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Just a Reader chapter 33 . 8/19/2018
My gosh. Any benign, heck, even neutral feelings that I ever harbored towards Carol? Gone. Probably never to return. I was just so ready for the frustrating woman to die already! Even though she already had, ya know. But still, it was a good feeling when she finally went away for good. She just made me want to hurt her! If I was Remy, I might have had a teensy bit of a hard time remembering that she's still in Rogue's body, can't hurt her permanently because I just wanted to so darn bad. Thank you so much for getting rid of her and granting me a happy ending!
danielemlac chapter 1 . 2/27/2016
Ei, o que é esa história? Amei cada capítulo mas tive tanto medo no final ... (risos) parabéns!
PrincessHNPY207 chapter 33 . 6/10/2013
Carol is a major bitch. I love Rogue with her powers but I hate Carol. Rogue's always been my favorite as well so I hate Carol. She's the worlds worst girlfriend right the kind a guy really doesn't like. The super clingy crazy type while Rogue is the kind the guy will marry in the future.
If you read x-men: The End you know that no matter what Rogue & Gambit/ Anna-Marie Darkholme & Remy Lebeau will get married & die in one another's arms leaving their two children behind. Don't like when Remy & Rogue don't get together. Loved your story but didn't like Carol being a clingy bitch.
JessieJess26 chapter 2 . 9/15/2012
Holy crap that was awesome! Did not expect you to introduce Carol Danvers that way but man that was just sheer genius!
Pentastic chapter 33 . 7/29/2012
So I just read your story, obviously. It was really good. You took a lot from the comics with both the Carol and Belladonna situations. The happy ending was nice and the gradual build up to a Romy relationship was well-paced. It didn't seem rushed like Fics often do.

I can't say I cared too much for your version of Carol but I suppose that's the point. I kept hoping she would wake up and blame the real people at fault or somehow get a new body or something. I know she was angry but Ms. Marvel was a hero too. She was a villain here through and through though her situation was sad. She was so bad I kept thinking you should rename the fic parasitic instead of symbiotic!

One other thing that kept bothering me was that Remy and Kitty both knew about Carol's ability to touch. I could see why Remy would hide it at first but he needed to tell Rogue how Carol was using her body as well as helping Professos X and Beast figure out her powers. Even if he wouldn't tell her, Kitty would have because Rogue was her friend who she wanted to help. Also if I were in that position, I wouldn't trust Remi to keep his hands to himself. I swear after Rogue woke up, I kept wanting her to go to the gynocologist to make sure things were still clean down there!

Anyway, this was a really good fic overall and if I weren't so engaged, it wouldn't have frustrated me. You have a knack for dialogue and not keeping me mad at Remy even though he whole-heartedly deserved it. With your permission, I wouldn't mind drawing some scenes from this fic and posting them on devient art.
KellyAnn chapter 28 . 5/27/2012
Oh damn! Carol refused to make the switch? But how? Gawd, that girl's a bigger idiot than I had thought... Things don't look so good for Rogue right now.
KellyAnn chapter 27 . 5/27/2012
'it was like a train wreck...he couldn't tear his eyes away' Isnt that a quote from Tease?

'that bitch stole my body' Carol, Stfu. Rogue was trying to help you. Honestly, that girl needs to grow a brain...

No catfights? Aww.

Can't wait to see the ending of this one!
KellyAnn Is Here Again chapter 20 . 5/26/2012
Many many thanks to Henri for the snarky comments! I had a great time imaginating the look on Carol's face if she'd ever heard them..., hehehehe. Because I hated the way she mangled 'bonjour'. Darlin' Danvers, I'm Asian and I pronounced it perfectly on my first try (in French class with a French teacher) Honestly, that girl has got less brains than the Blob divided by that of Toad minus that of... Well I can't think of anyother stupid Marvel character so yeah. Y'all get the point anyway. Don't you?

by the way, Nice haïku!
KellyAnn Yep I'm Back chapter 13 . 5/26/2012
Prepare yourself for a Deluxe K.A. Incensed Rant Package. Warnings: language

I have this little fantasy of ripping out Carol Frickin Slutty Danvers' entrails and strangling her with them. Because I got a sneak peek at some later chapters (forgive me, I was curious! :(). Really, I do not understand what is up with her.

Doesn't she realize that Rogue is trying to help her out of GUILT? Is she really such a heartless bitch? Oh wait, don't answer that. Between seducing poor Remy (my, she should get a life. As a prostitute.) and tormenting Rogue, she's the most hated version of Ms Marvel I've come across.

Colourful cussing aside, i'm moving on to more awesome Romy goodness now. Peace out... Or not, in Carol Danvers' case. Muahahahahaha (you get the point right?)

KellyAnn. again chapter 11 . 5/26/2012
Ooh, I geddit! I get it! All of Remy's, ahem, dates wit' Rogue are the exact opposite of his dates with Carol! Nice tension builder there, ish! Can't wait to see how dis will progress... It's bound to be one heckuva Romy, I see.
KellyAnn chapter 7 . 5/26/2012
o.O whoa there! Their date is the _exact opposite_ of Remy and Carol's! Ah ha! I see what you did there, ish! (and I hope no one's getting irritated at this excessive use of '!' LOL) I do hope there's more Romy and less- uh-

What's the pairing name for Remy/Carol?

Hahah, I was kidding. I strongly disagree with anyone shipping Remy with someone else! *shakes fist at anyone who's done that*

(just so you know, no offense was meant)

(well, maybe just a little ;))
KellyAnn chapter 4 . 5/26/2012
I know this sounds weird and offending (rest assured, it was meant to be neither) but the whole Remy/Carol thingy is making me nauseous. She's just way too easy, or maybe that's just in comparison with Rogue. Ya know, in some Romy fics, there's this girl (or two. Or three. Because that's just Gambit.) who he flirts with for a while, and Carol reminds me of them...*eerie music*

I always thought Gambit liked Rogue more because she kinda poses a challenge to him. So, yeah, Carol has her 'stunning looks' but it still seems wrong.

Ish, no offence is intended.

To cap this incessantly long rant off, great job so far with the charaters! I can't wait to see how this ends... Things are heating up aren't they? :)
Anamarie Chambers chapter 1 . 5/20/2012
Spoiler...Just reread this story. I still love it! Remy starts out as such a jerk then we see such a dynamic growth in him. It's like he comes into his own, becoming a man who starts to think beyond his conquests and truly opens his heart. Rogue, too, matures beyond her guilty conscience into a woman who learns to see past her lot in life and into what could be. You do such an excellent job capturing their shortcomings as individuals and capitalizing on how they rise above them to become better versions of themselves. This is such a wonderful story! I love how you play your characters off of one another. And, even though she's terrible, I love how utterly despicable Carol becomes. You want to have some sort of sympathy for her in the beginning, empathizing with the loss of her life, but she is so self-serving and well, just plain annoying, that the sympathy all but hurls itself out the window. Again, love your characterizations and how intricately woven all of the little details are. It was as just as much a pleasure to read as the first time around!
Raven34link chapter 33 . 2/14/2012
i knew from the beginning of this chapter that Carol was in there and hadn't taken over Rogue body and Kitty's 'pony tail' had proved my hypothesis since Kitty cut her hair but of course Carol wouldn't have cared to notice
Raven34link chapter 32 . 2/14/2012
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