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Klaevia chapter 52 . 9/8
I love how it's ended with Snape's iconic line. Masterful.
Lacewingfly64 chapter 52 . 9/4
I have found this story years after completion. However, it has been a joy to read from beginning to end. I couldn't put it away unril it was finished. Thank you for a wonderful story.
KateKringle chapter 52 . 9/1
Perfect perfect perfect perfect. Very satisfying ending. I laughed, I cried, it was better than the Aristocats.
KateKringle chapter 50 . 8/28
Okay but PERCY!I'm so surprised at how much I felt for him and believed in Healer Perfection-Personified's assessment. I was unprepared.
KateKringle chapter 47 . 8/28
Yup, going backwards in chapters so I can write what I want.
Here's the thing. I love the house elves. So much. But mostly I love that they get a fleshed-out culture and even personalities and likes and dislikes and character arcs and are central to the plot and Hermione actually learns real respect for them and shows it by joining their culture instead of insisting Rink or Brolly or Paella learn how to communicate her way and I love Lonny and the fact that of course they have a Lonny because they totally have a system and customs and hierarchy independent of Wizard-kind. Because they aren't subservient to Wizards, they serve wizards and there's a huge distinction there. And oh my stars if I stop commenting then I'm going to have to read the last two chapters but then it will be Over and I don't want it to be!
KateKringle chapter 48 . 8/28
Same, 13Kaeru, same.
KateKringle chapter 49 . 8/28
I really REALLY love Healer Arroza.
1. She's a badass motherlicker who heals people and does a ding dang good job of it.
2. She shows us a Slytherin character besides Prof. Snape who is unapologetic about where she comes from and values her Slytherin traits even when others won't.
3. She is the *perfect* foil for Dumbledore. We (mostly me tho) neeeeed her around to remind us that he isn't all powerful. Its so easy to get caught up in his cult. Ugh, I hate that I'm so susceptible to people like that!
4. I honestly crave female characters that can be strong in a variety of ways. She radiates strength and care and power and just... everything that I went to own when I grow up? Assurity? Is that a word, because she radiates that too.
sapphire2994 chapter 52 . 8/26
All I can say is holy crap this was amazing! Honestly it was the perfect balance of angst, humor, and action. I was also so impressed with the numerous subplots you intertwined into this. It proved to be an extremely interesting and engaging journey over all. I have to say though that I just about cried laughing at the scenes with Professor Granger-Snape, though I also thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between Hermione and Severus in the later chapters. And how can I forget Professor Vector and Healer Alvarez? Seriously, bravo a thousand times over! This was certainly quite the ride
sapphire2994 chapter 51 . 8/26
K so idk how long it's been since u published this, but before I continue onto the epilogue, I just wanted to say that it tickles me pink that you named Hermione's mom Pauline. You see, my name is Pauline, and it's so ridiculously rare to find anyone with that name. So far I've only met two people with that name and have only come across it once in books. So yeah, anyways, I'm just super giddy nowthanks for putting up with my silly ramblings
the-cari-moose chapter 9 . 8/26
Professor Vector’s first name is Septima, not Miranda.
the-cari-moose chapter 4 . 8/25
The room of requirement is on the 7th floor next to the tapestry of the dancing trolls, not on the 4th.
Jeanne-Angel chapter 52 . 8/25
i love your Story. I am most impressed by your presentation of snape. its a worthy story for his difficult Character. i should have learnd the past week for my Latinum. i guess to start now has to be enough. could you not write a second Epiloug? I am addicted. Tank you Very much for the Story, you caused me much happiness. LG
Hetc chapter 52 . 8/21
I think this is the third time that I have read this. It just gets better. The elves, the sheets, professor Granger-Snape, the buttons, little Sev, the lullaby, the beautifully executed foreshadowing of plot points, the believable flawed humanity of the characters... Thank you.
KatAliU21 chapter 52 . 8/19
Ok. I know you wrote this literally years and years ago but I have to leave a review anyway. This is by far the best FanFiction I have ever read. You are an amazing author and you embody the characters so well. I was pulled in from the beginning and I am so very sad it is over. I may just have to go back and reread it right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you for finishing this. It is truly amazing.
Northgirl chapter 52 . 8/17
This story was amazing! It took me hours to read it and distracted it from some most important work but it was so worth it!
Thank you!
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