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bringer-of-insanity chapter 52 . 3/25
This story is I don't know dude.

I loved the final battle.

I'm at a loss for words.
It was just epic.
bringer-of-insanity chapter 31 . 3/24
I like this.
I've been avidly reading this from chapter one and I think this is a great story,
I would like to point out one error.

"Neville and I" is actually correct.
I live in Jamaica, and we are taught the Queen's English.
"Neville and I" is the correct thing.
Kaja chapter 52 . 3/21
It was an incredible journey for me, too. I just loved your work. It was one of few best fanfiction stories I have ever read. Thank you for your effort. It was just amazing.

Your ideas are really interesting, fresh and new. Arithmancy, house elves...
The most impressive thing was how they all were acting. I mean, they were all fully developed as characters and acted really prolerly.

Cheers and congratulations
Fantomette34 chapter 52 . 3/19
Absolutely awesome ! I love your story, you are a great writer.
Thank you for sharing. A great trip with Hermione and Severus :)
Over.Thinking.Daily.Life chapter 17 . 3/18
Wow. This was a really enjoyable chapter. I love the idea of Harry's mood swings due to dabbling in black magic. I hope you continue to develop the theories in the next chapter
4evrwithSirius chapter 52 . 3/15
I found this story back in 2011 and kept with it until you finished it, and it is one of my all time favorite fanfics. I'm sure I've left a few reviews, either on anon or signed in, and I don't know if you've moved on from FFN like a lot of us, but I'm leaving this one now. Whenever I wander back over to FFN, I read this story from start to finish, again. I think it's been seven times now. This story got me on the SS/HG bandwagon. I am, honestly, very diverse with who I ship Hermione with, but this was the start of seeing her with Snape and I have never found another story that lives up to the standard you set in my head here. The world that you created was nearly tangible. I think I was hooked by the first chapter because of your handling of the infamous occurrence under the Shrieking Shack. Any story I read that has Snape or Remus and Sirius as a main character and makes mention of that instance loses a lot of respect from me if it doesn't treat that situation as seriously as it ought to. So, I thank you for treating it with some reverence and for using it as the catalyst for the rest of the story. Your writing was beautiful. Whether you did it consciously or the characters wrote themselves, as they often do, your style of writing was varied based on the POV you were using, or who was speaking and it was refreshing. It was also so true to JKR's writing that, had you not annotated the quotes or I had not recognized a few, I never would have been able to tell that they weren't your own words. That also speaks to how in character you kept everyone.I know you complained that dialogue isn't your forte but it was so realistic, so clever, and so obvious that more than one person was speaking rather than one person writing it that I was left rather breathless at times. I applaud your treatment of Snape/Lily, as well as the Shrieking Shack disaster, and Harry learning about Snape and Lily. I go back and forth on whether I think DH was realistic in that aspect but I appreciate when a fic treats it differently and keeps it in character in their universe rather than just pulling straight from the source. I appreciate that in general, but this instance in particular. I also loved your Dumbledore. It always annoys me when he is solely the doting grandfather in fics. I give a pass to stories started before the last few books were published but I think that by the end of GoF, it's obvious that he is a little more underhanded than most give him credit for. I thought your ideas were novel and your treatment beautiful. I keep saying beautiful because I think it's the most apt descriptor for the whole story. Fantastic works too. This ended up longer than I originally planned, but I don't think I managed to say everything I wanted to. This story just resonated with me and I think about it a lot. I'm sad that it's over and there's no sequel because I love this version of the characters so much I want to know more. But I am content to read it another 7 times. So thank you for this wonderful gift. It's beautiful.
Over.Thinking.Daily.Life chapter 4 . 3/10
Wow- this chapter really kicked the story up to another level. I'm not entirely on board with Hermione wanting to help Snape (though I do think she has a huge savior complex), but I like the theories of magic and your use of details.
Oracle Obscured chapter 52 . 3/7
I'm so glad I found this after you finished writing it, because I think it might have driven me absolutely insane to wait years for a conclusion-especially for a story I enjoyed as much as this. The plot was excellent; you had me hooked right from the start, and I applaud how you handled the final battle and tied everything together. I think I love the characters even more than the plot though. You did a wonderful job of presenting all the main players in a three-dimensional light; your insight into their motivations and reactions was wonderful. I usually go for stories with lots of sex scenes (but I'm more than willing to forgo smut for good writing), but what you built between Hermione and Severus was beautiful, and I loved the intimate yet curious yet smoldering culmination of their passion.
Beyond the insight and character development and plot, I found your writing absolutely delightful. So few writers have that extra "something" that makes me sit up and take notice, but I must admit it was a major factor in what kept me so interested in the story. (And I need word inspiration to keep me going through the endless hours of editing and rewrites.) It wasn't just the word choice, which was admittedly fabulous, it was the thought behind the words that I found most striking. You laid out a lot of complex emotions and ideas seemingly without effort. I have no idea how old you were when you wrote this, but your grasp of human nature was marvelous. I wish I'd saved all my favorite lines now. Perhaps on subsequent readings I'll have the forethought to make notes.
The time and effort you put into this story are greatly appreciated, and I will return for inspiration whenever I'm running low (and for that I doubly thank you). 3
Storystitcher22 chapter 52 . 3/2
And they have peace at last. Thank you for such a stunning and wonderous story. You put so many years into this work, and every bit of it shows through in how elegantly crafted it is.
Storystitcher22 chapter 51 . 3/2
This chapter was so beautiful. And I'm weeping again, so enjoy that. I can't quite find the words to express how deeply and completely I love the manner of Tom Riddle's death that you wrote. It's exactly what the wizarding world, and your Harry, needed. Peace at last. And all the pain and struggles and gathered of his life can finally be cleansed. I can't get over how perfect it is. And the song rising up and all those others joining in, even if they didn't really know what it was doing. It's just so beautiful. Still with the tears. Neville rocks, and I'm really glad you gave him his moment in the sun. On the other hand, I'm grumpy at you for still losing Tonka and Fred. I wish they could have all lived, but I suppose the sweetness of the end wouldn't be as filling without the bitter truth of loss. As much as this is a story about Hermione and Severus, what I love so much, and why is now one of my favorite two fanfics, is the fact that you gave us the whole rest of the story. Neville and Harry and even Tom mattered just as much. Thank you.
Storystitcher22 chapter 50 . 3/2
I'm sure this version is also a lovely chapter ;)
Storystitcher22 chapter 49 . 3/2
This chapter was so full and so good! The sexy scene was very much in the breathless, not ew, side! And I'm so happy that Severus finally feels loved! Even if he's terrified of it and of dying and of all the other insecurities he still has. Now I have to get through the final battle, cause I am dying to know what happens!
Storystitcher22 chapter 48 . 3/2
I loved Severus and Hermione snuggling :) And I'm glad Ron keeps getting to lead!
Storystitcher22 chapter 47 . 3/1
I love them getting closer, even though it's heartbreaking. Nice line you're walking there. And the use of Mother's magic is awesome. One of my favorite ideas you created for this story!
Storystitcher22 chapter 46 . 3/1
They're getting closer! You do the sequences from Order to Death Eater very well-it gives a glimpse into Severus' life that I haven't seen in this way before.
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