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Brown.leo12 chapter 23 . 6/22/2011
i get amazed everyday when i find good fanfiction like yours. when i first saw the title i thought it was some regular evil villians take down the heroes all fighting with no develpoment plot. i was wrong. the action, story and emotion keep me reading like i was staring till i reached the end and became full on the ending and the beatdown of the villians. this is definetly going down as a favorite, i would recommend this to titan fans instantly
6StringSamurai13 chapter 23 . 1/23/2006
Hrm...damn...I can't believe after all this time of having you on author alert that I haven't read this fic. This was really good. The storyline was so well written and composed...damn I wish I could come up with such a complicated storyline. Great job on the imagery throughout the whole story. I loved how you worked in the TT comic storylines into the fic as well as the JLU. Good job on the Robin/Star and Raven/BB relationships; they were very well paced. I will say that I'd love to read the lemon portion of the story between Raven/BB if you've got it :-D.

Loved how it ended with Dr. Light and the new teen titans; again you managed to meld the comic and cartoon storylines together so well. Keep up the great work...I'm loving "Timeless Love," although I hope there's more BB/Raven fics in your future :-D!
Korgeta chapter 23 . 12/31/2005
Great stuff, the last few chapters turned things around much. Can I just say how dam cool kid flash is though I disliked the young titan names it all went well. I certainly liked Jinx's return and Terra's. It might have been a good moment to let the original hive have an attempt at 'redeeming' themselves which would had been funny I'm sure. Though I'm relived the wedding went well, i was afraid literally of something going wrong. But you did good.


I can never argue the detail you put into your stories, how you describe characters and such, you are on another world when it comes to that. However this story did suffer from a basic plot from chapter I-IV it was noticeable on who they were going to strike first and who were in charge. We don't learn what happens tyo Chang as well (unless I misread something)

Also some events paced out a bit too quick and Tartarus never became really impressive and from chapter 7 onwards it was clear priorities were contradictory. Rose also just suddenly fallen in her perfectionist character as soon as the Titans arrive unexpectedly (or as soon as she doesn’t predict it) The idea of blowing up the tower with the titans and ASSUME they survive was just getting ricdiclous. Even Slade wasn't a perfectionist, how rose hope to antagonise robin was not done well in my eyes. Robin's obsession was with Slade himself only because Slade slowly drawn robin in as season showed. Rose was the complete opposite.

There was no logic in just letting the titans escape and the titans conveniently finding items to give them strength. Your writing was never bad only I feel you misled the efficiency of Tartarus. How you described the group at the start of chapter four as I said before was class only too much was revealed later on. They were able to become too direct successfully far too soon.

However how the city was overall saved and blood's back up is credited and had the twists warrented. And how melchoir was defeated was suffice.

I was disappointed that fixxit only came to help cyborg and in all fairness Cyborg should be able to beat blood first time round since really his flaw was still the same. short temper.

Other then that the dialogue went perfectly well with the exception of robin saying some of those dam Quest quotes. And try not to make your story canon as much as possible. The red energy equivalent of krptonite being one of them. Not everything canon is believable.

Your story is good, despite my plot complaint, your fics especially origin have been laid out well only this story did stretch itself out too far and suffered because there were no subplots, nothing to branch off the plot into smaller and more complex situations. But I'm still glad I read it.

And here's me finally finishing my word in that I'll review your story which I did *and just an hour before new year as well!..UK wise anyway)

Overall rating; 8.7 out of ten. You only need to strengthen the plot.

P.S: Happy New Year.
Korgeta chapter 22 . 12/31/2005
Amazing, already i'm think on what probarbility the next chapter has. Though rose's scene was good, there was somthing cold and lonely about adonis and his death. The fact his body is described as broken, ill, suffering, shriveled and yet he barely lives inside makes me pity huim. Because in the end Rose deserves little since she chose her own path adonis was simply given a substance that he didn't would control him and now he goes wasted. Alas for raven and beastboy for they knew him well.

...well, not really. :P
Korgeta chapter 21 . 12/31/2005
Finally the clever twists I have been waiting for, how the denziens go loose and primal was achived well. It certinely was touching to see robin/nightwing met up with his old mentor and nightwing's romance with star. Beastboy's soultion was a testment to his sharp but rare wit and absoulete faith in raven. That too was touching and the battle with the Titans and the Jl went exactly as you hoped it would. Perfect.
Korgeta chapter 20 . 12/31/2005
The fight was ok, good sharp punch ins and forcing rose to the TV screen to see the slade confession though conviently organised was good in the detail.

However clearly Rose never the skill to outshine or shorten the fight on robin like in chapter 7 *no i'm not being sarcastic* just really was this fight neccsary long? What made ravangar ticked here could had similirily used in chapter 7. This is only picked on as rose devolves suddenly.

Robin useing the claw bear sayings didn't had to be used. The episode was a homage to the karate kid it was just a silly moment to a very serious fight. There's no need to mystify robin's victory on why he won. He was pretty much fighting for his friends half the time. Rose just got angry and when she did she lost her foresight. I'm just glad she's gone you have overhyped her and to me she is the story's biggest weakness and for that I'm glad she's gone.
Korgeta chapter 19 . 12/31/2005
Saving the best to last eh? Blackfire was clearly horrorfied. Just one thing: Robin does kung Fu, Aikido is somthing else, would it make more sense for Robin to teach star his primary art let alone Kung Fu would be more suited as its strikes are pull/push and twisting locks. Its near pacfist as it gets.

Tactical play was shown well in the Raven duel, espacilly by having mal turn to anger.
Korgeta chapter 18 . 12/31/2005
Spliting the fight into several chapters was wiser then I orignally realised giving beastboy and cy enough space to duke it, quite impressive. Blood's remark over the shield and unwittingly angering Cy due to a refrence of a certain bronze age woman was good. Though you failed to show why blood younger was superior first time round, he was only impaitent and aggravated which cy could had done first time round. Really the former blood was the better for he had one advantage: being powered by xinthophian *hence the red and being made by chang* so I can't see the superority of mobility as you put it eariler. Overall the fight went well and its good to see a story where Cy won't surrender to kill as some authors do.
Korgeta chapter 17 . 12/31/2005
Nice fight scenes Malchoir and blood's brawling is showing to works and executes an ironic undoing. I'll read on in the sake of finding out who wins! *yes the action in here is fast and energetic though your orignins one was a bit more effective*
Korgeta chapter 16 . 12/31/2005
Everything back in action, this was coming a mile off that they titans hide in one corner the enemies are arrogant enopugh not to finidh them and amazingly they come back. As i said before you got the darkness toned perfectly but the plot formula is proving to be cliche.
Korgeta chapter 15 . 12/31/2005
Brilliant, fixxt and spike entering was perfect, too bad Atlas wasn't there as I feel what happened in the animated series would give him a chance to turn good, contemplate on things.

Reading onto next.
Korgeta chapter 14 . 12/31/2005
Its good, the depression in the Titans is starting to kick in, returning to their only home dosen't seem logical but the desperation their in is a good enough of a excuse.
Korgeta chapter 13 . 12/31/2005
Its good, though I feel the story is burning itself off, despite the detail the Titans just escape and that's it. I feel more could be added or a subplot would be suggestible at this stage.
Korgeta chapter 12 . 12/31/2005
The prisons were neatly laid out though try and not to be cannon with the comics, the red chain thing that weakns star just as kryponite hurts superman is just an example of how uncreative DC comics can be. More simply starfire could be weak after being beaten to a pulp.

The treachery of the villians is somthing espacilly with Adonis but with so much scheming can blood and ravangar trust each other? I imagine not and ravangar's knowlege of Malchoir along with knowing of tamarain's fate is making her a bit all knowing too much. None of the villians could had learnt about the dragon so to pick up on star's world destroying despite being an orgnastion stuck to the underground is pushing it.

Still the story has me on intrest.
Korgeta chapter 11 . 12/31/2005
The action first class as always but logically speaking, if this blood is the same as the old blood as he says he is where is the difference in cyborg beating him? Cy clearly knows blood well and beat the former one and the old blood had human legs as well so where does mobility exactly come into this? This is being said as i think your analysis of blood and rabavagar/rose is way too unfair. but adonis treatment of beastboy was just brutal. I see now why its m rated at last. Though I'm left wondering how the next chapters will progress.
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