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Randalish chapter 25 . 2/3/2015
A fascinatingly weird story. I'll leave a proper review when I'm finished, but for now I wanted to leave some historical addendums you'll hopefully find interesting:

Firstly, on Roman children being exposed: sometimes, a stranger -did- come by and take an abandoned baby in. This certainly happened in Egypt, at least, and probably everywhere else. (But the papyrus documentation only survived in the Egyptian desert.) Only they didn't do it out of any sense of charity, really: these children "from the garbage heap" then became the slaves of their rescuers. Because they were taken so young, they could be educated to fit whatever role would be the most profitable later in life. A considerable investment, but some of the most highly valued slaves could be created this way.

Secondly, chained galley slaves weren't a Roman thing, whatever Ben Hur may have taught us. At least where the war-fleet was concerned. The ancients realised that having motivated, healthy and reasonably well-fed rowers makes for -much- better warship crews. There are a few examples of slaves being recruited in times of extreme crisis (both in the army and navy) but this was very much the exception to the rule. In ancient Athens it was quite a privilege, even, to serve as rower on the fleet. In the Roman empire it was a less prestigious station than serving in the army, but still an option for the urban poor. Merchant ships may have used slaves sometimes, but typically relied on sails as much as they could for reasons of economy.
The reason galley slaves are such a persistent fixture in the popular imagination is that they -were- incredibly common in the 16th and 17th centuries, the last time the Mediterranean saw large-scale galley combat. (Galleys used cannons then instead of ramming, so skilled handling became less important. The Venetians stuck with free men, though.) So nineteenth century writers projected that back on the Romans. Turns out to be not the case, though.

Oh, and final nitpick: although controversy continues on how exactly a quinquereme was constructed, consensus among naval historians holds that five rowing decks were
impossible. There probably were only 2 or 3 rowing decks, with multiple rowers on an oar to reach 5 rowers per file.

Otherwise, speaking as an ancient history major, I quite enjoy your depiction of the empire in the Principate. I think you hit a great balance in depicting good, bad and in-between.
Tinkerl3ee chapter 6 . 1/16/2015
I know the ones before this were listed as parody, but this was absolutely fantastic. I loved Hannah, and how the story was relayed through her eyes. And the end was hauntingly beautiful :)
Guest chapter 17 . 7/26/2014
My second favorite story of all the chapters was The madwoman of princess street! I loved it, her behaviour, something normal nowadays, seems so strange back then. Tavington's line: " A harmless eccentricity in a lonely woman...I thank God some of my owm relations never lived in the colonies. They 'd all be locked away" was hilarious. I liked how they started to care for each other, so that she 'forgot' the search of portal, something the McKenzies noticed and appreciated. I liked how everything was presented through the innocent eyes of Hannah. I was sad when they were separeted but I read the continuation later and I was pleased that they end up together.
My favorite story was Mary sue and the Walking Wounded. Great plot. I liked the older and unappreciated Tavington and her decision even after ten years to go back in time and meet him. I admire her decision to live in the 18th century without all the stuff we take for granded like electricity, indoors plumming, medicine, privacy etc. So I understand her "hysterical" behaviour especially about hygiene and nutricion. ( I liked when you showed the differencies and simple everyday things a nowdays person would face in a time travel as underwear, women's period and the simple fact that you could die of dysenteria because of the water in your other chapters and didn't show an unrealictic perfect world). I almost cried at the end when she died. When she thought that she will die with William holding her hand instead of a cold room in a hospital and alone was so touching and so true. The writing in the tomb was ingenious.
Thanks for the great stories
Caty chapter 27 . 3/21/2013
Hi! I love this story! :) You are a very good writer. Um, I was just wondering... do you think you could add Tarleton, too?
Guest chapter 2 . 8/22/2012
now im micheal jackson HEHE!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/6/2012
I've just discovered these when I was bored and wanted to read some RevWar literature to get ideas for my own historical fictions and I've come to really love your parodies! You need to make more of these, they're hilarious, especially from a redcoat's perspective (I'm a redcoat reenactor, lol). The research you put into these is fantastic, too! I'm not too much of a fan of The Patriot, mostly because it's dreadfully inaccurate and I can relate a little too well with the redcoats Mel Gibson slaughters, but it's one of the few RevWar pieces out there. What's even worse is what's assumed about us redcoats that's written in these fanfics, you make it funnier than it already is! Cheers and happy writing!

-The Tory
bored-now0809 chapter 17 . 5/29/2012
love the inscription on the tomb...especially the years! can you imagine seeing that in an old cemetary in the England?
Insane Romantic chapter 18 . 11/25/2011
Oh god, envisioned Atlantean orgies? XD I'm not done reading this yet, but I just HAD to leave a review congratulating you on making me literally spit out my drink. Anyways, just wanted to say I adore this story so far! It's so realistic, well-researched, and well-thought-out! Youuuu aaaare amaaaaziiiing
seulgi26 chapter 27 . 5/27/2010
I really love the story of Tavington's Atlantis and although I am saddened to see this story end at last, I am immensely glad that you wrote this story and have stuck through it till the end.

I can tell that you put much effort and research into the story. I love the way you describing Rome, its traditions, and the characters of the important political figures of that time. There was much detail in the settings of Rome, Atlantis, the future Earth, and all the places they visited in the Enterprise. I enjoyed all these small historical details, they enriched the story, and elevated the story to a whole new level rarely seen in fanfiction.

Most of all I really enjoyed the descriptions of the New Atlantis. It seems like a beautiful island, that is starting a country from the ground up but with concious thought of how it treats the people and the world's resources. I enjoyed seeing how such a country developed and grew. It gives me slight hope for the future really.

I also am astounded by how well you have portrayed the characters. Each character has their own distinctive personality, each of them value different things and think in different ways, and yet they still seem so real and human. It is hard to develop characters who have backgrounds then our own, and to especially have so many characters with those many different backgrounds in one story. I appreciate the fact that you took so much care in developing your characters.

The idea of using whole islands for making sugar and chocolate crops and spices was ingenious too, and the name really made me laugh aloud. I really liked the idea of the house that looks like a hobbit's home. Hmmm. . . its too bad I cant see it in real life **sighs*.

I really liked the mini-stories you made of mary sues who met their demise. Keep them coming please.

Also I realize that you're making a non-fanfiction historical novel. If you ever get it published let us know in your profile or send me a message. I will very much like to read any future stories fanfiction or not. If the past fanfiction is any indication, I am sure that the novel will also be as great.

I hope you plan to make a sequel of Tavington's Atlantis. I really want to know if they were successful in their goals and if the future was changed at all.

Thanks for the stories.
Emily Elizabeth N. IRL chapter 17 . 6/2/2008
BAW that made me cry. Best fanfic I've EVER read.

And also, the OC's name made me SQUE
pazed chapter 6 . 3/7/2008
Very well done. but ... Zenna Henderson?
Fraulein Chacha chapter 9 . 10/20/2007
Machine Guns Ohio
Fraulein Chacha chapter 17 . 8/27/2007
I bow before your authorial greatness
Odyssia chapter 8 . 3/31/2007
I love this installment! I laughed so much... Kayla was just hilarious, unable to figure out that Tavington wasn't immediately drawn to her... Her exploits were so hilarious! I love the wagon driver; "If'n I war ten years younger..."

What I found most funny was the fact that Tavington actually dragged that whirligig with him, that he would actually have a need to bring such an item. Surely these items weren't hauled along the South Carolina countryside with great regularity!

Very well done!
Jennie chapter 9 . 11/29/2006
too funny! do you think that you can add a second part to this one? I'm really curious as to what happens next!
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