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Kanius chapter 1 . 4/24/2005
Told ya I'd review this before the weekend ends. Anyway, this is a great start to what sets to be a potential epic. Planning on writing longer chapters? Wow, well good luck to that.

I'm excited to see how ell you handle my characters. Hopefully, you can bring Burizalor back to his former glory.

I'll give you info on Lady Moinanea, Gosenzomon and Mystic Celesta soon by the way. Also, you have my permission to also use Novadramon, Eisdramon and Daimaomon. I'll send their info too sometime soon.

This series has potential and I look forward to it.

Take care.
Ultra Sonikku chapter 1 . 3/21/2005
Descriptions for the characters! All descriptions are basically taken from Zero 2.

Darkheart (Fifth Level: Dark Angel)

He was now as tall as Davis had been originally; a throwback to the height of the Normal mode. The angular black armor that covered his body was segmented like MetalAngemon’s, allowing him to move with great flexibility. Over his segmented armor were hip pads, shin guards, gauntlets, a breastplate, and shoulder guards made of obsidian. The shoulder pads looked like the heads of demons facing to the side, and their mouths were open, revealing fanged maws. The shin guards and hip pads were sharp and angular, and they had a red rims. The gauntlets appeared to radiate with a dark energy, and – if one looked inside the front slots on the gauntlets – the sight of a murky darkness within them would confirm this fact. The helmet was a throwback to the design of the Normal mode, except the ‘V’ was more outward, resembling demonic horns. Buckled to his waist was a belt made of black leather, and a buckle made of silver held it together. There was a sheath on each side; the right one was three feet long, and the left was two feet long. In each one was a sword made of steel as black as midnight. The hilts were made of gold mixed with blood, and a red ruby adorned the bottom of the handle. The most shocking sight was that of a red eye protruding from the broad side of each sword. Red, pulsating flesh stretched out from each other, covering part of the surface of the swords. Finally, two pairs of wings extended from his back; dark gray feathers covered both of them. The top pair extended from his shoulder blades, and they were each four feet in length. The bottom pair extended from the middle of his spinal cord, and they were each two-and-a-half feet in length. Finally, a gray symbol adorned his obsidian breastplate: the Crest of Miracles…except it was upside-down.


This warrior was humanoid in structure, but aside from that, he was utterly alien; at 8 foot, 6 inches, the mighty Digimon was a fearsome sight to behold. His skin was dark gray, and its leathery texture gave him a reptilian appearance…but that dark skin color was countered by the shimmering golden armor he wore. It covered his head, arms, chest, and legs, and its gold color signified his status as a Mega Digimon. His large feet were covered by black metal, offering protection to his two-toed feet. His hands had only four fingers: the middle two were double-jointed, whilst the last two – the finger on each side – were more like thumbs. His body was muscular, yet slim…and it somehow made him more terrifying to look at. His angular head was home to his most distinct feature; his jaw split off into four different mandibles, giving him the initial look of a squid’s mouth at first glance. The inside of his four mandibles – two on each side of his face – were lined with razor-sharp teeth, and the inside of his mouth was moist with saliva…and he had no tongue, either. His helmet was contoured to fit his head, and it had an angular, swept-back look; the rear of the helmet ended in three sharpened prongs, further adding to his look as a warrior. All around his body was a tiny, nigh invisible energy field: a special body shield that was powered by his armor, protecting him from damage…at least as long as it remained at full strength. His eyes were narrow and dark.

The Elitemon's armor color designates their level. Blue for Rookie, Red for Champion, Black for Ultimate, and Gold for Mega. Speed, strength, and stamina increases as level increases. Do you need a description of the Elitemon's weapons: the energy rifle and the plasma sword?


He now had the body of Chimeramon, except there were some changes. For one, the body was larger...easily over sixty feet. Also, his entire body was devoid of any colors except for differing shades of black and white. But the horned head of Devimon replaced Chimeramon's normal head, which was proportionately larger to fit in scale with his new body. His red eyes gleamed ominously as he smirked, staring at the frightened Ichijouji before speaking.

And here's Chimeramon's description, as UmbraDevimon's body is based off of it.

It flapped all four pairs of its wings; Birdramon's flaming wings, and the angelic wings of Angewomon and Angemon. It hovered in place over the ring of Spires. The legs of Garurumon melded seamlessly with (Greymon’s) body, whose chin melded with the carapace of Kabuterimon’s head. Its mouth salivated as it glanced at the targets all around Its teeth gleamed in the light of the sun. Replacing Kabuterimon’s flesh-like horn was replaced by the hard horn of Ikkakumon. Also, Togemon’s thorns were now sprouting out of the back of Chimeramon’s head, as if they were hair. His blood-red eyes glared mercilessly out of slots in the carapace. Finally, Skullgreymon’s and Devimon’s arms flexed as Chimeramon got used to them; Skullgreymon’s were above Devimon’s arms. Although the arms looked cumbersome and awkward, Chimeramon handled them rather well.

Hope this helps.

And don't worry about 'Housemates' soon as my 'upload ban' is over, I'll upload it again. I'm NOT going to back away because of some stupid person who doesn't like me.
Ultra Sonikku chapter 1 . 3/17/2005
You have my permission to use the Elitemon, UmbraDevimon, and Darkheart.

(cackles with delight at the thought of his characters being used by others) So COOL...
Silverdash chapter 1 . 3/13/2005
Hey Darkie. Read this story, thought it was great, as usual. 'Course, I did sweatdrop at Sonic's usual intro. Still liked it though.

Anyway, great story, really like. Please update soon. Ja ne!

Tim, DoL
Corn- The OTHER White Meat chapter 1 . 3/13/2005
Prologue? PROLOGUE? That was a prologue? For the love of cheeseburgers and sour cream (hey, its good.) Dark! That must have been the longest chapter I've ever read. And I've read A LOT of FanFiction stuff. This was great though. I didn't see any spelling/grammar errors what so ever, but when I clicked and saw that the scroll-down bar was about a half-inch long, I thought: "Holy s*-*! HOW MUCH DID HE WRITE FOR ONE JUST ONE CHAPTER?" Excuse the language please, but that's what I thought. This is excelent work AND you put in an evil cliffie! I bow to your evilness*bows to Dark*. You are almost as evil as Yuka. Not quite, but close. Okay, I'm finished. Bye Darky!

P.S.: Do you watch Yu Yu Hakusho?

P.S.S.: Do you mind me calling you Darky? Sorry, it's the fourteen year old fangirl in me that gives me the urge to pet-name everything at the time.
Ultra Sonic 007 chapter 1 . 3/13/2005
Very impressive. You've already gotten the hook into my mouth, so to speak. I assume this takes place after Sonic Heroes?

Anyhow, very good descriptions all around. I look forward to the next chapter.

PS: And yes, you can use 'Fiery Courage, Stormy Friendship' in your C2 Community. Out of curiosity, are you planning on including Zero 2 or Housemates? You have my permission to use ANY story of mine in your C2 Community...except the New Digi-Episodes. That story's crappy. :P
CaramelAriana chapter 1 . 3/7/2005
Wow. No wonder you have to take a break from your other fic. This is like a novel. And that was just the prologue? Wow. I'm not all that familiar with Sonic, but I'll keep reading this cuz it looks good. Hm, maybe I should recommend this to my brother. He's big time into Sonic. He needs to read some fics anyway. Never reviews my stuff, little brat...Well enough of my complaining. Great story and please update soon.
Universalperson chapter 1 . 3/2/2005

I must say, this is pretty darn good. For your questions: I can't answer the second one and I probably wouldn't; my opinion is to leave such things alone.

A beta-reader is someone who reads your fic before you post it, makes suggestions, and gives corrections. And no, I don't exactly want to be one right now. No offense.

Please continue.
Princessstphanie chapter 1 . 2/27/2005
Hey um... I got a question, on ur profile it says ur fanfiction website is down. Eve nif it's down can u tell me the link threw a review or e-mail Digimonqueen12 and let me know because I would really like to go to it. Thankz oh and good chapter
GemmaniGirl chapter 1 . 2/26/2005
there were a couple of grammatical error but otherwise this was awesome. i can really picture everything, you did good on the description. I can't wait to read more! Update Soon
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