Reviews for Where are Clover and Brittney?
WritterxGuy chapter 1 . 8/2/2005
thank you for giving me feed back on my totaly spies story. your advice is so goodand i liek your stories. i am also writing degrassi so look for me in just in. write back. c ya
R.D chapter 1 . 4/24/2005
good one so far and are you happy now! ONE MORE FOR THE REVIEWS! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Aerosnitch too lazy to log in chapter 11 . 4/11/2005
Bravo! A stunning performance! (applause)

StaticStorm chapter 11 . 4/9/2005
Heyy Matt. It's Clover (shock-to-you-system). You are the only person (besides an unknown member) who reviewed on my Totally Spies story. I'm now gunna return the favor. Your story was excellent. I've never read a Totally Spies story before (except mine), so maybe this will influence me to read more. Anyway, keep writing more stories, even though you have like a million. Maybe in your spare time you could read some of my Teen Titans stories. You don't hafta, but whatever. I'm proud of all of my stories. Keep up the good work!

des chapter 11 . 4/9/2005
hey. good story . Maybe I'll take time to read some more of your others later!

Anyway, see ya!
FanFictionBoy chapter 11 . 4/9/2005
I love that 1, great ending!
FanFictionBoy chapter 10 . 4/9/2005
FanFictionBoy chapter 9 . 4/9/2005
FanFictionBoy chapter 8 . 4/9/2005
SonicLover chapter 11 . 4/9/2005
Not a bad ending. So, what are you going to do next? You going to do another parody of a TS episode, or are you going to let me do all of them?

Speaking of which, I haven't updated "Queen for a Day" in a while. Don't worry, I'll get to it!
luigifan2234 chapter 10 . 4/6/2005
pretty cool.. you obviously know the game very well! Please update your other story, Second Date for Sam?, soon. keep up the good work!
SonicLover chapter 10 . 4/6/2005
I can't believe the Lady actually kept her word. I say something's fishy here. There's got to be some kind of catch.
despyrit chapter 10 . 4/6/2005
pleaz update soon? I can't wait to see the last chapter. .
Aerosnitch chapter 10 . 4/6/2005
Guess what? I'm going to put them in a game as well; but the game is called "Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring". And no, Lady Dragon has nothing to do with this. Doctor Tarr, however, has EVERYTHING to do with it! The story will be called "The System of Doctor Tarr" (no Professor Fether or Alan Parsons) and it'll come out soon. Cheers in the meantime!

SmashToPieces chapter 9 . 4/5/2005
Sorry, I'm online now. I tried reviewing not online, and it screwed up! Well screw it now! Anyway, WOOHOO! You're excellent at this! I'm going to put you on my favourite authors list! _

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