Reviews for Pet Project
chickenofpink chapter 52 . 10/19
I don't even have adequate words to express how much I enjoyed your story! I've been reading this fanfom for many years and have never read a story I loved more and couldn't put down. Please tell me you write books? I would pay to read anything you had written. If you're still writing and ever need another Beta I'd be more than happy to offer my services. I don't think I slept more than a couple of hours while reading this. Truly brilliant and thank you!
slytherinsal chapter 35 . 10/19
he has a childish weakness for anagrams, doesn't he? is he somehow tied to having a surname like 'riddle' which acts upon his psyche?
slytherinsal chapter 33 . 10/19
so, who died and made you Ambassador Kosh?
slytherinsal chapter 15 . 10/19
HOW could you pass up a StarWars quote? it's not natural ...
palmtreehead chapter 44 . 10/9
It’s great that you’re showing how awesome Ron is, I’m really enjoying seeing him shine, I’ve found Severus/Hermione stories that just Ron bash don’t tend to make a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing
palmtreehead chapter 38 . 10/9
I really love the idea of witches making magical sheets for their babies. I am a mother of three and I see all the time how much a parents’ love means to my children. Even when they’re acting like brats and I want to scream at them it’s clear they still need to know I love them. Thanks for sharing this story.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/5
I don’t think I can ever get over this particular story in my life. It has everything, everything that one expects in a relationship. There is friendship, understanding, love and care. Care that is selfless. she never wanted anything in return of her care. The character development from the first chapter to the last was almost palpable. In the first chapter, I found her a bit childish. But as the story progressed I could see her character developing to a mature young woman who was ready to start a new journey woith the man she came to love.
MrsColette chapter 31 . 10/7
took me a minute to realize who she was talking to in the library after the students left, but I LOVE that speech defending Agnes!
QueenofRhymes chapter 52 . 9/30
This is one of the most incredible stories I have ever read. Thank you for this wonderful piece of art.
MrsColette chapter 29 . 9/25
I am always so impressed when authors write the song for the Hat. It's an extra level of creativity that I appreciate. Very interesting song this year...hope the students take it to heart!
splodee chapter 52 . 9/24
This was lovely. I absolutely adored the way you wrote both Harry and Ron. Usually Ron is is portrayed as the hapless hanger-on, but here we see maturity and growth, and a unique set of skills and leadership ability. We see a Harry who is so driven to succeed that he turns to the dark arts, and struggles to get past his demons. Both I think were written in a manner not typically seen in fandom and I appreciate that.

Of course, your Hermione and Snape were also written super well. Very close to their book characteristics, yet with personalities all their own.

Over all, a wonderful job.
MrsColette chapter 28 . 9/24
I'm with Hermione, at. least when it comes to watching chess. I enjoy playing it, but I would rather watch paint dry than watch a game. I'm pleased with the outcome, with Snape slowly luring Ron in. Hermione and Snape may have underestimated the 'spidey sense' kids with terrorizing older siblings develop over time. Kudos to you for writing that in! Another great chapter!
MrsColette chapter 35 . 9/24
I'll admit it, the in depth discussions of Arithmancy in this chapter went right over my head. I am NOT a maths person, and science isn't much better. I can tell it is something you've put a lot of thought into though, and I appreciate the effort. I'm excited to see the outcome of this chess game!
Mimi Lind chapter 52 . 9/24
I really enjoyed this story. Also very interesting to see your reaction to books 6 and 7 release! I agree with you they change to become very unlike the first books.
I liked your version, and the creative take on elves!
A little sad about Molly Weasley though.
Anyway, thanks for writing and finishing this.
MrsColette chapter 26 . 9/24
Wow, that was a lot more information than I thought Snape would share. I like your theories about the Mark though, it does make more sense than having masses of people branded. Shame on you for not addressing last chapters cliff-hanger! :D Hopefully we will see more of the Ron/Harry dynamic in the next few chapters.
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