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FlittterKat chapter 33 . 10/15
The “And so it begins” and the appointed minister for magic declaring martial law is Babylon 5. Love that show still. I’ve reread this story several times and it never gets old. I love it too.
Guest chapter 34 . 10/13
I think this end scene where she shows him Professor Granger-Snape is my favourite of the whole story. It’s just such a heartwarming thing.
rilkelee chapter 52 . 10/14
What a wonderful story. I am glad that I got to read it once it was already finished, ha!
rilkelee chapter 37 . 10/13

that will be all.
Romily chapter 41 . 10/13
Two things i do not get... the custody thing about Harry - is ‚t he 17 and an adult in the wizarding world?
Second thing: how can snape block a curse that can’t be blocked?

Love the story but those 2 things confuse me.

Btw, i hope you write someday another Harry Potter story.
You mentioned another Hermione/SS story in an AN but i don’t see it posted.
DeathDagger chapter 46 . 10/12
I just hate Albus and harry...I’m sorry
eccentricess chapter 52 . 10/11
Fabulous plot and great character work.
Thank you!
FabGabW chapter 11 . 10/6

that is all.
FabGabW chapter 10 . 10/6
Hi, I know i'm late (very, very late, more than FOURTEEN YEARS late!) but I just wanted to let you know that:
General: I am loving this fic, and think your dialogue and characterisation are excellent and very canon-true! Very pleased that you've not succumbed, as many fic writers do (myself included, in a current WiP) to bend SS and/or HG into FanFic versions of themselves, if that makes sense?
Specific: I finally made the decision to comment on this fic entirely because of the line "the thrill of the literary chase", which is beautiful, and entirely encompasses how I feel when reading a good SSHG fic, such as this one! Can't wait to read more...!
Nerd Mom Writer chapter 52 . 10/8
That was an incredible story. I'm not one to jump on any ship that involves a grown man and his teenage student, but you did an amazing job handling that angle with tact and care, kept the characters true to themselves, and managed so many elements...

Honestly, I think you handled the resolution of the prophecy far better than JK Rowling did in terms of both carrying the themes forward and working with character strengths. It always bugged me that Ron's tactical genius was effectively dropped after the first book.

Anyway, that was fantastic. Well done!
Guest chapter 52 . 10/1
I absolutely adored this story :) it was brilliant :)
BluKoffee chapter 52 . 9/28
So, I found this story stumbling through another recently discovered author's favorites, and had zero idea of what I was getting into. I've always liked Snape, and have never been opposed to seeing how different, non-canon relationships could be written, and I will admit, I was looking for something to entertain me and the Complete caught my eye.

I will have you know. That I. Clueless reader. Embarked on this story and finished it in two days. It would've been one, but life intruded and I can only stay up to 4am inhaling chapters like I'm an addict on crack. I am deadly serious when I say that if I had had to work the next day, I would have called in sick, because there would have been NO way, zero, zilch, nein, negative, in hell that I would have gotten any work done at all, all day long.

Thank you for writing this, and if anyone ever says that fanfiction stories can't measure up to literary classics, I'm gonna punch them in the mouth and shove this story in their faces.

I was spellbound, awestruck, and couldn't even look away from the page to leave a review until I finished it, and I'll have you know this is the longest review I've ever written. Which is saying something, because even though I try, I'm just plain awful at leaving reviews. But it would have been absolutely *criminal* to walk away from this story, no...this wasn't a story. Story is too...mild a word. Experience. Yes, that's it. To walk away from this *experience* and NOT leave a review. Your creation sucked me in from the starting line and refused to release from its grasp until it was done. Not that I minded in the slightest, and I downright enjoyed the ride. This is a story that I would print simply to have a paper copy in my hands to read. I would print a paper copy, and ask you for a signature. It's simply that astonishing. I don't know if I'll ever be able to fully articulate how beautiful this journey was, but I am grateful, so very grateful, that I discovered it.

(Also, it made my phone die a couple times because I was so engrossed that I didn't realize the battery was low. Yay? XD)
leelee202 chapter 52 . 9/26
I was searching for some good Snape/Hermione stories, and instead I found this...I found a masterpiece that kept me utterly enthralled. It was very well thought out and written and I binged read it over the course of three days - something I don't do very often, rather preferring to take my time with a story.
I really enjoyed your portrayal of Snape. Too often he is depicted as Harry often views him - the bad guy. You managed to channel into him and bring to the surface the deeper emotions that is to be found within him. He and Hermione gelled so well together and I fell instantly in love with this story. I'm just kinda depressed that I have reached the end :(
The ending was beautiful and everything I imagined for Snape and Hermione.
Truly, this was an exceptionally brilliant story. Well done!
not-that-deep chapter 29 . 9/25
Mudungus42 is a genius beyond reason. The excellence of that poetry has struck me with awe yet again
not-that-deep chapter 21 . 9/25
Lmao, I love Miranda's take on Alvarez
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