posting this story...
And I hope you'll overcome your block soon, because I can't wait to see the last batlle unfold !
Lyra the Heretic chapter 40 . 7/19/2012
Hi, new reader here. I'm midway through chapter 40, and I wanted to leave a review now, while I'm thinking of it. I just wanted to express my adoration for this story. It's been holding my almost single-minded interest for over a month, and the amount of emotional investment it's inspired has been... a lot. When I was reading it today, It was taking me ten minutes to read a page; I was spending so much time rolling on the floor and shouting.

I ship Liane and Regal a lot, you see.

Uh, ANYWAY. This story is so impressive in so many ways, not least of which is length, and I'm really glad it exists! I guess if I had to give any kind of concrit, I'd suggest splitting the Sylvarant and Tethe'alla arcs into separate stories? It might be more encouraging for new readers, on account of one million words is a LOT. But people who turn back from a million word fic might well turn back from a 500,000 word fic just as quickly, so maybe that's no good.

Personally, I'd love to see a sequel to this later on if you're still interested in writing one after you finish this. And I'm really excited to get caught up on chapters 41 and 42 tomorrow.

Lots of love for this fic, WOW at your ability, characterization, and dedication, and have a lovely week!
Sparkle-ing chapter 14 . 1/31/2012
I'm currently spending all my afternoons reading through this massive, massive, massive fanfiction and I must say, I like it so far. I've only come to this chapter right here, so I can only tell you observations on hose, even if it is ages since you wrote them. What I grew to like is your style of writing, it is very descriptive and pulls you in, it definitely has a big appeal to me.

Considering you are so far revising the plot of the game, I mostly like the balance of how you added new things in so that it is still worth reading, but there were parts where I had the feeling that you were too close to the game script, like, there was a disruption in the flow. But reading the last few, still massive chapters, I rarely ever had that feeling at all any more, it's like you learned how to fit it in better and this is great. The progression is also good, bit by bit we get to know more about Liane's past and the Kranna scenes you put in are gold, even I who is not really shipping them any more as acknowledging them being together in the past must admit that it is great and makes perfect sense. I was really worried that this might never be finished, but seeing you updated this just a month ago made me really happy :) And I love reading those long chapters, I mean, seriously, 1,000,000 words! This is probably the biggest work of fiction I will ever get to read! And if it stays as interesting I might even pull through with it! So then, I wish good luck in finishing the story. You can do it :)
LovelyLorelei chapter 42 . 1/15/2012
I may be a new reader to this story, but I would like to see what happens.
SheenaMalfoy chapter 42 . 1/6/2012
Small steps are indeed progess. Take your time, write (abnormally) small chapters such as this if necessary, but don't fret over writers block. It happens to everyone.

On another note, I was starting to think you'd given up on the story that I mostly read during exam study time. I'm glad to see that it has made a comeback, just to reassure myself and other readers that Liane's story will come to an end, eventually.
Yamato795 chapter 42 . 1/6/2012
First, and it's been a while, so forgive me if I'm a bit rusty...

! PHOENIX! Haha. Totally worth the wait. Always has been. Still makes me want to go and fire up the game. Though, then I wonder where the hell Liane is. Darn Namco for not including her. P

I'm so glad you updated. I know you've been stressing over finishing. I just hope that you have fun as you try to finish Liane's journey. I know it's been a hell of a ride for me.

You know I'm here if you need me. You know that I'm cheering you on, and always will be. I believe in Liane, I believe in Phoenix. You can do it! Just one step at a time, okay? *hug*
Aio chapter 42 . 1/5/2012
I'm so glad you updated! I knew you wouldn't leave this, so I don't mind it's been that long.

You know I will always be here to read every chapter (multiple times) so guess I'll be rooting for ya.

It was an interlude, yes, but a deserved and meaningful one. The last battle, that's a big thing. That's The Big Thing. And Liane needed this so much. I' guessing, perhaps, even more than the others.

And she's got it. She has a future now. She always did, but she couldn't quite see it. But now she's sure. I am so happy for her.

I know she will fight with her all. Everyone will. And they'll be victorious. I can't wait for next chapter.

Also, that moment with Kratos and Lloyd. Man, they needed that. ;_; Am so glad.

Seriously. I'll do anything to help you get out of the massive block.

Thanks again for a marvelous chapter. Glad to see you back )

Inferni chapter 41 . 12/31/2011
So, uh... It's been a year since your last update.

You've written a fantastic story. Hundreds of thousands of words long, a feat that most authors on here can't even begin to claim, much less the good ones. And to see you *THIS* close to finishing, and just stop...

It's heartbreaking.

I know it's hypocritical of me to say so, being an author who gave up on my own series, but you got a lot closer to your goal than I ever did. I really want to see where this all ends for Liane and Kratos, but I guess that decision is up to you.

Anyway, that's just my two cents of encouragement. I'll go back to living in my mailbox now, waiting for alerts on those rare golden stories that never get finished. Here's to hoping yours won't be one of them!

katsintrees chapter 1 . 9/8/2011

So I came across this story years ago and I loved it, but then you didn't update for a long time (understandable, considering how long each chapter is) and I forgot about it.

But recently I started rereading it, and then I read the new chapters. Took me forever, but it was totally worth it. Normally I wouldn't review a story that hasn't been updated in a year, but I read your profile and I thought, might as well, maybe it'll help.

This story is amazing. I love how you make Colette and Regal, who are probably two of the most hated characters in the game (Colette cause she's annoying, Regal cause he's boring), likable while still keeping them mostly in character. Well actually, Colette was always one of my favourite characters and I found her constant cheerfulness and her naivety endearing rather than annoying, but I really did think Regal was boring. This story totally changed my perspective, and now he's another one of my favourites.

Another one of my favourite characters who's in character - Kratos. Thank God, because I'm sick of reading about OOC, sappy, romantic Kratos who falls for the ridiculously beautiful, ultra-powerful, overly angst-ridden OC and easily gets over Anna. Not that all the Kratos/OCs fics are like that, but I like how this story has the right amount of angst and romance. Kratos cares about Liane, but you can tell it's because she reminds him of Anna and the life that Anna could've had. (Though I like to think that some small part of him likes her for who she is.)

Basically, I love how you write the ToS cast, and I also love Liane's character. Instead of being a powerhouse like a lot of OCs, she just barely gets by most of the time. But despite that, she still tries her hardest and sticks by her friends. At the same time, she's only human and once in a while she has doubts and makes bad choices. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I like that she balanced; she's got her own unique strengths, but she has flaws too. She acts like a real person, and not like a Mary Sue. She really fits into the group.

I also love the plot. It's much more believable than Anna miraculously coming back to life and suddenly everything's wonderful. It's a nice, unexpected twist: part of her lives on, but she's not really back, and Liane ends up going through hell trying to figure it all out.

Your writing style is awesome too. At first I was a little thrown off by all the ellipses, but then I realized that that's how people really think a lot of the time.

Anyways, I really hope you update soon, and that you eventually finish this story. I'm dying to find out what happens. I'm pretty sure she's not going to end up with Kratos, but that doesn't automatically mean she's going to end up with Regal. (Which is what I'm hoping for. I totally supported Liane/Kratos until you brought Regal into the mix. Now I can't imagine them not getting together.) And I really want to know if Kratos is still going to leave on Derris Kharlan. I hope Liane and her stubborness talk him out of it. I always thought he was a total jerk for ditching his son like that.

Hope this review helped. I'm probably going to review my favourite chapters eventually, cause this story deserves more reviews. Please update when you can, and have an awesome day!
Angel JeM chapter 41 . 9/5/2011

Thank you for the marvelous ;) story you have been writing. Just wanted to encourage you to keep at it. You have a wonderful gift. I have been following your story for quite some time and can hardly believe it has been a year since I last had the pleasure of reading about the world you have expounded on. Their journey is almost over and I look forward to seeing how you resolve the story. I cannot decide who I would prefer to see Liane with. You have written the tension between the two relationships beautifully. Maybe if you have not decided yourself, you could do an alternate ending too. Please do not let the lack of reviews discourage you and let the act of just writing the characters you care about be your joy and motivation.
A for Anon chapter 41 . 5/2/2011
I absolutely LOVE this story. You kept everyone in character and didn't mess up the plot line. I can't wait for your next update~!
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