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Hate Eater chapter 11 . 10/7/2015
This ending it's... anticlimatic, most of the plot holes are filled with just luck or a better term "deus -machina" really, many murders happens way to stupidly, and althought when theorizing of them you got a trill how they where developed was a little undertoned.

What if beastboy where to eat that burger by accident in the first night? wouldn't that destroy everything, chances to kill the "apropiate" subject where 1/9 and that's hardly beliavable.

I know starfire it's naive but by any means she's DUMB to fall so easily, she would obviously tell Robin of the brillian plan, she's not to hold such secrets, Beastboy should've hear terra's heartbeat been so upclose, also, terra playing death worked? with a frigging master detective there?

i'm sorry, this is hard to swallow, i would've been so much better that Raven was the nutcase behind all, she is after all a sucker for books and maybe if she saw BB drifting towards Terra she would've gone a lil tipsy coo-coo, her "death" would've made much sense, and in the magic realm, illusions and such are welcomed, she had spend cuantity of time with Cyborg to know about enough how to explode one and even suxual favors would've made the cut better.

Memory erasion to hid her precense, teleportation, soul-self, and even bending-time powers, she's made to be rollinng this murder wagon but you picked the cliches of all? and trow a lot of deus Ex to the mix? I'm sorry but it let me a bad taste at the ending, bittesweet sensations as i cannot compute how unnecesary all that was.

Also... Killing herself at the end? really? that's biggest conclusion, the big finale?

I'm dissapointed of this bizarre ending to a such interesting and thrilling blood pumping story.
Kkadijakk chapter 8 . 7/3/2015
I ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ u
U.N.Owen chapter 11 . 11/19/2014
(Terra was sitting on her bed, thinking about when she'll take the poison. It's an hour after she murdererd the Titans. Suddenly she hears a soft, yet familiar whisper)

Voice:Terra, where are you?

(Terra turns around to find no one behind her. She then hears a loud bang coming from the main room.)

Terra:(entering the main room)Show your self!

(She stops. There in front of her were the corpses of all her slowly walks backwards)

Terra:(terrified)What the...

(A shadowy figure jumps off from the ceiling and lands of Terra. It then injects her with a needle filled with the same type of poison. The figure then goes to her room and burns the note)
RociAlar chapter 11 . 5/19/2014
Mis capítulos favoritos son el 8, 9 y 10
yodakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat chapter 11 . 10/3/2013
the little bitch
yodakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat chapter 10 . 10/3/2013
DarkkAngelll chapter 11 . 4/5/2012
That was...quite interesting. Very exhilarating! I adore mysteries. And horror. This one was perfect.

I've some questions, though. How was the "chancery" prophesy fulfilled, when Terra "died" at Starfire's hands? Also, if Terra was obsessed with getting the remaining boys in sunlight to follow the poem to every detail, how come Starfire didn't die with the "sea"?

I'm surprised that Robin was imagining everything. I actually did expect that Terra was running an illusion. This was really sad. I feel a little depressed; and yet, I've never been more alive in my life. At first, I did agree that it would have been an outsider. And you did fool me with the part where Terra is along with the rest of the Titans, thinking about who did it.

Please keep up the awesome work, author-sama! I hope to see more of you! :D
Inumaru12 chapter 11 . 1/21/2012
Holy shit, that was really good! :D I knew that ending was coming (I read the book a while back and the ending stuck with me) but I thought it would be Beastboy at the end. Oh well. Great job anyway~

packman23 chapter 10 . 8/3/2011
Those who haven't read the fic be warned spoilers ahead.

I'll talk about the writing next time I review, this ones just about the theories. My brother believes it's Terra, I think it's Raven. I've narrowed it done a little but these are still mainly guesses, here's why.

FIRST MURDER (Raven): This one could have been done by anyone. Still As my brother points out Terra has the best motive (Raven is her main rival) and for my theory what better way to go about murders than to eliminate yourself first, then destroy what people think is your body so they don't realise somethings wrong. If anyone else did it this would just be the motive stated in the story (get rid of the psychic). As for ability, who couldn't have done this. Chance of victims survival: Pretty high given she's a half-demon with magic powers.

SECOND MURDER (Hotspot): Despite what the characters say this one is actually really helpful, it removes the current main suspect and throws a small spanner into the idea of an outside killer (since no one else but the Titans would have known that Hotspot was the killer. As for those who could have done it Robin and Speedy are gone immediately, I don't see either of them being able to carry that much water up there by themselves and Hotspot would have noticed if the water was there already.

Possible culprits: Raven (Psychic powers to lift water but apparently dead), Starfire (Super-strength), Cyborg (Not hard to imagine that he could rig something up to get the water that high even if he couldn't carry it), Terra (just call a bucket up from the sea floor), Beast boy (Become strong animal to carry large amounts of water), Aqualad (seriously he's AQUAlad), Hotspot (wouldn't have mattered if he knew if he was going to commit suicide but doesn't explain why murders continue).

Chance of victims survival: None, seriously his entire appearance changes (he's clearly dead).

THIRD MURDER (Aqualad): Anyone could have done this if they could get past security, but they'd need to be fairly strong to smash it over his head to kill him before he screamed, still not impossible for anyone to do it given the time, (since the clock could have very well been stolen before it's disappearance is noted). Doesn't help narrow it done but teleporters or speedsters would have found this easier.

Chance of victims survival: If he survived he's going to have one hell of a concussion, not a good way to fake death and nil chance of survival otherwise.

FOURTH MURDER (Cyborg): I think the characters focus way to much on techies here, just follow Cyborg and smash a power conduit to fry him, not hard and no one would notice since the sub was wrecked anyway.

Possible culprits: Starfire would have found this easy (her species is natural tougher and a warrior race, even with her seeming innocence she would have known how to chop someone up), Raven isn't hard to see either (smash it with power then levitating knives), if Avatar has taught me anything then it's that Terra could have done this too.

Chance of Victor's survival: Less than zero, sure he could have replaced himself with a dummy but it sure doesn't sound like that happened.

FIFTH MURDER (Speedy): Not hard for anyone but since Bumblebee is a light sleeper it would have taken a clever person to do this (e.g. not Beast Boy).

Possible culprits: Bumblebee herself, Raven (teleport the stingers away Bumblebee would never notice), Terra or Beast boy are harder to see, Speedy could have done it himself (Starfire checks his life-signs, she might not know that much about human physiology) to search for the murderer, Robin could have given Batman's training.

Chance of victim's survival: Very high, no one really checks he's dead, he's still warm and only hit with electrical blasts.

SIXTH MURDER (Terra): Oh boy is this one easy to pin on Terra, she dies in the same place as Justice Wargrave, she does so attacking Starfire (sort of like Wargrave persuades the doctor to declare him dead) and she's only hit with a small starbolt (which could kill a lobotomised Dr Light outside his suit). Add to that that no one really checks she's dead and Beast Boy immediately carries her out, of course she could just be a helpless victim of Starfire's evil rampage, or a nice bit of subliminal suggestion on someone else's part to get Terra killed.

Chance of victim's survival: So large I can't believe that they didn't burn her corpse to be on the safe side (even though this is my brother's personal theory).

SEVENTH MURDER (Starfire): Quite simply Robin's theory of birds pecking the wire is stupid, since it was a grinding sound, otters maybe but not birds. Also rules out Beast Boy and Bumblebee since they were both obviously there when the lift fell. Small rocks or other objects (Terra or Raven, this was really the deciding one) could do this though and make the right sound.

Chance of victim's survival: If you believe that Starfire didn't escape the lift and just do this as a RED-HERRING then none, actually this chapter managed to make me more suspicious of her.

EIGHTH MURDER (Bumblebee): Terra crushes her with rocks, or Beast boy just hugs her (although that would break her spine as well most likely and not give her a chance to shout), Raven's powers might be able to do this, even Starfire could manage this.

Chance of victim's survival: None, plain and simple.

Ninth Murder (Beast Boy) [not really a murder so no capitals]: Comes down to who could take the disks really. That and who had a motive, either Raven or Terra (or anyone who's heard his jokes) could want Beast Boy to suffer so leave him till last (like Justic Wargrave did). Still not long now.

Overall verdict: You know my decisions really, there were other reasons as well but there harder to remember (some stuff about Terra being openly antagonistic towards Beastboy at some points [although that may just be what she's like] and Raven having Trigon as a father].

Still I look forward to reading who the murderer is.

As for the story, a little slow at first and I felt the pairings were too bluntly established. Got better as people got more tense, I would say more but this review has dragged on for long enough, I may review later.

kamikaze napkin chapter 6 . 5/11/2011
Nothing much to say for this chapter. It occurred to me that the best place to hide Hot Shot's body before throwing it out of the tower would've been Aqualad's room, since we were told it was hidden in a bedroom, and the dead body stink wouldn't be noticed there. Starfire was the one to check Aqualad, too, and since she went alone it would've given her time to plant the stingers in Beast Boy's room.

But like I said, I'm tired of guessing when the murderer seems to be relying on random chance to move his/her plot along, and also when a time machine was in play. I'll just look forward to the explanation and hope that it'll fill the plot holes.
kamikaze napkin chapter 5 . 5/11/2011
As much as I would like to pin everything on Aqualad time-jumping, he would be skulking around, not joining the others to keep suspicion off himself. Still, I can't discount the possibility that the murderer made judicious use of the clock before sacrificing it on Aqualad's head, which means it's really anyone's game. Anyone would've had time to douse Hot Shot, or trigger Cyborg's electrocution, or steal Bumblebee's stingers and plant them elsewhere.

Events this chapter make suspicion fall on Terra, because without her persistence, the stingers wouldn't have been found, and without some damning evidence, there would be no trial the next day. I'm annoyed by how... how *happenstance* everything seems. Beast Boy just happened to start a food fight. Hot Shot happened to fall asleep. Aqualad just happened to mention Devon, practically out of the blue, just before he died. Terra happened across the stingers. I can't find any common denominator for all those chance circumstances, and if they were all chance... this murderer is a lucky sob and *shouldn't* be running circles around the others.

For all the accusations flying around, the Titans are being disappointingly *reactive* rather than proactive. I refuse to believe that Robin has not hatched two dozen different plans to catch the murderer at his plots, and that his best advice is 'let's all hide in our rooms and hope no one else dies during the night.' Christie's characters were not trained detectives or crime fighters, so it made sense for them to fear meeting a murderer in the night, but the Titans should really be doing more to protect themselves and solve the mystery. If Cyborg has the place wired with cameras, there should have been a lot of video evidence already to show the murderer's movements. Also, Robin could place tracking devices on everyone without mentioning it - that would reveal the murderer's identity quickly.

Rather than letting the characters solve your plot holes by being *idiots*, the story would be more satisfying if your murderer accounted for those situations and stayed five steps ahead of everyone, the way Christie's murderer did.
kamikaze napkin chapter 3 . 5/11/2011
...You do realize that the Clock of Eternity wasn't a time-travel device. It was just a pretty clock. The *villain* had the time-travel suit.

But assuming that in this universe the murderer had access to a time machine... Time travel makes my head hurt and opens up so many variables for the other murders (who knows how much use the murderer made of the thing before smashing it over aqualad's head) that it's unfair. I suppose the simplest explanation is that Aqualad is the murderer and he uses the clock to arrange for the future murders before returning to the present and smashing himself. That would be a lovely, elegant answer, and I won't bother analyzing the situation further than that.
kamikaze napkin chapter 2 . 5/11/2011
Now that they've had a death while under lockdown, it's finally reasonable to conclude that one of the Titans is the murderer. (Although given the shape-shifting/mind-control/freaky things that seem to populate the hero business, that still might not be the only explanation).

Beast Boy hasn't thrown off suspicion yet, since I imagine that an elephant could deposit a lot of water in one trip. On the other hand, I'm not convinced by Bumblebee's conclusion that the water had to be transported in one trip. (If Hot Shot was already dead, he wouldn't wake up no matter how many trips the killer took to splash around more water).

The thing I'm fuzzy on is how the murderer expected to pull this murder off. As far as I can tell, s/he just got lucky that the victim actually fell asleep so he could be ambushed. Maybe it would be easier to understand if I was certain how Hot Shot died. Your version of the character seems to be some sort of fire elemental? And he got doused? (Which begs the question, what the hell does he do when it rains?)
kamikaze napkin chapter 1 . 5/10/2011
Sorry, but Robin's conclusion that the murderer is one of the Titans is too premature. Where did it even come from? Just two seconds before that, they discussed the possibility that someone from the restaurant had laced the hamburger. Robin may have pointed out that if it was the truth, the culprit wouldn't *admit* it, but that doesn't mean the frycook *didn't* do it.

While Christie's characters had already concluded that there was a murderer amongst them at this point, they had good reason for that. Whereas the Titans' island could be easily reached, and the tainted food came from outside, where any number of enemies could have accessed it, Crisitie's characters were completely isolated on their island. Also, those ten people were essentially strangers, with no reason to trust each other, and they didn't have several villains actively wishing them dead. Given the Titans' situation, such an abrupt loss of faith in each other (rather than Star's logical conclusion that some outside enemy was working against them) is really unrealistic. I think this is a great plot idea (and I realize the story's already complete, so I'll just have to read it as it is) but I also think that you could've put more thought into the scenario to make it realistic and really make it your own.

Anyhow, atm, I'm eying Beast Boy as the murderer. Raven's death would've been far less likely if anyone had noticed her distress in time to get her help. Since Beast Boy instigated the distraction, either he's the murderer, or someone else is taking unnecessary risks. (Or there's an outside chance that the murderer had some other plan for a distraction which became unnecessary when Beast Boy started the food fight). I'm also not discounting the idea that Cyborg manipulated Beast Boy into starting the food fight (which would also make it easier to explain how the murderer managed to hack Cyborg's security system).

Oh how I love mysteries! On to the next chapter. ;)
50ShadesofGerardGay chapter 2 . 5/3/2011
I love this so far! I can see it like it's an actual movie. I love the Robin/Starfire thing going on. I really love how you've put Aqualad against Star but kept her calm and nice. This is just amazing! From one author to another, your diction, description, and every other -tion are amazing! PS. I think it's "Titans' Tower" saying that it belongs to more than one Titan, but don't quote me on that. It pains me a little that I have to stop reading right now, but I love your story!
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