Reviews for Pet Project
Guest chapter 52 . 12/4
Love this fic! This is the third or fourth time I’m reading it and it’s always so good and so enjoyable. I love your characterizations if both hermione and snape. The development of their feelings, especially Snape’s is so great.
Jezek chapter 52 . 11/25
This story was wonderful. I know you wrote this many years ago, and i have doubts that you will see this now, but thankyou so much for persevering and completing this story. Your story telling is brilliant and i think i would have cried if id got so far only to realised this was unfinished! Thankyou. Also, Rink and Lonny are now canon and in my top 5 list of favourite house elves.
Camille Pig Rabbit chapter 52 . 11/26
Thanks !
Zavod chapter 52 . 11/21
Excellent story. I'm not usually a Sevherm fan, but this was a decent story, worth the read.
scf3 chapter 52 . 11/2
Dear Caeria,
no idea if you still get this, but thank you so much for this lovely and well-written fic! I loved the slow and realistic development, the way the characters stayed in character, and the new things you brought to it (I especially loved the whole house elves-subplot and the Occlumency-ice-idea). Thanks to you, I stayed up much later than I should have, and found distraction in troubled times.
sarah.shilo chapter 52 . 10/21
This has been one of my favorite stories of all times, I found it out, and if you days ago, and became in chanted by it, thank you so much for writing such an inspiring tale. You are so very talented, and your use of language is thrilling. Your imagination is inspiring.
Suurmossie chapter 19 . 10/15
I appreciate the extra elf scenes
Z26z26 chapter 51 . 10/1
You are a wonderful writer, I cried reading the emotions between Harry and Voldemort. Thanks!
The Wizarding Horcrux chapter 52 . 9/2
I had my doubts about this story because of where it started in the timeline (I'm squicked by any romance during Hogwarts years that is cross-generational!) but the development and pace of the story was such that I really ended up appreciating your timeline. I have a soft spot for the Seventh Year we never got. So, I'm glad to see that there was a significant portion of the story that played out that way.

I can appreciate very heartily that when you started, canon was not concluded - but you seamlessly involved every canon outcome into your own tale. Impressive! I always find it interesting how pre-HBP stories include the bombshell of the Lily and Severus friendship and you did fantastic. It was really seamless, really!

I enjoyed your portrayal of Arithmancy and really particularly enjoyed this line: "I can't imagine adding two plus two and always getting four" - how utterly magical! I love it!

Although I started this story almost 10 years after you finished, I really appreciate having coming across it and enjoyed it, mightily. Thanks for sharing!
minimar chapter 35 . 8/22
oh my god, i would be honoured to slam front doors of Hogwarts on your fingers :D
Nut Toxx chapter 52 . 7/26
I really liked the story and the way of writing. I have read it in 24 hours. Luckily I found it now and not while you were writing hahaha. But the ending leaves me with a bittersweet taste, I'm missing details, explanations, characters... It's nice but I feel rushed. Thank you for write.
Idebadwolff chapter 52 . 7/24
what a gorgeous well written story. thank you for sharing.
Jamie Mansfield chapter 44 . 7/22
you really delivered! it was worth 44 chapters of build up!
Jamie Mansfield chapter 44 . 7/22
this is perfect! sooo perfect!
Jamie Mansfield chapter 34 . 7/21
Oooohhh we're getting to the good parts!
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